Friday, August 19, 2011

Katie Price denied love making to Peter Andre!

Katie Price denied love making to Peter Andre!Katie Price aka Jordan hates sex and refused to make love to her former husband Peter Andre for four months during the last two years of their marriage, her best friend has alleged.

Jordan’s closest friend for 15 years, Michelle Clack, who was also her chief bridesmaid, made the revelation just days after the glamour girl’s divorce from the singer was finalised.

"Jordan was my best friend but I can't stand by and watch how she's treated Pete. After everything she's been saying I believe the truth about their marriage has to come out,” the News of the World quoted Michelle as saying.

Michelle revealed, "Even though Kate has built her reputation on sex and being sexy, it's all an act for work. She doesn't actually like sex and will usually do anything she can to avoid having it.

"Over the last two years their relationship had become almost entirely sexless. Her excuse would always be that she was working hard and had three kids. She'd always say to me, ''Oh no, I'm always too tired, I can't be bothered''.

"But it didn't sit right with Pete because this all happened at the same time she started to go out on the town much more and dress up very sexily. Jordan was back.

"Kate uses sex to get things she needs. When she first met Pete she said her sex life was awesome - just what she's saying at the moment about her new boyfriend Alex Reid."

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