Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • getgreensoon1
    04-18 07:53 AM
    OK , so which reputed school have you passed from sir .... Harvard or MIT ? And BTW how much money did your parents invest for your US education ?

    Why are these PhDs from IVY League universities struggling . After all they are the creme de la creme . They can easily go for EB 1 ... you know :)

    In another thread you said online US degrees are not considered by CIS. Here you are saying IGNOU is not recognized in India . Hmmm ... whose "skill" we are talking about :)

    Legit applicants with strong educational background suffer because of people like you who work for shady desi consulants and then break all rules, supply bogus documents, show false reporting structure...and the list goes file in EB2 and EB1. Most of the people with good educationcal background work for fortune 100 comapnies who dont commit these visa and greencard frauds......get it ?

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  • jetflyer
    03-25 12:19 PM
    Some people say US has lower taxes compared to other countries, thats because they do not count SS + Medicare as part ot Tax, which in my opinion should be included as tax/liability.
    If so, we pay (per say) 25% tax, it is actually 25+7.65+7.65 = 40.3% tax. On top, add your state tax, which in my case is 5.75%, so all together 46.05% is my tax.

    It is like you order pizza and you pay separate for crust + sauce + cheese + toppings.

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  • mpatel74
    06-03 11:59 AM
    I signed up for email and text notification.Yesterday at around 11.00pm .I got the text notification on my cell phone and then I checked my email .I also checked my status on the USCIS web also.

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  • copsmart
    10-24 02:47 PM
    I think I was referring to a section in the following memo that states "CIS adjudicators are not required to accept, request, or RFE for a financial statement from U.S. employers who employ 100 or more workers to establish ability to pay."

    I've read an article somewhere in the past that said, an employer with 100+ (might be a different number) employees does not have to provide financial evidence for ability to pay, and a letter should be sufficient. Is this true?


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  • abracadabra102
    08-15 06:55 PM
    Great question. Let us put it nicely:
    Would USCIS allow us to re-file after August 17, for any rejected I-485 application due to errors either from applicant/his attorney or from USCIS staff? If yes, can we expect at least 4 weeks window for re-filing?

    Please allow me to re-phrase this question :D

    In the light of enormous workload and short time frame available to all the parties involved (attorneys/applicants/USCIS), would USCIS re-consider denying applications for lack of completeness and issue an RFE instead.

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  • anirudh74
    05-29 12:37 PM
    Guys, have some pride.....hell with GC....we are educated and skilled people and would not like to be counted amongst the illegals...GC be damned.


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  • Guneet
    03-24 05:18 PM

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  • prince40
    04-15 05:30 PM
    i believe not


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  • BharatPremi
    10-11 08:54 PM
    My plan is to
    1) Use EAD with the new job (before 180 days).
    2) Use AP for Thanksgiving vacation (before 180 days)
    3) Not file AC21 at all to avoid RFE or interruption.
    4) In case an RFE shows up, I'll invoke AC21 with the response. Since I got my I-485 receipt recently after 3 months and don't have a FP notice yet. I'd doubt I would get an RFE before the 180 day mark. Things are already going slow.

    1) Why do you prefer EAD? Remaining on H1 through H1 transfer is safest way as in case something go wrong at least
    you can work in USA further.

    2) I understand the hell what you may have to go through for H1 stamping (Revalidation)if stamp is expired but still it is
    better option than using AP. I would always keep AP as backup.

    3) Do you see any danger for your decision No:3? I can see. Let me explain. You are not filing AC21 that interprets into
    the same lawyer still assigned to your case and that same lawyer is loyal to your old employer. If RFE is to be
    generated he will be the first guy seeing your RFE. You personally may get RFE or may not .. nobody knows for sure
    not even USCIS. But your lawyer definately will get that RFE. If you left your old employer in good terms you still will
    be fine as on right time you will get the communication and you can go on preapring and filing for AC21 but if you left
    it with bitter terms then you will again be in a black hole. If you still decide notto file AC21 at least you should send
    new G28 to USCIS informing you terminated your lawyer's services and any communication regarding the same need
    to be reached to you directly.

    Side Note: If I would be from ROW category I would not USE AC21 at all. Your category (Whether EB2 or EB3) will fly
    like the rocket. So think carefully before changing employer. And read this:

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  • vssanka
    08-12 03:55 PM
    Mar 2005


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  • pidurika
    05-27 02:07 PM
    Do attorney get a copy of interview letter or we will get directly without being notice to attorney. Please let me know.
    In our case, attorney got the same copy as we did. Not sure if that is the rule for everyone.


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  • ysnraju
    07-25 12:56 AM
    Hello everyone,

    I got my TB skin test solution in my forearm on Friday evening. I have to visit the Doctor again on Monday to show them my forearm for the result. There is a mild swell on my arm today (30 hours) and I am thinking the skin test is going to be positive. My Doctor warned me before we started all this. He told me people from India sometimes show positive on Mantoux test and they usually get an X-Ray and then TB is declared negative after that. He told me it takes a week to finish the X-Ray process.

    I am wondering if they are any members who had a positive TB Skin test and had to get their X-Ray done. Why does this procedure take 1 full week? How long did it take for you? Any more inputs on what to do? is this a big deal?

    Note: I was not sure if a thread existed for such questions. Hence, I started a new one. Moderators, feel free to move my question to the relevant thread if it exists.

    First file I485 without medicals See
    2. I-485s will be processed even if there are no medical reports included with the I-485 filing and the USCIS will only issue an RFE later, when processing the case.

    Then you can follow-up what to do next


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  • beppenyc
    04-07 03:33 PM
    I still can`t beleive of what happenend yesterday....really i am stunned.
    For sure there something more important behind, some issue or promises or maybe it was a set up, but to see this senators on a press conference in the morning kissing each other and see what happen later in the night (i turn on the pc only to check sport and after,because i have some time to spare i check the 3rd about the session,and when i begin to read the post i turn on the TV....).
    Since this morning i can`t talk, i really think that i felt sick. I have a fever. I will need a tough drink tonight or some psichiatric visit....

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  • pitha
    09-23 04:56 PM
    Since when did CIR become good for us. CIR is a nightmare with its points based nonsense. infact maintaining status quo without implementing CIR is 1000 times better than any CIR. Obama has already said that he will give top priority for immigration reform in his first year. "Immigration reform" according to Obama, durbin and democrats is about helping illegal immigrants and making life miserable for EB immigrants. DO you want to start all over again in ponts based system after waiting for more than 8 + years in US for a green card. Can anybody please enligten me about what is so good about CIR that people want to look forward to it.

    We are screwed for this year...Alright on a positive note, there is a real outrage against republicans this year mainly because of the financial crisis. the tide is turning heavily towards democrats. I am sure obama will win easily..And democrats will have a super majority in the congress next year. I am sure they will pass even bigger legislation..I am sure they will pass CIR next year and we will all benefit instead of this piecemeal..Lets hope next year they will come up permanent solutions than these stop gap measures..I am really hopeful that will happen. Anyway with these piecemeal bills were not the solutions to the problem completely..Lets hope for a better year next year.


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  • H1bslave
    09-26 08:33 AM
    Please provide more details like PD, MD, EB2/3, ROW etc? and do you have approved I-140? did you put one check or more for 485 packet?

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  • chris
    07-17 06:05 PM
    My PD EB2 2003. Receipt date June 2007.:eek:

    Nothing happend sofar. I am not disappointing any one here. Dont put lot of hopes on these Processing times and PD farward.

    I spoke to IOs numerous times about PD and Receipt dates, they told me, " These all dates movements for only to file I485 and for CP candidates only".

    May be few lucky people get GC's regardless of receipt dates if PDs are current.

    Just because they are processing July16,2007 or August 10, 2007, it does nt mean they will start working on 485 applications which are not current. I know my friends whose dates have become current 60 days ago and their filing dates were June 2006, still they did nt get their green card and not even soft LUDs. When My I-140 was approved in 15 days (without premium processing) in February 2006, the processing times were showing August 2005. Therefore USCIS timeframes are very big joke and it is like a flight timetable to understand how much time we are delayed from scheduled time,

    Best of Luck


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  • iluvgc
    09-04 11:38 PM
    Ok folks...after a long wait, received RFE emails for both self and spouse...not sure what could have triggered RFE for both...employment letter? Medicals? Birth cert? any ideas/suggestions?

    PD - Apr. 5, 2004
    RD - July 31, 2007
    ND - Oct 5, 2007
    I140 approved Nov 2006
    WAC 08005*****

    u tell us after u get RFEs

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  • pnagar
    05-10 08:09 PM

    Was tempted to share my views too:

    1) H1B System: I sincerely believe that US authorities had genuine interests when they designed H1B. Inability to increase the quota is partly politics which happens everywhere in the world. Primarily, it is the manipulations from a portion of the applicants because of which the system is sucking. Situation is similar to railway reservation in India (I belong to India too) where you go to the reservation counter the first day early morning and still cannot find tickets - all of us something is fishy there. Most of us take this stuff for granted there, but start moral lecturing here when such development obstructs our immigration attempts.

    2) Immigration: Most of us are first gen immigrants (atleast wannabe) who get upset when surprises like these happen. At the top of the mind, however, we all need to remember that immigration is a very difficult thing. Atleast in the US, we have had a relatively transparent system over time plus a vibrant economy that has ensured good degree of success for immigrants. But net net, surprises should always be expected, and if things go smoothly, bow to God and thank him. Most of the H1Bs intend staying here thru GC which is a strict privilege - not a right. I really feel surprised at threads with title such ' US better care about MS applicants...'. I guarantee US will better care to adjust status of personalities such as Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, but unfortunately most of us are nowhere close to them.

    Also want to comment on the point 'by the time we have GC, we might not have jobs here'. Future is uncertain and we need to keep that in store with us, more so after the world has gradually globalized. Who knows what will happen in the next 10-15 yrs? For all you know, China may be the prosperous IT hub due to rising costs of India, US jobs may have all moved to Europe...If we were in India right now, I am sure we will have to slog there as well amidst escalating costs of living.... I used to think 6 yrs back that 1 crore is a good sum of I don't know what is a good sum if I have to ever settle in India.

    3) Indian aspect in the IT sector: Since India is currently a IT power, folks from India should thank God and make most of it in terms of career, experience and savings. Due to uncertainties aforementioned, it could well be some other country tomorrow. As a professional, I feel we should be more of skill and attitude oriented and not bring India name everywhere. After all, today we are Indian and tomorrow we could be American or European..does it mean our skills will go down with change of nationality.

    So, for the time being, we should all keep focussed, work hard and remain humble....and feel confident that if our intentions are good, God will take care of us. I am in 485 stage and if something wrong happens, I will move back to India thinking there must be something hidden good for me in this development.

    And if you all (Indians and otherwise) do succeed finally, bow to God and thank him because immigration is not a right.


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  • sunty
    10-07 09:10 AM
    I dont know who in this forum came with this idea of "quarterly spillover"; it has never happened before. I am not aware of any announcement from USCIS or DOS that they will operate any differently as far as spillover goes...(let me know if you know of any such thing)

    kondur_007...Please be aware that quarterly spillover IS THE LAW. As in the past, DOS/USCIS might be interpreting the law differently. But if the quarterly spill over benefits us, its our responsibility to remind DOS of the law. Vertical spillover is one such example. It was pointed to the DOS by a law firm. And now we see so many EB2I/C approvals (although at the cost of EB3).

    04-11 06:55 PM
    Where can i read about skill bill?

    I sent the Bill PDF file to to upload it.

    04-14 06:31 PM
    Gurus/ IV Support:
    I have MS in CS from a US univ (country of origin: India). My I140 is approved in EB-3 category. I have been working 3 yrs prior to my I140 is filed with same company. Am I covered for qouta exemption as per SKIL bill or does it apply only for EB-2?


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