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  • ItIsNotFunny
    12-14 11:00 AM

    I am planning to go to India for a week due to family emergency. Here is my situation:

    My H1 approval is upto Jun 2010.
    My visa stamping expired in Jun 2006.

    When I try to schedule an appointment online, it asks me question if I am scheduling appointment for a visa category that expired in last 12 months.

    Should I say yes or no.

    More, does anyone has experience with Bombay consulate to pickup the passport by himself / herself instead of doing courier.

    I got visa fees receipt from HDFC bank yesterday, it says I should use this only after 2 working days. Does it mean that I can not even schedule appointment for next 2 days?

    Any information is appreciated.

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  • eb3retro
    08-18 12:01 PM
    when did you efile this? and which service center. I recently efiled our AP also with NSC and all I sent was this:

    1) receipt confirmation page.
    2) 2 photographs.
    3) Copy of expired AP.
    4) Copy of 485 receipt.

    This is all I sent last time to TSC and they approved it fine. Its getting tougher and tougher to even move an inch with USCIS these days.


    I went through the IV forums to gather the list of documents that I had to send for AP efiling. I compiled the following list of documents and sent these out as supporting documents for my wife's AP renewal application -

    1. I-131 E-File Confirmation Receipt
    2. Copy, USCIS Receipt for e-filed I-131
    3. Evidence of Adjustment of Status filing
    - Receipt Notice of I-485 application.
    4. Copy, Previous Advanced Parole issued.
    5. Copy, Official Photo Identity Document(s) with Photo, Name and Date of Birth
    - Biographic Page of Passport.
    - Employment Authorization Document (both sides)
    - State Drivers License
    6. Copy, Document Issued by USCIS Showing Present Status
    - I-94
    7. 2 copies of Passport Photograph

    I have received an RFE on this. This is the what I got -

    "Evidence of Eligibility: Submit a copy of your approval notice (Notice of Action, Form I-797) or receipt notice (Form I-797C) for Form I140, or Form I360 or Form I526. If you have filed the I485 as a derivative alien, submit spouse's or parent's I797C for his/her I-485 and the I-797 for his/her approved or pending I140, I360, or I526."

    I am the primary applicant still on my H1B (7th year). My wife is working and on EAD. I guess I should have sent my 485 receipt, 140 approval, EAD etc. too and could have avoided this RFE. From the above statement, I infer that I should be sending the following documents now -

    1. 'I797, Notice of Action - Approval Notice' for my approved I140
    2. 'I797, Notice of Action - Receipt Notice' for my I-485 application.

    Please let me know if this list of documents would suffice the RFE or if I need to send anything else like the following -

    1. Copy, Previous Advanced Parole issued to me.
    2. Copy of my EAD
    3. Copy of my H1B Approval
    4. Copy of my I-94
    5. Copy of my Drivers License

    Also, I (am not sure and) do not have I-797C for my I-485. The scanned copy that I have just says I-797. Should I ask my attorney for I-797C?

    Please respond. Thanks.


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  • gangster
    08-22 01:21 PM
    Hey all

    Thanks for your replies and good luck with your respective job searches.

    Fshah: I don't know if we can just work without pay. But if the employer really likes you, you can always be in touch with them and start working once you get the EAD.

    quizzer: Sure, we can be in touch and share our ideas to get a job. I live in Wisconsin. just email me. My approach has been to submit my resume via employer website and also calling the offices directly and ask for the recruiter(tax/audit). California has a lot of openings for CPA(accountants).

    f_b_2007: Good luck to you too

    Thanks all

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  • redcard
    09-23 08:57 PM

    I have done my Doctoral (not doctorate i.e.PhD) in the US and have been working for the past one year on H1B. I have two questions for the group. I have read the requirements for EB-1, any thougths on my chances? Note: I have done my DD on this but thought some one might have greater insight

    Second Question: Do you guys know of any highly reputed lawyers in the DC area? One who gets the job done and/or one who is infuential/authority on/in immigration matters


    You could try Rajiv Khanna ( He is quite good.


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  • rbharol
    03-12 03:05 AM
    Please refer to the following related thread:

    I just spoke to Mike Swift of mercury news and he wants to talk to the people who fits the following profile from "Bay Area"
    a) Having an advance degree
    b) Going through green card process for sometime
    c) Postponing major investment decisions (like buying new car, house etc) due to the uncertainity in the green card process.

    Please send me a private message or contact me at ASAP. Please come forward as this may be the big break we were waiting for.

    Count me in.

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  • skd
    01-08 05:19 PM
    Login First, Then above (in header) the comment posted by the gentleman, you will see snow flake kind of sign (reputation) click on that and say / click "approve" ..that is the way to give green :)


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  • Gravitation
    07-05 08:30 PM
    hearing from some law firms that USCIS is not rejecting the files yet. So maybe they are instructed by their lawyers not to in case the judge rules against them.
    Any thoughts?

    Can you give us some reference?

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  • pappu
    07-05 10:56 AM
    Core is putting their time and money and doing this all for everybody

    Pray please tell me what the core did for people stuck in BEC's.
    Even these people contributed and once the dates were made current everybody and I'm sorry to say including the core forgot about them.

    I know I'll be bashed for wrting this and pls dont get offended but I just had to ask.

    Please do not create an anonymous ID and then post such nonsense against IV core. IV core is hurt by some posts on the forums lately. Some BEC victims are happy that the visa bulletin is unavailable as if some justice is done for them. Some are saying we forgot about them. People who have filed in June or before are discouraging others on the IV action items fearing that others will get greencards before them. Some people are not even listening to IV core and starting their own action items. Iv asked for contributions but not even 100 people responded till now from a membership of 15K. How can you expect IV to do anything with our hands tied and people not losing any opportunity to pass judgments and statements against the organization.

    To All BEC victims: We do not announce such details publicly, but if you want to hear then here it is:
    FYI we spent so much time on helping the backlog center victims by including provision to change the deadline in the Cantwell amendment. And your cases could have been saved because of our efforts. Just this small change would have helped many people (even though they are in a small minority). The latest Cantwell amendment had a provision to re-instate the AC 21 provisions that provide for extensions based on labor + 365 days and 140 + 365 days. The first draft of grand bargin and Cantwell amendment in May and first week of June had nothing for backlog center victims. It is thru expert drafting and analysis of IV core and its push with various like minded orgs that we got AC21 provisions of H1 re-instated by striking the text in "grand bargain" draft that removed it. THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT WERE HELPED AND WHOSE CAREERS AND PRIORITY DATES WERE SAVED BY THAT CHANGE ARE BACKLOG CENTER VICTIMS. AND SOME BACKLOG CENTER VICTIMS ARE REJOICING THE FACT THAT DATES ARE UNAVAILABLE AGAIN AND SOMEHOW ITS JUSTIFIED SINCE OTHERS HAVE TO BE DEPRIVED OF WHAT THEY ARE DEPRIVED OF AND IF THEY DONT GET EAD, NONE OF THE OTHER SHOULD.

    We were working on this with several other like minded organizations to achieve such small measures and were thinking of all our members and not ourselves or majority. We never announce such sensitive information on the site, but after seeing such message and the attitude of our members we are forced to make this statement.

    It is really sad to see these backlog victims rejoicing at July aspirants.


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  • kjohri
    07-12 02:37 PM
    Ramus and all -
    When do you plan to go?


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  • arunmohan
    05-14 02:25 PM

    Please refer the link. s.html

    Please ask your attorney too.


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  • GCard_Dream
    04-26 12:29 AM
    why paypal ? I am sure he takes payment through credit cards. Just give him your credit card number :D . It would be even better if you can just post the number here in this forum..... ;)

    Good Stress Reliever. Should paypal you money for the entertainment ;-)

    ahhhh - wake up buddy - resist :-)

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  • anurakt
    01-04 11:10 AM
    Articles are not going to make any diff in our state and members will only make changes in our life. Saying that , articles are good way of adding members but it should have immigrationvoice mentioned in it. Every article we get on our side, we should write to the editor and tell him about IV so that he can further publish IV and subsequently add more members.


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  • ruchigup
    10-01 10:58 AM
    Don't burn your good relation with your employer.

    But just politely try to negotiate saying that since your wife is expecting and your expenses are going to increase in next couple of months, can they consider 20% cut instead of 40%

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  • go_gc_way
    11-08 03:00 PM
    Pappu this should be one of the First Links under "Headlines/Announcements".

    I think we need more members and funds ASAP else the lame duck session will idly pass us by

    I am truly appreciative of members who bring forth lots and lots of energy and thought to this forum.

    Forum , because of these discussions very informative, friendly and educating.

    However, I also feel that issue which needs the most attention ,presently lacks it --- that is this , adding more team members.

    I would like to know what other members think of this.

    My suggestion is as a first step , specify the action items to members and count how many of them had a chance to complete it.

    We can probably move forward with more ideas.


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  • ken
    10-01 01:06 AM
    Yes I called postal service on Sept 29th and ask them the status they too have the same status. But they do opened a case for me and told me that some one will get back to me today evening. But no reply from them yet.

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  • gatec77
    06-15 01:20 PM
    I don't think this bill will get passed as it will affect all big shot consulting companies. It will almost lead them to disaster as majority of their workforce is H1b holders


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  • mhtanim
    04-02 03:03 PM
    I am planning to get married in summer of this year and I will probably be in the same boat as you are now.

    Please read the following:


    Marriage before Green Card Approval

    Whether or not a spouse can be sponsored depends upon the timing of the marriage. This is a very important matter for anyone considering marrying someone from one's home country. It is vital that the marriage occur before the green card case (I-485) is approved. If the primary applicant marries before approval of the I-485, the new spouse will be entitled to derivative immigration benefits. S/He is entitled to the same preference category as the primary beneficiary and the same priority date. This is true even if the marriage occurs well after the establishment of the priority date.

    If the derivative spouse is in the U.S., s/he would be able to file for adjustment of status, if otherwise eligible. The most common, and perhaps ideal, scenario is for the marriage to occur while the primary spouse is maintaining nonimmigrant status that permits dual intent, such as the H1B. The H1B spouse would travel to the home country, marry, and return with the spouse, who would hold H-4 status. They would then file I-485s simultaneously. If the primary applicant files the I-485 previously, the derivative would simply file the I-485 shortly after arrival in the U.S. The ability of the derivative spouse to file an I-485 is dependant upon the priority dates being current. There are times when the priority dates "retrogress," or move backwards. If this is the case, the I-485 cannot be filed until the priority date again becomes current.

    If the derivative spouse cannot enter the U.S. on a nonimmigrant visa for any one of a number of reasons, it is necessary to consular process for an immigrant visa. This may occur after the primary beneficiary has obtained the approval of the I-485 or both spouses decide to consular process the two cases to obtain permanent residence together. If the principal decides to continue the pending I-485 application, there could be longer waiting periods resulting from the substantial increase in paperwork. Unless the priority dates retrogress, there would not be a priority date waiting time. There is no need for a family-based petition, as the spouse is part of the existing green card case.

    Children of lawful permanent residents may be sponsored only as long as they are unmarried and should not marry prior to the green card approval. However, if they marry after the I-130 has been filed, the petition is deemed invalid, and neither the person nor the new spouse would be able to become a green card holder based on that filing. Therefore, unmarried children of lawful permanent residents, who are the beneficiaries of I-130 petitions based on this relationship, should not marry if sponsorship by a lawful permanent resident parent is the only avenue available to them for obtaining permanent residence.

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  • GCwaitforever
    07-10 02:26 PM
    I guess it goes to the preference of people. Though I gave my pledge on the web site, I will be using my bank to donate to IV in one shot, not multiple transactions. Many small donations mean more record keeping for IV and the accountant, hence higher burden.

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  • pady
    08-06 05:05 PM
    I don't agree with Batch processing unless we see NO approvals from NSC. But there are couple of approvals. Why did they get approved?

    03-11 12:35 AM
    Here's a few arguments in favor of allowing naturalization if someone has been a legal worker for 10 years -

    1. 10 years is a sufficient time to establish that the alien is in fact employed in a permanent job.

    2. The worker becomes eligible to collect social security in retirement after working for 10 years (yes, i know as few as 8years 2 months will do). It is desirable to remove any incentive the worker has self-deport and collect payments outside America.

    3. Establish a strong incentive for the worker to fully commit to the idea of America.

    4. Rationalize the system so that outliers who become victims of circumstances during their immigration process and had to go to the back of the line are not permanently disadvantaged.

    09-16 03:45 PM
    Nobody is saying its wrong to confirm. All I'm saying is its utterly foolish to call up and ask even after knowing ur status. Either u wanna defend ur dumbness or just wanna show what an A** u are. They dont have online updates, text messages, email facility etc...just for fun u idiotic dumb.

    i hear you friend. my EAD was approved on the 90th day and i know how much this slow torture of delaying causes pain. just wanted to hear from someone who knows that indeed USCIS Systems gets updated after couple of days.

    U r too frustrated dude!!!. Relax and grow up.

    there is nothing wrong in confirming your status with a level 2 IO and that too when you know that level 1 is a parrot reading from website and USCIS website updates are not reliable.

    keep your skills with the rotting corporation who has hired you. no need to add to the discussion if you have nothing more than an empty hand just like your grey matter.

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