Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • zbd
    06-26 12:28 AM
    I'm not willing to change the employer but what If I stay with current employer and find an other job as part-time (say weekends) after getting my EAD ?
    Is it fraud too ?

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  • Hunter
    05-09 01:22 PM
    The percentage of people here are a very small percentage of that 25%.

    H1/L1 restrictions are not going to encourage american kids. It does not impact their thinking. Maths, science are tougher subjects for kids. Kids in India were pushed by their parents to study science in search for a good career. Kids here have a lot other avenues which are more attractive to a kid. Kids do not understand L1/H1. 90% of adult population here does not understand H1/L1. REstricting H1/L1 will not influence a kid to take up science and engineering.

    I have news for you (and the certitude with which you make your claims here are laughable). Computer science graduation rates in US went up this year by 6-8%, because the visa caps since 2003 remained at 65000 instead of 195000 creating some demand here. I personally know kids who wanted to go to Computer science, but went for other areas like health care because of the lack of offshoring/H1 etc. If the crooked Indian offshorers and fly-by-night operators are not driving down the wages, more americans will go to computer science, as they would go for a career as MD or Pharmacist or lawyer (almost all those careers need at least 6-8 years of college). They also know that professional associations like AMA or APhA wouldn't allow importing foreign workers by corporations/hospitals on a scale that H1-bs are imported in IT area

    Based on my experience, I wouldn't say that Indian kids have any special skills in maths or science compared to americans. Contrary to what you claim, people are aware of H1s and offshoring(may be so much on the exploitation of L1) as they talk to friends and family and guidance counselors at school. Most of the IT jobs were Indian H1-bs are employed doesn't even need computer science or engineering degree. Some of the best architects I have seen in IT didn't have a computer science major. A green-horn from TCS/INFY with a computer science degree and pretending to be an architect doesn't mean he is the best IT professional available in the market.

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  • cableching
    09-23 11:28 PM
    If EB2 row perm hits 10000 apps thats it pd wont move a bit. That will happen as soon as hiring starts again. This will happen any time, if this not happen until sep 2010, then EB2 has a chance. There are about 15000 (approx) EB2 Row apps siiting ducks in Perm centers, if ROW PErm eb2 approvals start flowing then we are just stuck. It all depends on EB2 Row Now. That is the one we need to watch closely.

    Even if the economy improves, it will take some time to plan the recruitment, then hiring people and then they will take sometime to start the PERM process and then filing it and getting the approval. FOr all these things to happen, it will be a minimum of one year ad even it may cross two years. Don't bother too much about this.

    I prefer the economy to improve over getting GC, if economy is good we will not have to worry about getting a Job if laid off and also, if we have EAD we can change jobs easily and many of the problems without the GC are not that siginificant then.

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  • Milind123
    01-24 01:36 PM
    Why don't you dispute the charges. Dispute the amout that they overcharged. Then Credit Card company will refund you that amount and deal with Embassy themselves. Which card did you use to pay (AMEX/V/MC). AMEX is the most consumer friendly in this regards.

    I always use AMEX and I know they have a good service. Maybe that is the reason they don't accept AMEX. I also disputed the charges with my CC company and they just got back to me after a month. They require some kind of proof (which I have), but I know what they are going to say. Since the email from UK emb(ass)y clearly mention the amount of $184 and $276, they (CC company) will say the charges are correct. The trick is to catch someone at the emb(ass)y, but it will only work if their email's are working or someone out there will handle my voice mail message left on their answering machine. It is much easier for them to delete/ignore the message than to take pains to correct the situation. Remember, I am dealing with a useless govt. organization rather than a highly competitive private company.


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  • EB-VoiceImmigration
    08-22 04:57 PM

    Here is a suggestion, who ever decides to join Vonage now, can use a referral link from one of the member, who is already a vonage customer, so that he can get 2 months off. Now the member who got 2 months off, can either donate two months bill amount or one month (if he choose to retain one month off) to forum.;)

    What do u guys think?

    Infact not only this, we can use any other similar referral programs, like Direct TV 100 offer etc..

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  • Hunter
    05-09 05:35 AM
    This guy doesn't have a clue. He is deviating so much from the core US policy, I don't know where it might end. I wonder whether we are better off with the last one????

    Then why do you bother to desparately stay in US? Vote with your feet.


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  • CADude
    01-08 02:05 PM
    Both letter in mail. forwarded to friends also. I modified a little.

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  • vxg
    06-20 10:49 PM
    My wife was stuck in namecheck during the H-4 stamping 3 years back. She gave full FP and got cleared in 6 weeks. Question i have is that i will be filing I-485 in July so is there a chance that she will be stuck in I-485 Name check as well? Anyone with experience? Also, if she get's stuck and I am cleared does the application get's stuck completely?


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  • Caliber
    06-12 12:09 PM
    I can send all the details .. including the evidences, can u assure me of anonymity and protection under whistle blower category ??? Dude r u kidding me ... we are talking about a complaint against a Billion Dollar firm and its resources.. do u expect me to give the details in this open forum ... BTW do u still think that I am tunnel rat???

    I support you L1Fraud.

    Guys: This has become a major problem at every place. If we do not take any action, every one of us will be replaced by these BIG outsource companies with L1 and B1.

    I already reported this to ICE about violations of CTS which has placed their L1's at client's place for the past 2 years. And still they have several people.

    You may not believe their pay. I do not want to put a number here and it will be a shame on CTS for misusing L1. They replaced 18 American Workers at my client's pace. Whatever you guys might think, this is a FRAUD.

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  • kaisersose
    03-25 03:06 PM
    What the employers are doing seems illegal. Govt issues us this card for a lot of money, and now we can't use it for work?

    I agree. I was wondering why legal needs to be consulted for EADs.

    But then this company is fully aware of of EADs and AC21 requirements. I think legal gets involved to ensure job codes are matching, etc., which would make sense. The applicant may not have completed 180 days, may be applying for a different job code, etc. They do invest a lot of money on an employee during the first year and they obviously do not want to end up losing that investment due to immigration issues, something they can avoid.

    But this is something I was not aware of until today. The good thing is most employers are receptive to EADs which is good.


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  • diyashil
    07-10 10:39 AM

    There is no harm in fighting for your rights.
    we all are law abiding individuals who pay taxes like any other citizens.
    We are only trying to highlight our plight as they say
    "Only a squeaky wheel gets a grease."
    No can deport or arrest you by taking out a rally.

    Wake up guys. Lets get together and be unified as only then can we be heard.
    We all are well educated peaople and we don't need to be treated like slaves.

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  • royus77
    06-29 09:07 PM
    This is very serious now, We all better be prepared to screw USCIS if it messes this time.

    Lets wait first for our fee checks to be back .....


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  • mail2me_Ds
    09-08 06:27 PM
    I received CPO email yesterday night, But the dependent application status is pending. Please let me know what steps I need to take to followup with the dependent's case.

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  • grupak
    03-25 02:56 PM
    Just talked to a recruiter from a software giant.

    She specifically wanted to know if I was on EAD and if yes, unfortunately they cannot hire EADs during the fourth quarter (now) due to hiring budget limitations that are typical during the fourth quarter.

    Q: Why does budget come in to picture here?
    A: Because policy requires the legal dept to be consulted for visa holders and EADs which means additional hiring costs plus time.

    But she said once the fourth quarter passes, EAD hiring is not a problem.

    What the employers are doing seems illegal. Govt issues us this card for a lot of money, and now we can't use it for work?


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  • styrum
    07-12 01:01 PM
    Although much older anouncements and news are still there.
    Apparently they want everybody to forget about this ASAP, let alone attract any further interest or god forbid inquiries. I don't know who in the world can still beleive that they are a "service" and we are "customers".

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  • aau
    08-07 04:11 PM
    I have the same question as I think, it is not possible. How can you re-apply for the same job you are in currently, in EB2?

    Yes you can -when you were eligible for the EB2 filing at the time of filing for EB3!

    Why would someone do that u ask? Please call my employer and ask him this question. The answer is - so that you are stuck with him for few more years.


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  • gccovet
    11-16 02:26 PM
    bump-make it stay on top

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  • snathan
    03-30 10:35 AM
    Krish I believe that Feb - Apr 2007 is very realistic now although we don't have all the details of the news yet. 12K numbers if applied in May will lead to 4-5 months of movement not just a wekl. I do echo VDLRAO's wish there is a good chance that we maybe near the Jul-Aug 2007 line however we should wait for the May bulletin to assess that.

    I too believe it will be either 2006 Dec/ 2007 Jan for May VB.

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  • grupak
    03-24 03:14 PM
    Its a little hard to understand how the issue of 'work authorization' cannot be raised during interview or hiring process.

    The details escapes me... at some point in the long past I was looking into what kind of questions employers should and shouldn't ask. If I come across anything again then I will surely post.

    As far as EAD is concerned, the employers shouldn't discriminate. Especially if more than 90 days are left on it since that's the time-frame govt promises to issue a new EAD. The employer might feel better to work with a citizen or GC or a person of certain ethnic background or national origin. However, thats the kind of decisions the employer is not allowed to make. Employer has to accept EAD, everything else being equal. When the law is not followed and it harms us, we have to fight it back.

    I realize employers sometime end up asking questions that they shouldn't like the obvious ones such as age and marital status.

    11-19 04:58 PM
    Applying MTR is very expensive, anyone know any good lawyer around NJ?

    06-22 12:13 PM
    Hi Guys any updates..

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