Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • Karthikthiru
    09-24 11:37 AM
    Just did


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  • pappu
    02-16 12:14 PM
    could someone spread the word on other forums too outside IV. -- immgrationportal etc etc

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  • rb_248
    05-30 08:08 AM
    I am in a dead end boring job. Want to do MBA full time for a career change. I am applying for 2008 fall. But, I am not sure if I will get my GC by then. EB2 India - PD - 12/04; I-140 approved. 6 years H1 expires Aug - 2009 :(

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  • pashedge
    07-27 03:13 PM


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  • brij523
    09-08 09:01 AM

    I know many IV'ans have written that people should join the rally. But I will make another attempt.

    Oe people in GC line wake up!! It is you who has the destiny of your GC in your hand. If this rally fails, you will not find any unselfish organization like IV. IV is trying hard to alleviate the cause of immigrants and trying to get some relief. But remember IV is made of you. If you do not take care of yourself, this organization can not go on for long!!!
    After that you can only say if I supported the IV rally I would not be in this situation!! And that would be tooooo late.

    My dear friends its your call.

    This rally is legal. Very much legal. If you have any doubt you can look around on net and you will find testimony from prominent attorney on the legality of this rally.

    This rally will not spoil your GC application. Again there is testimony from prominent attorney on this issue.

    Last call that's all....

    Phone campaigns have been going on in full swing. A lot of "SO CALLED SMART IV FREE RIDERS HAVE GIVEN FALSE NUMBERS, SOME NUMBERS WERE GOING INTO GOVERNMENT AGENCIES". I guess all these poeple realize that life just does not revolve around "selfishness", to achieve something you have to give something.

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  • VMH_GC
    07-20 03:48 PM
    Hey I do own that book. Just wanted to catch attention of the people. So that title.

    Quite Smart!!!


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  • bank_king2003
    09-16 04:07 PM
    Nobody is saying its wrong to confirm. All I'm saying is its utterly foolish to call up and ask even after knowing ur status. Either u wanna defend ur dumbness or just wanna show what an A** u are. They dont have online updates, text messages, email facility etc...just for fun u idiotic dumb.

    what a looser !!!.... I cant stop laughing seeing your effort to gain attention.... atleast in current stress i have moments of fun seeing loosers like you :)

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  • BharatPremi
    09-10 02:45 PM
    Imagine yourself 30 years from now. Most of us would be reminded of our parents. They struggled hard, raised us, provided for us and made us what we are today. There will be not one of us who doesn't regard the sacrifices their parent has made for them as one of the biggest blessing the Almighty has given us.

    Imagine yourself 30 years from now. A 5 year old granddaughter in your lap. A spitting image of her mother, your daughter. A daughter you raised in a country foreign to you; made sure you protected her, tried your level best to instill all your values in her, drove her to dance classes both bharatnatyam and ballet. Made sure she got the best of East and West.

    Your granddaughter looks up to you and asks - Thata, how did you come here? And like all immigrants your story will one of determination and courage- a story of slogging through grad school scrimping on a modest GRA allowance. Saving money to buy gifts for relatives back home. In this story there will be a time when you talk about the struggles for your green card. Graduation in a recession, finding that one interview, converting it to a job and then starting the green card process which lasted many long years.

    Then the story of IV, the sacrifices of Aman Kapoor, how through your small contributions you made a difference, a new bill that respected education, determination and contribution. You were a part of history!!!

    You marched in Washington DC amidst protesters on the other side telling you to go back home. You crossed thee other side of the street and handed a white flower to the loudest voice of opposition silencing them for good. In your small way when you marched to Washington you connected with your lifelong friends - friendships that had been created in the bus ride to Washington. That one day that you spent in Washington changed the course of generations.

    You granddaughter looks up to you with moist eyes. Her mother sitting in the other room with your wife smile at each other in between tears. You son-in-law looks back at you in awe and admiration.

    That one day - September 18th - when you became part of history!!!

    Your dreams are so "Indian" !! In American dream " Mother of your grand daughter would not sit with your wife in next room". You probably may be residing in some senior (Active) residents community" and your son/daughter will visit you only once in a year and that is in Thanksgiving or Christmas.. May not be knowing Deepawali at all. Other parts are immigrant's dreams for which yor future generations will not have time to listen to.:p:p:p

    Note: Here "You" is applicable for most of us.


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  • ameryki
    06-29 01:38 PM

    My husband had an interview at mumbai consulate on 25-june and got yellow form.
    he got an email on 26-june from consulate to submit the 3 things ie passport, yellow form and email from consulate in an envelope and submit to nearest VFS.he submitted on 26-june friday at VFS. The guy at VFS told him to collect on Monday ie 29 from VFS at
    he went there to collect but VFS told consulate has no released the passport.

    can somebody tell what may be the reason

    Jain4444, I read you thread you said 3 business day can you tell me did you collect in person or counting courier days took 3 days

    give it a few more days it is only a matter of time I am sure he is all set.

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  • gimmegc
    07-22 01:11 PM
    Thanks for posting this. I am one of those who got an incorrect receipt date on my 485 receipt notice. I called the customer service back in october 2007 and was told there is nothing they can do about it. I am going to email/call again to see if they can fix this.

    You are very welcome. Let me know how it goes. My lawyer is currently getting mine corrected.

    Good luck!


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  • jfredr
    07-05 01:29 PM
    We have IV where we can post, get and say something which are related to immigration issues.

    if Not IV where else u guys go to get the info?
    So, lets support IV and not pull them down.

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  • PundaSmith
    12-24 01:43 PM
    Thanks very much ... does it matter whether you get the I-140 by LC or EB. My appointment letter and contract stated that I will have to be responsible for all immigration costs entailed in adjusting my status.

    But if the immigration law (that requires that employers pay the cost of I-140) says otherwise, then that could be a useful course to pursue...I thought that stipulation was only limited to labor certification.

    Thanks and have a happy holiday ... rgds, Punda


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  • nixstor
    07-18 12:55 AM
    May your greed not complicate your application. Let it stay there.

    ha haa LMAO :)

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  • tejonidhi
    10-01 02:42 PM
    Even i did not expect them to respond so quickly. do I need to be concerned about the fact that they did not send me any notice for my finger prints?


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  • Macaca
    02-16 12:42 PM
    how do you know? please provide details.
    The woman said it at the end. It was quick.

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  • jatinr
    08-07 11:13 PM
    Even my Lawyer did not file for EAD/AP along with the 485. I have sent all my applications along with my 485 to the Attorney and they chose not to file the EAD/AP along with 485 during the fiasco. Later yesterdsy they filed my EAD and AP .They said if you have proof of delivery of 485 (Tracking number signature of FEDEX :PDF file) is enough as a proof of delivery.
    I wud suggest that you ask them for Tracking number of your application and send it.

    If they insist on not giving it to you , Then wait until u receive the 485 receipt and file it on your own. Do not disclose that you intent to file for EAD /AP . You can do it on your own.

    When did you file your I-485?
    When and where did you file your AP/EAD?
    Were you able to use Fedex tracking number ?


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  • bitzbytz
    07-16 11:15 PM
    also pleaase contribute as above needs funds:)

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  • deepakd
    07-07 10:43 PM
    - which company/product will be around for the next 6 years? Is your division making money or losing? Is it growing or are people leaving? Does it have an offshore office where all the growth is happening?

    - which company has a culture that you can work with for the next 6 years?

    You guys are awsome. Thanks for the quick responses.
    Profitwise:-> Both companies are rock solid when it comes to profitablility and stability. Both have revenues of excess of $8billion/year.

    I am getting a raise fo 20% over my current salary.

    Workwise:-> The new offer seems little bit better than the present one
    The title itself is good " Internet Architect" for the new offer.

    Benefits:-> They are kind of comparable

    Growth:-> Difficult to answer but the present company is into Telecomm Technology and new offer is from a company into financial services. I am into core IT infrastructure. So the probability of my job getting outsource is more by my present employer rather than by my new job offer. Both company has quite a bit of growth left in US sites.

    One more thing:->
    My family ( wife + son ) is kind of well settled in our current place, so moving them would be a bit painful for them also.

    Also, I kind of like my present job because of few reasons:
    1) I am well settled in my company; people recognizes me for my abilities here
    2) My family is well settled
    3) I am in San Diego and I love the weather here. My new job is in San Dimas which is a bit hot w.r.t. San Diego

    Guys-> I am confused here.



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  • andycool
    05-07 11:00 AM
    Pappu, I believe the best transparency on both DOS & USCIS part would be to release the allotted vs actual consumption of immigrant visa numbers on a monthly basis. Much like a corporation releases their balance sheet. Anything less would only be opacity as opposed to transparency.

    Don't know when we are going get that from these guys.

    I agree with you , if data shows how many visas are left or used it will be really Great .


    12-09 05:21 PM
    Even though my priority date is Nov 2004, my I-485 approved notice has priority date as 485 receipt notice date(21sep 2007).
    No idea what these goofy dates are about...and why in the world an RFE is issued after approval.
    All the best...and keep us posted..

    Thanks for the replies, Please find below some more details.

    My case was approved by the Nebraska Service Center.

    This is my second I-485: My first I485 is an EB2 filed by my employer with a PD that is not presently current. I filed this second I485 as a dependent since my spouse's priority date got current recently. Thereafter I got an RFE (that asked for marriage related documentation) followed by the APPROVAL and then the online case status went back to RFE while I received the Approval Notice with a misprinted PD. Also in the past few days my spouse's I485, EAD, my EAD have been touched (last updated timestamps online are updated to Dec 2010)

    I also checked my I485 receipt. The PD field is left blank on the receipt. This misprint seems to be a USCIS typo where someone misprinted the year by mistake (07/01/2007 instead of 07/01/2005). Not really sure if this can cause an RFE and if a valid RFE what kind of information would they need from us?

    Wondering what the chances are that
    CASE 1. They probably noticed the PD error, are correcting their mistake and reissuing a new Approval notice and RFE is just an intermediate online status till they finish sending us a new notice. In this case the Green Card shld be on its way and we will probably receive some communication followed by a new Approval Notice.
    CASE 2. They did not notice the PD error and this is just a system glitch - someone accidentally put the online status to RFE although there is no real RFE. In this case the Green Card wld be on its way and my attorney wouldnt receive any communication from USCIS.
    CASE 3. They noticed they need some more documentation after Approving the case (regarding PD or something else) and issued a valid RFE. (weird??)

    * Although CASE 1 sounds logical I am not sure if that is how they would handle things?
    * For CASE 2 I am not sure how and who updates the online system, is the online status reliable and wld it be a good idea to check with USCIS to see why the online status was modified if we dont receive any RFE details and receive the Green Card?
    * Also it a good idea to let USCIS know about the PD misprint and if so at what point? (ie: upfront right now or wait till things are more clearer)

    Thanks in advance!

    02-24 11:52 AM
    Please count me in. My email id:
    Call me to verify. *********


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