Thursday, June 30, 2011



Lately a lot of outstanding issues related to wedding plans and footballer Jennifer Bachdim Irfan quite suddenly. One of them, now Jennifer is rumored to have two entities. Really?

When the news was confirmed, Jennifer manager, Erick directly strongly denied. According to him, the news of Jennifer's pregnant too far-fetched.

"Well the gossip from where else? Lots yes rumors about Jen? That's how could people of Indonesia who make rumors like that," he said when contacted by telephone on Thursday (06/30/2011).

Furthermore, Erick Jen explained that currently it is still very busy working to collect the purse money. Jen is now in Sulawesi will be in Jakarta on 3 July.

"Anyway it's up to people going to say. Want to say Jen pregnant or not also given up just blessing ya family. The important thing is all who know how their management," he said again.

Jen The news was suspected because the two entities are so short wedding plans. Jen is just a few months living in Indonesia was indeed into the media spotlight since his arrival. Especially when he decided to pursue a career in Indonesia.

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