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  • gc28262
    09-04 03:42 PM
    So far they havent provided any link from LINGO.COM home page, even the link what I posted got it from my friend........we didnt know at this moment how much taxes gonna be...

    It's 2 years agreement and it's killing part....

    I have no idea about customer service or call quality....

    If any body has exp...please share for other customers who are willing to sign will be healpfull...

    Call quality: Is not good as that of Vonage. But it is ok.
    Customer service: Not good

    Contract is the killing part.
    After tax, lingo and vonage prices are about the same.

    If you haven't signed up for the service yet, sign up for vonage.

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  • jsb
    09-15 02:01 PM
    No receipt yet, although Sept 14 update has moved NSC and TSC way beyond July 2.

    July 2, J Barret, 10:2am (I-140 at TSC)
    PD May 2004

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  • mjadala
    08-22 11:30 AM
    I support the letter campaign. This is just ridiculous!! Somethings got to give here.

    I think its only when things get reaaally bad that it forces people to stop and take notice. An example is the July 07 fiasco. That was wrong on so many levels. I thought just like a lot of others " They cannot possibly get away with this. Can they?" People made enough noise and DOS/CIS had to take corrective action.

    With the new interpretation also looks like someone made a decision without fully understanding the consequences for EB-3 I folks. I think this is an outrage for EB-3. To be stuck in 2001 and no relief in sight. I think we should make our voice heard.

    I understand Eb2 guys trying to protect their advantageous position with the new interpretation, but we need to fight for our position:mad::mad:

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  • Libra
    01-11 12:45 PM
    guys, please send letters to President and IV.


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  • karthiknv143
    06-29 05:25 PM
    May be it is already True.

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  • Nil
    03-11 04:51 PM
    Thanks a Ton Sri,

    pls compile and i'll follow up.
    Also doing the homework to contact local congressmen & journalists.


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  • kk_kk
    10-07 09:27 AM
    One of my friend got approved yesterday.

    He interfiled from EB3 to EB2.

    His EB3 PD - 12/2003
    He got the EB2 approved sometime in Jan 2009.
    His RD - 05/2009 (Yes it is right, he applied his 485 in May 2009).

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  • insbaby
    11-12 12:44 PM
    I got the RFE at last. I invoked AC21. The RFE for me is asking for 2 evidences

    01. Why in Form I-693 medical examiner submitted x-ray but no skin test (we did it because we had the TB vaccination in childhood and skin test would come positive and we had to take x-ray anyway) ---Not an Issue, we can answer that

    02. Submit current dated EVL for your new employer. No issue. we can answer that

    For my wife also asking for 2 evidences:

    01. About the same medical issue.
    02. Provide her non-immigrant status between Feb 2003 to Jan 2004.

    I don't know what do. Looks like we are doomed. My wife came here with H4 in 2000, was provided I-94 from the airport for 3 years (till Jan 2003), we didn't know then that we have to file a I-539 extension for H4 extension (even couple of my friends had the same idea). We knew that as long as I am on H1, she would maintain H4. I came to know in Jan 2004 and then we applied for I-539. I know this is stupid but that what happened. Anybody has any experience please reply..please please. We are really sleepless this time.

    You can not change what had happened. They already found it.

    And you did not do that in purpose and the dependant did not take any advantage during that period. So get a good lawyer and give proper explanation. Being out of status does not disqualify the application immediately. It depends on the explanation and the reviewer. There may be exceptions.

    Good luck.


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  • sunny1000
    07-09 09:31 PM
    Ofcourse, they have to put up resources, van, driver to drive these flowers and deliver.

    I don't think they will go thru with it fully. They may just send the first batch of flowers to the veterans and then, send the rest to the trash...:eek:

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  • anai
    01-06 09:07 AM
    Great idea on focusing on the longer term and going for citizenship. Starting the 5-year clock at the time of 485 filing sounds like the practical way to do this.


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  • gk_2000
    04-01 01:30 AM

    According to the below websites, seems it is the Immigrant's Final application and processing fee(and seems like your immigrant visa has been approved by USCIS*** according to OVERVIEW OF IMMIGRANT CONSULAR PROCESSING (http://www.americanlaw.com/consul_iv.html)

    "In April of 1994, DOS opened the NVC, a permanent immigrant visa processing facility in Portsmouth, NH. NVC processes all approved immigrant petitions that it receives from USCIS. NVC will retain the petitions until the cases are ready for adjudication by a consular officer abroad. When an applicant's case is about to become current, the petition is forwarded to the appropriate U.S. embassy or consulate overseas. " ***

    ***from OVERVIEW OF IMMIGRANT CONSULAR PROCESSING (http://www.americanlaw.com/consul_iv.html)


    July 2007 --- about to become current? Sounds like music, AR Rehman's music

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  • chanduv23
    06-14 06:52 AM
    I agree to what you say. The intend of this thred is not to support/oppose the outsourcing/offshoring the jobs. The intent of this thred is the fradulent use of L1s by the offshoring companies.

    If these companies play as per law then there is no issue. Everything is OK in moderation even outsourcing or offshoring. However these companies does fraudulent use of the L1s. They send endless people in L1s. Even if the person does not have hire/fire authority he/she is sent as L1A. General java/Oracle/.net developers are sent in L1A or L1B.

    These people with L1s are placed at client location and they work under supervision of client manager. False names are shown in the chart under these L1As benefeciary when they are applied for renewals.

    These things should be reported and should not be supported.

    Falsifying information is not right. If you have credible information and knowledge - write about this in detail. Let people know, what's going on.


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  • grupak
    08-21 12:32 PM
    Yes, the same law can be interpreted like this:

    EB1-ROW unused visa will go to EB2-ROW
    EB2-ROW unused visa will go to EB3-ROW

    Same for each country.
    But its not happening. What actually is happening that they are giving unused visa from EB1-ROW to EB2-ROW to EB2-I/C. WHY?

    So EB3-ROW is retrogressed bcoz it doesn't get any spillover and hence it affect EB3-I.

    So where is the correct interpretation? Does any body know?

    Don't take me wrong here. I don't favor EB3-ROW or any particular category. I am EB3-I with PD Nov 2002.

    Suppose Eb1ROW--> EB2 ROW --> EB3 ROW like you say , and EB3 ROW becomes current. Now what?

    Wouldn't the unused EB3 ROW go to EB1 -C/I --> EB2 -C/I--> EB3 -C/I instead of directly EB3 ROW --> EB3 -C/I?

    I think EB2 C/I is the bottleneck.

    No matter what you do, pushing for the recapture bill and removing country ceiling is going to help EB immigrants overall.

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  • arkrish68
    09-30 04:21 PM
    There is no message. Just a soft update on the date. I just called USCIS and no news was disclosed and asked to wait for another 30 days for response.

    Did you send the email to NSC or TSC depending where your case is now.

    If it is NSC send the email to ncscfollowup.nsc@dhs.gov
    If it is TSC send the email to tsc.ncscfollowup@dhs.gov

    With all your case details.

    Send me a PM if you need additonal details.


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  • seekerofpeace
    10-01 09:31 AM
    The last month of the fiscal year is generally much much better. I doubt approvals for Oct will be anywhere near that.....especially since it is the first month and they will go slow...and November visa availability will be an eye opener.....not much hope....

    Keeping fingers crossed


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  • quizzer
    09-09 05:36 PM
    Called everybody. left detailed VM's to most of them.

    Some of the office people asked a few questions and I answered them briefly.



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  • pappu
    09-09 11:38 AM
    Update as of Sept 22:
    HR 5882 is being marked up for 1pm tomorrow (Sept 23rd 2008). Please continue to call the judiciary committee members below and express your support.

    Update on Sept 12th
    We have learned that in all probability House Judiciary committee will finishing marking up HR5882 in the next committee meeting. The bill is likely to be brought to the House floor the following week. We have been told that if our bill(s) pass the House, Senate will include the language of the bill(s) in another Senate bill that has majority support. We must admit that the time is shot but its still possible.

    We request everyone that starting monday, please call all the members of Judiciary committee. Thanks to the members who have already made phone calls to the lawmaker's office. We request you to please call again to show your support starting Monday.

    IV has just now got a green light from our lobbyists. We need to start calling now.

    Someone please consolidate all information and create a campaign for this. Now is the time to follow up with anybody on the full committee with whom we have previously met or been in contact. Don’t call people who are already cosponsors. Only select people in the committee that are not co-sponsors. Make sure to say that you are a member of immigration voice so that it complements our lobbying efforts.

    Please pool your energies and create a list of people to call, phone numbers and what to say. Any moderator will add in the first post of this thread.

    Please keep posting your feedback on the thread when you have called. Once the campaign details are posted, post them on other websites too.


    House Judiciary Committee Members

    Elton Gallegly (R-Calif.)202- 225-5811
    Darrell Issa (R-Calif.)202- 225-3906 (NOT IN FAVOR)
    Dan Lungren (R-Calif.)202- 225-5716
    Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) 202-225-5911
    Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.)202- 225-4176
    Rick Boucher (D-Va.) 202-225-3861
    Robert C. Scott (D-Va.) (202) 225-8351
    Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.)202- 225-5431
    J. Randy Forbes (R-Va.)202- 225-6365
    Tom Feeney (R-Fla.) 202-225-2706 (NOT IN FAVOR)
    Ric Keller (R-Fla.)202- 225-2176
    Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) 202-225-3035
    Lamar S. Smith (R-Texas), Ranking Member 202- 225-6906/ 202- 225-4236 (NOT IN FAVOR)
    Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) 202-225-2676
    Betty Sutton (D-Ohio) 202-225-3401
    Chris Cannon (R-Utah)202- 225-7751
    Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) 202-225-2216
    Howard Coble (R-N.C.) 202-225-3065
    Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.)202- 225-3265
    John Conyers (D-Mich.), Chairman 202-225-5126
    William D. Delahunt (D-Mass.)202- 225-3111
    Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) 202-225-4755
    Trent Franks (R-Ariz.)202- 225-4576
    Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.)202- 225-8203
    Steve King (R-Iowa)202- 225-4426 (NOT IN FAVOR)
    Mike Pence (R-Ind.) 202-225-3021
    Howard L. Berman (D-Calif.) 202-225-4695
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) 202-225-7931 (IN FAVOR - Reported by IV member new_horizon)
    Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) 202- 225-2906 (IN FAVOR - Reported by IV members cnag & Prashant)
    Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) 202-225-2201 (IN FAVOR - Reported by IV member little_willy)
    Anthony D. Weiner (D-N.Y.) 202-225-6616 (IN FAVOR - Reported by IV member punjabi77)
    Robert Wexler (D-Fla.) 202-225-3001 (IN FAVOR - Reported by IV member punjabi77)
    Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) 202-225-1605 (IN FAVOR - Reported by IV member punjabi77)
    Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.)202- 225-3072 (ALREADY SPONSOR DO NOT CALL)
    Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) 202-225-5101 (ALREADY COSPONSOR DO NOT CALL)
    Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.) 202-225-6676 (ALREADY COSPONSOR DO NOT CALL)
    Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) 202-225-5635 (ALREADY COSPONSOR DO NOT CALL)
    Artur Davis (D-Ala.) 202-225-2665 (ALREADY COSPONSOR DO NOT CALL)
    Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Texas)202- 225-3816 (ALREADY COSPONSOR DO NOT CALL)
    Melvin L. Watt (D-N.C.)202- 225-1510 (ALREADY COSPONSOR DO NOT CALL)


    HR5882 was sponsored by Congresswoman Lofgren and Congressman Sensenbrenner. This bill recaptures all the unused visa numbers that have been lost since 1992 due to processing delays in Employment based category and Family category. It is estimated that 216000 green cards will be recaptured which would help to eleviate the employment based backlogs.

    Please use the instructions provided below to make the phone calls.

    (1) Call the congressman/woman office and request to speak with the aide who handles Legislative and Immigration matters

    2) If they are not available leave a VM for them -

    "I would like Representative "Representative Name" to support HR 5882, bill to recapture the green cards lost due to processing and bureaucratic delays. As you may already know that this is a bi-partisan bill with wide bipartisan support in the house and will help improve American competitiveness & reduce the back logs associated with USCIS. This bill is non controversial measures that will help US to stay competitive with a highly educated and skilled work force and address family based backlogs also.

    To All congress-critters:
    In a nutshell, this bill allows USCIS to manage their workflow more effectively, which provides better customer service, and will eventually lead to better turn-around times.

    To Democrats: More people will be able to get their citizenship in reasonable times.

    To Republicans: Companies will be able to attract more talent which improves economic performance."

    (3) As usual Do NOT get into the CIR issue or illegal Immigration. If the aide is confusing with CIR or illegal immigration, just tell them that these are legal immigration bills.

    (4) If the aide asks whether you belong to the district or not, tell them NO if you don't. Mention to them that you already spoke with your representative and would like the congressman/congresswoman

    The list of key representatives along with their contact information is provided in this post.


    If asked please say that you are a member of Immigration Voice.


    If the staffer ask - "did you call the representative in your area", say that -

    "Yes I did. Congressman/Congresswoman is a prominent member of Immigration Sub-committee which makes him a national figure of great importance. Congressman's decision and support is very important for people inside and outside of your district and as such I urge you and the Congressman to support HR5882."

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  • stillhopefull
    09-16 12:11 PM
    Haven't been on the site for a couple of days and just saw this effort. I am gladly supporting it and am calling Republicans right now.

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  • akred
    01-26 12:46 AM
    BTW Did they exclude any African country from the list?

    South Africa

    10-01 04:32 PM
    I was thinking of buying a car but I have decided to hold off on it untill the presidentials elections are over. If obama is elected president I will not buy the car and will basically go into 100% saving mode because you never know when Durbin might kick us out. Nobody knows what sort of draconian rules are going to be put in place for EB community by Durbin. I have no confidence in Durbin to show any compassion\fairness towards Eb community. There might be hundreds of thousands of people holding off on purchasing a house, car or any big ticket item because of Durbin cir and there hostility towards Eb community. Hope I am proven wrong but I have not heard a single positive thing out of obama regarding EB community. Even when he was specifically asked about the green card delays faced by EB community he gave a evasive reply. He is always boasting about support for legal immigartion i.e family based immigration and not eb. I am not a obama hater nor a mcccain supporter but just a worried EB guy worried about his bleak future with Durbin lead cir.

    07-09 09:35 PM
    Now is the time to educate American people how badly we legal immigrants are treated. The whole immigration system is broken in the US. No wonder why 20 million illegal immigrants decided to conceal their identities. There are no rules to be followed (now USCIS itself has broken the immigration law by re-issuing July VB which is against law).
    We should send a note to Mr. Director (USCIS) that this action of his department will make the already broken immigration system worse, and Mr. President (USA) will not like it. Even people from the illegal immigrant community who are planning to become legals will now change their minds seeing USCIS chaos.

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