Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • gc_buddy
    09-23 07:33 PM
    But, woudn't the 75% of 140K quota for next two years be consumed by ROW applicants who are about to apply. Becoz they are current wouldn't the VISA number go to them..

    All the above calculations I guess are assuming that the entire 140K will be given the pending 485 application..May be I am missing something.

    Even if we add the flow of application from 'Current' categoreis, your statement still holds true.

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  • jonty_11
    09-11 03:38 PM
    the Oct VB was expected gaffe by USCIS/DOS...they dont know what the hell they are doing..so continue this effort andmake more VISAS available which will make them work rather than just sit on their u know what...

    Keep calling....

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  • vinabath
    07-10 10:13 AM
    I still think, the USA is the best place for democracy loving people. Govt and its agencies try their best to be accountable to law. Now if you want our Immigration issue to be put before IRAQ in the Congress, I would think that is selfishness. I have colleagues whose sons are in IRAQ. For me their lives are more important than my GC. Now that does not mean we stop making our point to Congress.

    PRECISELY My point. First it is IRAQ, then it will be the Presidential Elections then something else. The Government has NO time to question the USCIS and NO real motivation either.

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  • jay75
    10-29 04:58 PM
    I realized that this is important to me and to everyone, so I did. It took me just 5 mins....and I'm requesting my friends and co-workers to do this...


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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 11:10 AM
    Yes, that is the part of the problem
    are you paranoid that you are going to loose your job real soon, why do you need a GC sooner, how is it going to change your sorry life.

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  • willwin
    09-15 02:47 PM
    Called some and will call the rest by EOD today.


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  • krishmunn
    04-01 03:00 PM
    Quote from Shusterman's newsletter --- "According to our calculations, EB-2 priority dates for India and China may advance not just weeks or months, but years!"

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  • Rayyan
    08-19 10:49 AM
    Hi All, I had a quick question.
    My I-485 got approved earlier this week from NSC and I received the approval/welcome letter by USPS.
    My online status is at post-decision activity and not at CPO.
    Though my welcome notice says that I should receive the card in 3 weeks, I am wondering if I need to be at CPO status before that happens....also I read somewhere they may require another FP before CPO (that was talking more abt transfer cases, but mine has always been at NSC).....but nowhere in my approval notice does it ask for an FP.
    I was wondering if I should just sit tight and wait for the physical card or try to find out more information.
    Thanks so much.

    My Status remains on Post Desecion activity and I got Green card within a week after it changed from CPO to Post decision activity.....


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  • desi3933
    06-16 12:06 PM
    L1 dumping is VIOLATION. They can not work at client's place. When there is a competition, it should be on fair terms. ....

    Agreed that L1 dumping to replace a worker is violation in many cases and should be reported. If enough people complain, that might force companies to mend their illegal ways.

    >> When there is a competition, it should be on fair terms. ....
    This is true ONLY in ideal world. The correct statement should be
    When there is a competition, it should be on actions that are legal.
    There are lot of things, that are/appear to be unfair, but are legal. Example - To replace 2 us workers that are earning 90k with 3 works with 60k salary. This may appear unfair (specially from workers point of view), but this is legal.

    Same way, there are many legal shortcuts that allow to place a L1 worker. These companies have highly paid lawyers and their job is to find legal ways to reduce costs. For obvious reasons, I will refrain from discussing examples of such legal shortcuts. Anybody who has worked in consulting environment for enterprise level projects for 6+ years can guess them.

    In this fast changing tech environment, I would like to put famous Charles Darwin quote
    It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

    Good day!

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  • rag1232
    03-30 10:35 AM
    My PD is 01/09/2007. Is there any chance to reach my spot in May visa bulletin? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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  • indiangcseeker
    03-10 11:13 AM
    This is a brilliant thought and lets put it to action now.We all can ask for putting us all Legals on Path to Citizenship. I would definitely put in effort , this may lead to some other solution.

    We all can send mails or printed letters to our local Senator , Congressman , US President and Hilliary Clinton from


    We can make them aware through this and then we can try to meet our Senators/Congress Representatives and explain. Over the years We have gathered enough numbers,information and knowledge about our problems , backlogs and Immigration System that we can talk about.

    I'm from NJ and would be calling them today. Will post the call details.

    Its time now to act, really it is.

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  • desitechie
    10-05 01:40 PM
    I am not talking about calling cards. ALLVOI is also a VOIP service like Vonage and has the same deal on free US calls etc. However, their India pkg is much better IMO.

    Hows ALLVOI quality compared to Vonage for India calls?

    Hows their customer service?

    I know Vonage's CS is bad.



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  • neelu
    10-12 12:07 AM
    Thank you, Kewlchap.

    @ Neelu:

    a. Contact your senator and your congressman/woman. I contacted both. Senator's office had a very nice system of faxing in your request, just for USCIS issues, so I did that, and got a letter in three days stating that Senator has contacted USCIS for me. Later, I got another letter which included USCIS response. If there is a number for your Senator's office, I suggest pick up the phone and get talking to them.

    b. I will get started immediately instead of waiting. You do not know if your IO is working on other EB-2 India applications. He could be working on a chunk of EB-4 applications and not even picking up your application from the holding area, where it can lie for many days.

    c. I feel that you should submit 7001 unless you believe you know where your application is. Meaning, if multiple IOs / infopass tell you the same info, then it is probably true and you can wait. If you get nebulous answers like "wait 60 days", then submit 7001. I dont think there is any reason / advantage of an attorney submitting it. I filled it out and FedEx'ed it overnight to Washington DC.

    Someone else asked me for the POJ method for TSC. I just followed the POJ instructions listed on this forum.

    Hope this helps, and good luck!

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  • l1fraud
    06-09 08:14 PM
    Talked to ICE field intelligence they have provided required details, please let us know if anyone in this forum needs further information on how to complain against L1 violations. Please send a private message to this id. Please let us know if you have any other agency which would be interested in L1 violations.


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  • punjabi
    11-18 03:57 PM
    Hi guys,

    I sent in the four letters 2 weeks ago and this week I got a mail from TEXAS Service Center. They returned my letter in original and they also wrote a big one page letter.

    I don't have it with me right now but in it, it was mentioned that "Please call us at our inquiry center if you have any inquires or you can check your status online as well as the recent processing times.

    Don't know if others are also receiving the same returned mail but I wanted to let you guys know this as an FYI.

    It does not seem like the letter reached the person to whom it was directed to.

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  • letstalklc
    10-01 11:25 AM
    This is what i am doing to call a cell phone or any land line in india. Vonage has a call forwarding feature. Simply log in to your vonage account and go to features and configure the call forwarding feature.Configure such that the call is forwarded after 20 sec's. Intially vonage rings and after that it is forwarded to the india cell or landline forwarding number. Its free of charge as calling from vonage to india #'s is free. Hope this puts the debate to rest.

    smsthss - Thanks for posting useful information, yes, this will really helps a lot for others who wanted to call from cell phone/desk no (office).....just keep change the call forward no that you wanted to call...

    Lingo will charge money for calling from cell phone by using the lingo account (first 10mts free, after that they will charge, also there is charge of 79 center for each call), so there is no point in signing up with that, this is my opinion...


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  • l1fraud
    06-10 10:08 PM
    Whatever Dude!

    I have heard that story before. Ask your bosses at losers guild to teach you better stories to blend in with us.
    If you are really sincere, why don't you send your name, phone number and employer name to IV and IV will put you in touch with the right people to complain?
    No point trying to hide your identity and faking your own convictions.

    I can send all the details .. including the evidences, can u assure me of anonymity and protection under whistle blower category ??? Dude r u kidding me ... we are talking about a complaint against a Billion Dollar firm and its resources.. do u expect me to give the details in this open forum ... BTW do u still think that I am tunnel rat???

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  • gc28262
    08-26 11:19 AM
    Only thing keeps me off vonage is they cancellation policy they comeup this lot of charges if i want to cancel.

    I will wait for Lingo plan to jump in let me also send an email to Viatalk and see what they say.

    Vonage has a contract of 1 year. Have to pay around $100 if you break the contract.

    Lingo has a contract for 2 years. Will have to pay a similar contract break fee for Lingo as well.

    Monthly charges for world plan: Lingo is cheaper than vonage
    Voice quality: Vonage is slightly better than Lingo. Lingo is ok too.
    Customer service: Vonage is better than Lingo
    Contract Period: Vonage 1 year. Lingo 2 years
    Plan selections: Lingo has more plan selections.
    Cheapest plan: Lingo $7.95/month for 250 minutes america plan. Vonage $17.99/month for 500 minutes US plan

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  • wizkid732
    08-16 12:50 PM
    looks like we will be all alone :-)
    Saw a picture of the flood victims in Pakistan seeking food, sure you understand :-)
    I will wait this week and plead with ombudsman. Are you thinking of anything else for now?

    Customer Service rep folks say ..Case is with an officer...Not sure, if that is any indication..All of us have to hope for the best.

    01-10 12:47 PM
    I thought pappu said these points have already been discussed with administration, and we are running this campaign because there have been positive signals.

    Lets rest our fears and trust the fixes and do our parts in this.

    06-21 01:43 PM
    Thanks Factoryman

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