Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • desi3933
    06-18 12:29 PM
    The fact is there aren't enough quality resources to be picked from GC/Citizen pool. That is the reason companies are willing to deal with complex immigration laws for hiring a non-immigrant worker....

    I agree with you. If the employee is good, most companies (my workplace included) sponsor H-1B visa to get the resource. However, in the current market environment, the available supply of resources outnumbers the job demand.

    So many people on H-1B/EAD/GC are looking for job. On the other hand, companies are under tremendous pressure to reduce the cost. Its common to see forced unpaid leave (furlough) for employees.

    The current recession is far worse than 2001-2002 recession, in my opinion.


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  • amitjoey
    07-11 12:33 PM

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  • gc_buddy
    10-28 08:14 PM
    Dear Members,

    This issue will hit everyone sooner or later especially in rough economic times that we currently have. Even if you do not plan to use AC21, due to current economic down turn..One might be forced to use AC21..

    Let us start this campaign. Please DO send letters. As we also have IV support now, let us get a resolution for this issue with the help of IV leader ship..

    This will help people who are already affected due to these denials and aviod denials for other people going forward.. Printing and mailing the letter will take only 10-15 mins of your time..This campaign will be a sucess only with support from every one.

    Let us send the letters to USCIS...

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  • sampath
    04-17 06:09 PM
    That closes the chapter on it.


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  • factoryman
    05-16 06:14 PM
    after filing for I-485 on Jun 1. Also filing for EAD for self and 3 family members. EB3 Nov 2001. H1B stamped in visa valid till Oct 2008.

    Do I need to wait for Receipt of Filing?

    Cancellations charges ( USD 200 per ticket - 4 tickets) and new tickets (difference of 300 per ticket - 4 tickets) will cost a lot. Anyone else in similar situations? Anyone know something? Anything?

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  • Brightsider
    10-05 09:38 PM

    So guys from TSC keep trying and hope to get this Ms Beck...you can alway ask the person's batch number and name and don't waste your time if you get someone else.

    All the very best and hang in there...


    Congratulations my friend!
    Admire the never-flagging spirit. Glad to know that you have made your Peace!!

    Dont hold yourself back in having the ball of a time.... you deserve it!


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  • mariner5555
    01-15 06:29 AM
    I have sent the letters today to WH and IV.
    I have also sent group emails to my batchmates from my engg college asking them to join IV. I think everyone should do that - this will help IV to Increase its Memberships.
    I had one more suggestion too - (this has recd less support in the past).
    we need to put in a statement that many legals are not buying a house because of the uncertainity in the GC process. even the congressmen will be more patient with our cause when we mention housing.

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  • gcdeal
    07-11 12:35 PM
    I have sent in a request to Rochester and Democratic Chronicle to publish the report in their News paper. I sent a brief message with a link from NY times. I hope they publish them.


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  • anura
    04-05 04:06 PM
    I am not sure what AILA is up to. One Mr. Oppenheim already told them that they can start moving EB2I dates in May because there may be unused EB1s. If I am right, that is all he is told them. AILA is just looking to make the best of the statement. What are the ways O's statements can be interpreted to make a profit out of it. There is no reason for AILA to reiterate the statement now. AFter AILS is already told everyone what O told them.

    AILA is now just attached a note to say that if you push PD too much, then you will get too much I-485s than you can handle. Looks almost like AILA is trying to advise the Visa Office. Well that is what lobbyists do.

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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 10:01 AM
    I am no Gandhi and don't want to be one. I am just a common man trying to make my ends meet. Only thing I know is that if you come before me in the line I am affected. It is not a DMV line where every one will get their License, it is a ration line where the items are limited.
    Call it selfish call it any thing else but these are the facts after being in the USA for last 12 years and two different labors.

    Think about Aman, he is still working for the benefit of EB community even though he got his greencard, I have US Masters degree but I don't support this.


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  • BharatPremi
    10-17 05:21 PM

    I need your opinion and advise on this.

    Old file - First File:
    current employer:A

    EB3-Country: India(Bharat)-RIR-PD:07/2*/2003, I-140 approved - 485/AP/EAD/G-325 A filed on 07/12/2007 - EAD received, Soon FP appointment - NO AP yet - (myself-Primary+3) filing

    New file - Second File:

    Future Employer: B
    EB2-Country: India(Bharat)-PERM: PD:06/2*/2006,I-140 approved - NO 485 is filed under this yet.
    Note: Labor for both applications has similar codes except new filing is based
    on "Seniority" and thus EB2.

    Now in light of October 2007 visa bulletin prediction given on www.murthy.com, It looks like EB2 may go ahead with comparision to EB3 ( Eb2: may stuck at January 2003 and EB3 May 2001/2) and by reading page 130 to 134 from the following link it looks like Priority date still matters even after filing 485 and your case can go on VISA HOLD SHELF if at the time of adjudication visa number is not available.



    1) Suppose my EB2 PD (I-140 approved, no 485 filed) become current prior to
    my EB3 PD (current employment- 485 is filed under this) and for some
    months if I see EB3 may not move ahead what would be the best startegy
    out of following?

    - PORT (EB2 PD: 06/2*/2006) PD to my current 485 file which is based on
    EB3 with PD 07/2*/2003. Can we PORT NEW PD to the file based on OLD
    PD? I know OLD PD can be ported to NEW PD but what about reverse

    - File another set (Myself+3) of 485 as new application under EB2 (Future
    Employer) mentioning current A# numbers.

    - File another set (Myself+3) of 485 as new application under EB2 (Future
    Employer) mentioning current A# numbers with PORTING of OLD PD (EB3
    PD 07/2*/2003).

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

    - BharatPremi

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  • BharatPremi
    09-24 03:36 PM
    "7% country speciific limit for primary applicants" and "2% country specific dependent limit" is mentioned in every bulletin published so far and so actually it is 9% limit - country specific together.

    But question is " what is the meaning of it?" and "How to read it?"

    Now the tables what are published in bulletin and we smash our heads daily on them are meant for "Visa number availability" not for "Physical Green card orderering".

    So numbers (28.6% divided by 5 per each preference-country) are meant for USCIS to process and assign visa numbers till that limit reached.

    "7% + 2%" country specific limit is meant for "Sending Greencard /Ordering Greencard".

    In simplest form, EB-I will have 8008 X 3 (Without spilied over) = 24024 applications assigned Visa number this year and out of that ( 9% X 140000 = 12600) lucky ones will get their physical green cards THIS YEAR. The rest will get their physical green cards next year though their files have been assigned numbers (Pre-adjudicated.) this year.

    Above mentioned explanation is the real meaning of this bullshit.

    calculating and interpreting 0.07 x 0.286 for particular country is a wrong concept and I know millions of us follow that in their analysis and arguments but that is completely wrong.


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  • nk2006
    11-13 12:28 PM
    If clerk is doing this as per instruction means, we are being noticed and that is precisely what we wanted anyways. I don�t think USCIS higher ups have any malicious intent. Whole issue may be due to lack of training of IOs.
    I think we are getting noticed. With Ombudsman's office also, we initially got a very generic response - but now we are getting more specific response and asking us to provide more info. With USCIS officials it might take a bit longer but we need to keep sending letters and they will realize the issue.

    They may not have any malicious intent but if this practise is not brought to their immediate attention it can become more prevalent. Rules surrounding AC21 are confusing and they never got into rule making process. By raising this current issue - we might even get lucky in convincing USCIS to speed up the rule making process of AC21.

    If you havnt yet sent letters - please do send them.

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  • truthinspector
    01-05 12:07 PM
    Hello every one,
    I am starting this thread for all of us not to just think about the GC process. If any one is residing here for 10 years without GC, think about making a law


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  • chanduv23
    10-29 11:01 AM
    First and foremost thing we have to understand is that these Memos (Yates and Aytes Memos on AC21) are not legally binding on neither USCIS, nor the IO issuing denials. They are mere "internal" USCIS guidelines that have no legal standing. There is no option available to us right now, other than requesting (pleading) with USCIS that they follow these guidelines as it's hurting the applicants and their families. And that's what we are doing now, by sending these letters to USCIS top honchos.

    I have posted a detailed blog entry on this matter


    Yes, we must all understand that AC21 is not a law. USCIS issues internal memos to adjudicate petitions based on guidelines.
    All we can do is request USCIS not to send denial notices as it creates hardships to us and our families.

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  • GT7481
    09-09 07:23 PM
    Finished calling the congressmen/congresswoman got answers ditto as prasad



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  • pmat
    11-13 09:39 AM
    Sent the 4 letters early this week.

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  • jsb
    09-17 09:27 AM
    Nothing, Zilch, Nada....My lawyer said that of the 40 applications they filed on July 2nd. they got RN for only 5 so..... Seems to be a very long wait

    It is told that most of the July 2 filings are waiting, but July 17 filings have received RN. Perhaps it all depends where USCIS folks put bundles of applications initially meant for rejection/return. I am also one of the July 2 filers still waiting

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  • letstalklc
    08-27 01:03 PM
    5000 minutes Limit, I did not know that ................... where does it say in fine print, do you have any link for same.

    Thanks a lot for alerting everyone ...........

    Click below link and look for 5.4 for the same

    06-18 10:39 AM
    Does anyone have an answer or idea as to the job title employer verification letter question ? I didn't see any response as yet so I thought I'd repost the question. So far I've only seen some suggestions on other forums that suggest filing anyways without the letter and waiting for an RFE which might then coax the employer to do the necessary then, waiting for I-140 to be approved and then filing with W-2's (or paystubs -- I don't recall) or waiting 180 days, filing without the letter, switching to a new employer after the 180 days pass and then submitting the new employer's letter.

    I think you can go ahead to the HR and just ask for a letter stating that your position xxxx is still available for you and that you are paid xxxx. If not, you may receive a RFE for the letter. I have seen some people not getting a RFE for letters if they attached most recent pay stubs showing they are paid prevailing wage.

    This is the letter I got for support of my I485:

    Please be advised that Mr. XXXXXX is currently employed by our company. He has been employed with us since XXXXX.

    His position is that of a XXXXXXXXX. His annual salary is $XXXXX per year. The position of XXXXXXXXXXXX is still available for him. We intend to continue with the permanent residency process on his behalf at this time, according to all of the terms and conditions set forth in the approved PERM application. XXXXXXX salary will be at least $XXXXX per year once the permanent residency is granted.

    Hope this helps

    06-21 12:40 PM
    Its just sad that when it comes to processing immigration applications, we are too many. But when it comes to contributions or calling senators and sending emails, WE ARE TOO FEW :confused:

    Yes it is serious.....and given how many people are raring to go.....it islikely...

    As I have said before......we r just too many!!!!

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