Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Incredible pics of Michael Jakson’s first Moonwalk emerge

Incredible pics of Michael Jakson’s first Moonwalk emergeAccording to a report accompanying the pictures, Jackson spent hours studying the ankle, heel, and toes to "glide like he was on ice" across the stage.

His friend Dr. Steven Hoefflin has revealed that the late ‘Thriller’ hitmaker had once seen some children doing an unusual "walking forward while moving backwards" dance in 1982.

He says that he even took the star to a dissection at UCLA Hospital so that he could gain some understanding about the anatomy of the feet.

"When you think of Michael Jackson, you think of the Moonwalk. That dance was Michael’s obsession and passion, we spent weeks practising in my living room," British tabloid The Sun quoted Dr. Hoefflin as saying.

Michael finally unveiled his Moonwalk dancing to hit Billie Jean at the 25th Anniversary of Motown concert in Pasadena in May 1983.

Dr. Hoefflin admitted he was "overcome with pride", saying: "Michael wanted to blow the world away with his dance. He achieved that."

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