Monday, July 11, 2011

Is this Mallika sherawat's butt?

Is this Mallika sherawat's butt?The daring Mallika Sherawat who doesn’t shy away from exposing has developed cold feet in her upcoming snake woman flick Hisss.

The actress insisted on a body double for a scene in which she sheds her skin in the forest. Her brother Vikram Lamba, when quizzed by the press on whether Mallika had backed out from doing the scene herself, denied it outright. 'Yes, we have used a body double, but it was Jennifer Lynch (the director) who took a call on the matter and decided that we should use a body double.'

Hissss is the story of a naagin with a vengeance agenda, played by Mallika. The bloody, gory film has Mallika the naagin gulping down bodies while she shape-shifts into a beautiful woman to locate her mate, who has been captured. Creating chaos in the city, the cops are bewildered with this mysterious phenomenon and Irrfan Khan, who plays the head cop must capture her before she strikes again.

But this is not a new thing. Mahesh Bhatt once spoke about her developing cold feet during the making of Murder. Did you know she used a body double even then? Now you do!

StarBoxOffice feels that the dare-bare Mallika Sherawat seems to have toned down her wild ways, which we get to hear about so much only in print. The truth is always something else. Afterall, she is still an Indian girl, no matter what she is up to in LA!

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