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Miss USA 2009 Internet Poll
Carrie Prejean in Gown Carrie Prejean in Swimsuits
And the results are in! Miss California Carrie Prejean is the winner of our online poll. She's fantastic in a gown with silver bodice and white feathered skirt. The design merged the formal and fun aspect of design and Carrie carried it well. Carrie has quite a heavy burden as her state always win in every decade. They need to win this year to perpetuate that record.
Aureana Tseu in Gown Aureana Tseu in Swimsuits
Aureana Tseu of Hawaii came in second and she looks both sexy and fierce in her lacy red gown. It helps that the slit is very generous. The poses she used at swimsuit are great and the hairdo she used highlight her rather Oriental looking face. She is a worthy Miss USA if ever she will win.
Brooke Daniels in Gown Brooke Daniels in Swimsuits
Brooke Daniels - the representative of the strongest state at Miss USA - wore a piece that could remind what Kandance Kruger used at Miss Universe 2001. It's not really identical but rather similar. It's not really spectacular but can be considered okay. The problem lies on the front view where the transparent skirt came as offkey rather than sexy. Brooke looks sexy at swimsuits but she did not really ace this segment.
Kristen Dalton in Gown Kristen Dalton in Swimsuits
Yes she hails from a family of beauty pageant contestants and she's taking a cue from the current trend. Kristen Dalton's royal blue gown somehow alludes to the fact that her state went Democrat in the last elections. She twirled the skirt as well perhaps knowing the highest scored gown at Miss Universe 2008 was twirled. The design was figure hugging and is completely elegant. Kirsten is also great at swimsuit having a great body and excuding elegant moves.
Patrice Williams in Gown Patrice Williams in Swimsuits
Patrice Williams from Colorado is ranked fifth in the online poll. Her gown performance looks like a mixed bag. Patrice is beautiful yet the color of her gown is too drab. It is important to look out for colors that would clash with Patrice's dark skin tone but this has gone too far. At swimsuit, she showed good form and moves.
Kimberly Gittings in Gown Kimberly Gittings in Swimsuits
The color of the year as fashionistas would attest is aubergine and Kimberly Gittings showed it off in her gown. The choice color is brilliant but there is a mixed emotion over the flower in her shoulders. Her survival depends on whether the judges will see this as a good complement or it brings back the whole wardrobe to 1973. Kimberly at swimsuit looks nice. She has a lithe and leggy statesque.
Laura Chukanov in Gown Laura Chukanov in Swimsuits
Laura Chukanov's gown has the same color as that of Dayana Mendoza's at Miss Universe 2008. The bodice is brilliant but it went messy in the skirt and hemline. Nevertheless she carried it well so she kind of overstepped the flaws of the gown. Laura body is well toned so her swimsuit performance should be topnotch.
Monica Mary Pietrzak in Gown Monica Mary Pietrzak in Swimsuits
Monica Mary Pietrzak took the 8th highest number of votes in our online poll. Facially, this girl is indeed beautiful but there is a great question on her gown. The design could either be brilliant thanks for the beaded bodice and generous skin shown in the upper portion, or could be a step back in time for the spray of flowers in the skirt. Monica also seems to be awkward in some of her poses such that when you look at the still pictures she appears stiff. Nevertheless, she has the right kind of legs and at the swimsuit segment it's hard to ignore her.
Maegan Elizabeth Phillips in Gown Maegan Elizabeth Phillips in Swimsuits
Maegan Elizabeth Phillips is surprisingly on the 9th list. Yeah sure she looks beautiful in some photos but at prelims she appears simply as a plain girl next door. Her silver gown is meant to be elegant but it came out as a cheap version. Adding beads or applique should alleviate the shortcomings but no, she decided to complement it with ponytails. Wearing the swimsuits, she has a body as well but it's still difficult to picture her in the top 15.
Anastagia Pierre in Gown Anastagia Pierre in Swimsuits
One can say that Anastagia Pierre's gown is a masterpiece. The color - dull gold - is unconventionally neither sharp nor bland. The floral spray is creative since it concentrates on the bodice and gracefully falls on the skirt. And yes, the skirt is sexy for having a generous slit. Anastagia also appears to have a perfect body at the swimwear segment and one can conclude that she is a top contender for Miss USA 2009 crown.
Kristen Motil in Gown Kristen Motil in Swimsuits
The form of Kirsten Motil - 11th place in our poll but should rank higher - makes her statesque and appear taller than the rest. She should score high at swimsuits and the risk she took by wearing an all black gown paid off. Not everyone who chose black survived and Kirsten not only pulled it off but she excelled. She appeared both elegant and sexy. Hands down she should be on the top 5.
Tara Turnure in Gown Tara Turnure in Swimsuits
Tara Turnure's plain gown did appear, well, plain. The only add-on are the minute flowers on the breast area. The only saving grace perhaps is Tara carried it rather elegantly. Her swimsuit performance is mediocre.
Tracey Chang in Gown Tracey Chang in Swimsuits
Tracey Chang amazingly landed on the 13th place in the online poll. Unfortunately, not so many pagent experts would agree on this. Her gown at prelims wishes to achieve a subtle contrast. Notice that the bodice is rough while the skirt is smooth. Her gown scores well only in its innovative aspect. For her efforst during the swimwear segment, Tracey should be commended. She appears though as petite but remember height does not translate into an advantage at Miss USA.
Lacey Minchew in Gown Lacey Minchew in Swimsuits
Miss Louisiana USA Lacey Minchew's gown can be considered as a mismatch. The gold and silver ensemble has a problem on the add-on train. It could be better without it. Lacey's chances was severely diminished by this disastrous choice of gown. She could however be saved by her swimsuit performance where she appears fierce. She is number 14 in the online poll but there is a great doubt whether she is in this position at the prelim results.
Stephanie Smith in Gown Stephanie Smith in Swimsuits
The last delegate in our online poll is Stephanie Smith of South Carolina. She exudes the southern beauty but she looks more measured than fresh or exuberant. There is nothing spectacular in her gown at swimsuits she looks restraint.

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