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In the midst of his efforts to terms publicly with KH Zainuddin MZ famous preacher who until now have not materialized, singer Aida Zaskia (25) actually faced with new problems. But the problem now has nothing to do with Zainuddin.

Four photographs showing Aida bathing circulating on the internet. The first picture, looks Aida was taking off clothes pink. The second photo, it looks like Aida will open her bra. Photograph taken from behind.

The third photo, it appears Aida was soaking her with water. Aida left hand looks wiped the wet hair. Photos taken from the front so that the apparent face Aida.

The fourth photo, visible body of Aida from behind wearing only a black bra and black panties too short. Photos taken from a distance so that distance curves show Aida.

It is not known when and where the photos were taken Aida. But allegations emerged, photos Aida shower scene was a piece of his first film, Pelukan Janda Hantu Gerandong.

When asked about the circulation of a photograph, Aida did not know. Singer from Bogor, West Java, was surprised when he heard his shower scene photographs were widely circulated. "It was just a movie scene. I do not know," Aida said when contacted by reporters by telephone on Wednesday (5 / 1).

He was surprised because the photos are wearing only a bathrobe bra and black panties who is a cut scene of the movie was actually deployed. "Why suddenly gets out into cyberspace so?" Rooster said the singer was. Aida was disappointed when he heard the news photographs syurnya it spread.

"I do not know if anyone steals. The photographs must have been taken while filming scenes (shower)," Aida said, justifying, when he was jumped disrobe when told to take a shower. "The story was going to bathe it. Period yes, I take a shower wearing a nightgown," he continued.

He stated, when will filming the scene, he should dress who was in the shower. "But I'm not vulgar. I'm still wearing underwear and shorts miniset," he said.

Once you know the photos were circulating bath scene, Aida did not know what will take action. Aida is still in shock because not think there are people who take advantage of meddling in the film's scenes. "I want to ask first to the management company that set my work schedule and the PH (production house) which makes the movie," she said.

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