Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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  • EADchallenged
    04-26 02:35 AM
    any one!

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  • dollar500
    12-20 09:08 AM
    But there are several buts...

    1. It depends on city and state regulations. In fact my city offers unemployment benefits to even visa holders. (although technically that's not possible)

    2. I have heard that it's considered a negative on your H1b application as you have been a liability to the country. Although I am not sure about this clause.

    Hope this helps

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  • WillIBLucky
    05-30 09:18 AM
    IV core has done everything like a mom does...does not expect anything in return and service all the members for the cause. Many members love to hate them and love to love them.....but they have taken it into their stide and still work for us and help understand our problems.

    This will be minimum what we can do.....a Thank you.....and members will be really making everyone happy if they contribute for the cause as well......

    Thanks IV core, assuring we will work with you guys and achive the goals....we will TRY.....that is as much we all can do.....someone said....Try you WILL make it......do not promise, you may fail.....

    I really wished this was my 200th post....but well after this THANK YOU.....I am going to enter the 200th post. :)


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  • Struggle
    07-14 12:41 AM
    Please digg this article on businessweek,


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  • devamanohar
    07-11 09:13 PM
    It will be also good idea to send flowers to White House.

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  • abracadabra
    07-11 10:29 AM
    I totally agree with idea of sending flowers to white house. I meeting couple of florists in this area to know if they can send us flowers for a cheaper rate. If immigrationvoice gives me permission I can coordinate sending flowers from local store in DC
    If team leaders agree I can order all the flowers and will fax the bill and later they can reimburse me. If the quantities are large then we can get the discount from local merchants


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  • va_labor2002
    11-01 12:22 PM
    Text of the letter needs to be EB focused for sure. We can use the sample to help write the letter. Please note that letters written by companies carry much more weight than individuals.
    So please get the free subscription email and get signed letters out ASAP.

    IV should draft a letter for webfaxing. Act Now. What is our action PLAN ?

    Core Team, please update your comments !

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  • crystal
    08-10 04:37 PM
    Did you ask them the copy of the policy ?.
    Generally they will provide. Atleast that will clear few things I guess.

    And did u talk to another school advosir and explain the situation and take their guidence to know any such rule exists?


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  • eb3_nepa
    12-20 02:54 PM
    now before we go about blasting the Indian authoriities we need to consider WHY the French person infact WAS granted the 2 day transit visa. Maybe he had legitimate papers of SOME kind atleast.

    In my opinion the authorities acted correctly. How could the family forget ALL their documentation for their kids? Granted that the authorities could have been more lenient but that being said the family was DEFINITELY at fault here BIG TIME!

    If you come to the US minus ur Green card will they allow you back in?

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  • whiteStallion
    09-23 04:53 PM
    Of course there will be movement of 10-15 months for EB3 and 4 months for EB2. However, it will be a backward movement.

    I do not agree to that...
    I predict 9 months for EB3 & 3.5 months for EB2...
    Just kidding :p


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  • CADude
    10-12 07:09 PM
    Please send details with scaned delivery proof to Email: "PublicAffairs, CISOmbudsman" <CISOmbudsman.Publicaffairs@dhs.gov>. This will help him to go to bottom of issue. Step has to be taken to avoid this in future. my 2 cents..

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  • cs.0
    08-16 11:34 AM
    I stayed in X state for more then 1.5 years and, for training i came to y state so i was paying tax for X state. Now, i updated to x state address in AR11 form when I returned back to X state . It is fine ?:o......


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  • WeldonSprings
    11-10 05:22 PM
    I always thought that Quarterly spillover will happen after the last month of the quarter. By that I mean if there are unused visas from Oct. 2009- Dec. 2009, then that should be evident in Feb. 2010 bulletin, because only on Dec. 31 they will come to know how many were unused and by Jan. 09, 2010, when they come up with the Feb. 2010 bulletin, then the quarterly spillover number will move the dates forward. My 2 cents...

    so it is confirmed, DOS\USCIS have not done quarterly spillover.

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  • nixstor
    09-18 03:08 PM
    we should also tell them not to bring those horse shit bills before 5882 markup which eats up all time and we are left with nothing.

    Please stick to the agenda. Pointing out such issues will do no good and can be misconstrued as taunting/sarcasm. No need for any negativity.


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  • Sakthisagar
    05-11 11:03 AM
    Hey it has nothing to do with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India or anyother country. The person who would do this would be employed by DOS/US Consulate in Mumbai.

    Hey, I said particularly "Not in Public" so you should understand what I meant... there is no rule like it is appointed by the ministry.. In India everyone opts for their relatives and cousins usually under secreatary of Ministry of Forgein affairs.. recommends this persons who is employed in consulate.. (but not official) this is all understanding.. I have experienced so you might be ignorant of the truth..:)

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  • GC08
    10-15 06:33 PM
    July 2 filers: USCIS in their latest FAQ (latest on Oct 12) says the following:

    Q : How do I find out if my application is a part of the receipting delay?

    USCIS has developed a web page at http://www.uscis.gov/receiptingtimes specifically to address any receipt delay concerns. This page provides general information about your application type. In addition, USCIS representatives are available at the National Customer Service Center (1-800-375-5283) to assist callers with general information about the process

    But nobody specifically addresses the issue that their weekly reports are not correct (proof: so many July 2 filers are still waiting !!!)

    What should be the strategy to address this issue? Just wait and wait?

    You expect anything accurate from them? You expect too much. :D Who knows what's going on when the information was published?! :confused:


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  • MDix
    02-22 03:57 PM
    If PERM is under process (or Audit) then chances are more that PERM will not fall into 2010.As I-140 and i-485 will take more than six months.

    Hi Friends

    This list is not containing the records whose PERM filed but not yet went through decision state i.e. still under processing.

    for example:
    if any person filed on 2006 and went for audit, then this record is not existing in this data.
    So, its not clear how many PERMs filed on this year
    So, this will make our life difficult to do calculations for PREDICTIONS


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  • ramus
    05-29 08:10 PM
    Please check your PM..

    I am not sure ,are we going to achieve IV goals or not . No one can predict future...
    But I salute IV core team for initiating such group, making our voice heard and keeping up the group active without much support from group members.

    folks who are questioning IV team ...stop criticizing . Please take this moment to say "Thanks to core team " they deserve it!!!!!!

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  • gc28262
    09-19 01:31 PM
    Called again

    11-10 10:38 PM
    Who is going to be effected? I read some posting and I think it prohibits from any new hiring some one on h1 on and after feb, 2009 and before feb 2011. I have been employed by my company from path 5 years. I currently have both EAD and H1B VISA. How it is going to effect me?

    "affected" not "effected"

    There are more than one mistake in what I wrote. I am not trying to proving my writing skill any body. This is just a forum. U can laugh with people. Not laugh at people. It is time to grow up. If you loose your character u loose every thing. I do not need to defent myself.

    defend not defent

    You made my day!!
    j/k... Take it easy :cool:

    07-12 05:14 PM
    There will be a "U" turn , all will be "C"

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