Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bala's Avan ivan Tamil movie Review story

Kumbiduren Saamy (Arya) and Walter (Vishal) are brothers, who are born to same father (Ananth Vaidyanathan) but different mothers. Walter lives with his mother Meri (Ambika). While Walter is an aspiring drama artiste, Saamy does his father's job (a petty thief)

Jameen (G M Kumar), is a man of honour and dignity in the village. He had lost all his wealth but commands respect from everyone. He is close to Walter and Saamy.

Jameen comes across a dreaded man (RK) involved in an illegal business of sending cattle for slaughter to Kerala from the Tamilnadu border. Jameen catches him red-handed and ensures that he goes to prison. The baddie vows to kill Jameen on his return from jail and does so. Walter and Saamy resolve to settle scores and how they achieve their mission, is the climax.

It's Vishal all the way. He is outstanding as a squint-eyed youth. Bala has discovered a new Vishal. Arya is equally impressive. There is Suriya's cameo for commercial value. RK as a wicked man, suits the character well. G M Kumar is the scene-stealer. He is right there, giving the film the required pep.

Watch out, its no normal Bala film. It has its own commercial cliches. Shrewd narration is the hallmark. Arthur A Wilson's camera, editing by Suresh Urs and S Ramakrishnan's are the life and blood of the movie.

Yuvan Shankar Raja's songs add strength. So does his background score. Though not a typical Bala film,

Avan Ivan' is watchable and entertainer.....

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