Sunday, June 26, 2011

facial beauty analysis

This is me:

A tip of the cap to Network user jv1111 for Shouting a link to which takes a photo of you, adds some dots to it along with a little math they are calling their "Facial Beauty Analysis Score" and presto: A your sexy number from 1 to 10!
Thats all fun, but here's the take away from all of this: According to, and their Facial Beauty Analysis Score, I'm hotter than Brad Pit but not quite as hot as Bono. know what?! Shut up!  Its math.  You can't debate math.
Here's Mr. Pitt's score:

7.47.  Not bad for someone who's parents were clearly cousins.  Here's Bono:

So there you go, I'm right in between Brad Pitt and Bono in the category of raw, smoldering sexuality.  Click through the jump to see some other celebs I put through the wringer, and find out who were crowned the Ugliest and the Hottest!
This post is getting a little too dude-oriented, so lets do some girls!
Here's Sandra Bernhardt:

...and here is one of my favorites, Kristen Bell:

Oh and we should mention that Michael Jackson, did surprisingly well:

Ok, that was fun, but out of the too many to name because I did it while at work, we scanned, who were the ugliest and hottest we could find?
No surprise here, poor Abe Vigoda comes in dead last with a 6.64:

At least he's still alive...hanging out with Patrick Swayze I assume.
As for the hottest celeb?  Well, this one was no surprise to Chris and I...Megan Fox with a 9.01:

Don't be a wuss and tell us your score in the comments!

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