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  • amitjoey
    06-04 04:43 PM
    Cant forget the Sep 2007 rally. I made some friends there and got my GC 3 months later.
    Who's collecting monetary donations for the effort? I'll chip in to say thank you to IV once again.

    Thank you for visiting IV.
    There is a thread for the funding drive.
    Please post after you have donated money for this effort. We are keeping a running total of the funds.
    We also have an ongoing action item to contact lawmakers and media thru emails and printed letters. Please click on - Advocacy -- Legislative Action Center (
    It is user friendly and you can send emails in couple clicks.

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  • Student with no hopes
    12-21 08:41 AM
    Mike Burrows, who has been in the United States legally since 1962, could be detained by immigration officials at any moment. The 51-year-old, who lives in Los Angeles, was ordered for deportation in 2003, making him one of many immigrants to enter a pathway of rigidly-structured immigration laws and processes that can force deportation for even longtime lawful immigrants.

    As the Obama administration steps up immigration enforcement, immigrant rights groups say situations like Burrows' are far from rare. Unlike in criminal convictions, non-citizens facing immigration charges have no right to an attorney and can face double jeopardy. A person born in the United States convicted of a minor crime often pays a fine or performs community service. For those born elsewhere, the same offense can lead to a life turned upside down.

    "I don't think there's this guy in Washington who is picking on me, but this is how the machine works," Burrows told HuffPost. "This is the way the machine would treat -- and does treat -- anybody in my situation."

    Burrows said his path toward potential deportation began in 1978, when he was charged as an 18-year-old with a misdemeanor after police found a stolen eight-track in his car. A friend had stolen it, but "in a misguided act of loyalty" Burrows took the fall. He was given probation and a 365-day suspended sentence. Burrows completed his probation and never served time in jail.

    Burrows had the misdemeanor expunged in 1983 and thought he was done with the incident. But in 1988, the Anti-Drug Abuse Act created a new classification for crimes of non-citizens, called "aggravated felonies." The term is somewhat of a misnomer: the crimes do not necessarily involve violence, nor are they necessarily felonies. They include a far broader range of crimes, ranging from certain theft offenses to rape and murder.

    Burrows' 1978 misdemeanor would fit into the guidelines for aggravated felony, had it happened after 1988. Because he was given a 365-day suspended sentence, the misdemeanor would be considered an aggravated felony under the 1988 law.

    The government does not release data about who it has deported on aggravated felony grounds, but the charges were used in at least 156,713 cases, some involving legal permanent residents, between 1997 and 2006, according to data obtained by Syracuse University's Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse.
    Story continues below

    In 2001, Burrows discovered that he was in deportation proceedings. He said ICE claimed to have sent him a final order of removal, but said he never received it, making it impossible for him to meet a 30-day deadline to appeal the order.

    When he finally went before an immigration judge to appeal his case, Burrows said the judge seemed uninterested in the details of his case, instead focusing on the fact that he had missed the previous deadline. Burrows was given a final order of deportation in 2003.

    Burrows said the deportation ruling is based on his 1978 misdemeanor conviction and that an immigration judge told him one way to avoid deportation would be to get one day of his 365-day suspension dropped, making it too short to be classified an aggravated felony. Burrows also has three other misdemeanor convictions from between 1998 and 2001, but said none qualify as aggravated felonies. One, which he explains on his blog, was for violating a restraining order filed against him by his then-wife while they were moving toward divorce. (He said he called the woman's mother and left a message on her answering machine.) In 1998, Burrows was arrested for driving under the influence, a misdemeanor, and in 2001 he received a misdemeanor for failing to pay a fine for a vehicle operation violation.

    Burrows declined to sign a waiver allowing ICE to discuss the specifics of his case publicly, but the agency defended its actions in a statement. "Ultimately, it is up to the U.S. courts to weigh the facts in these cases and determine whether an alien has a legal basis to remain in the United States. ICE is then responsible for carrying out the courts' decisions."

    Since 2001, Burrows has been fighting his deportation charge, appealing multiple times to no avail. His most recent petition to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to consider his case was dismissed in October.

    Now, Burrows said he feels "depleted financially, mentally and spiritually." There are only a few options: ICE could put off his deportation and allow him to stay in the United States indefinitely, although they could detain him for deportation at any time. Immigration reform -- unlikely in the next two years with little Republican support -- could change laws that would classify Burrows' convictions as non-deportable.

    His best chance to stay in the United States could be receiving a pardon from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R). Although he has not yet applied, Burrows has a petition from with about 850 signatures aimed at persuading the governor. He plans to file an application with the governor once 1,000 people have joined the petition. Schwarzenegger has issued pardons in six cases since becoming governor in his seven years in office, but none have been for immigrants facing deportation.

    There is some precedent for pardons for legal immigrants, like Burrows, who are facing deportation for criminal convictions. In New York, Gov. David Paterson (D) announced in March that he will issue pardons on a case-by-case basis for legal permanent residents who had served time for their crimes and could demonstrate they are not a danger to society. Paterson has since stopped deportation for six people.

    A spokeswoman for Schwarzenegger told HuffPost the governor "seriously considers each request on its own merit," but has no time frame for making a decision on pardon requests.

    Burrows said he is starting to lose hope that he will be allowed to stay in the United States, where his children, mother and girlfriend -- all U.S. citizens -- live. He said he always felt American and would never consider moving back to his native Canada.

    "I'm sitting here peeking out my window waiting for them to roll up like I'm a bank robber or something," Burrows told HuffPost. "It's not a very settling way to live. I'm getting to the point where I don't think I'm ever going to get due process."

    Deportation Looms For 50-Year Legal Resident (

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  • gcForV
    07-16 09:30 PM
    In this thread we will just mention anti social elements of the group. After sometime , I will create another thread and will post these anti social elements up there to be voted to be banned, by other members.

    These people have not only being disrespetful but also outright detrimental to our cause.

    We already have enough problem and we don't need these people.

    On this thread no other explanation is needed, just mention their username.
    Please ban singhsa3.
    Just kidding dont ban him. I dont think this is a very good idea.Is there an end to ban this user kind of discussion?If people dont like a persons post they would definitely try to back list soem users. We will loose freedom of speech.
    Buddy there is an option on right handside of the post where you can update admins about a bad post/reputation of user

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  • dsneyog
    02-07 10:59 AM
    I will definitely look into that. I am sure they employ more than 50 with 2 locations within 75 miles.Does your employer employ more than 50 employees within a 75 mile radius. If yes file/extend your FMLA.

    That way they can hire a temp till you get back but cannot term your employment.


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  • ndbhatt
    05-01 11:11 AM

    ImmInfo Newsletter: An H1B who works at a job site for which there is not a valid LCA violates his or her status. (

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  • english_august
    08-16 11:07 PM
    8 replies and no way to keep the thread up
    is it really true that we as a community only care about notices and receipts and only fight about PD/RD and ND? those seem to be the overwhelming majority of active threads....

    we may win the battle and all hold receipts soon, then lose the war as we settle in to wait 10 agonizing years for a gc. please think about it, long and hard.


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  • Be_Pragmatic
    07-26 07:27 PM
    Congratulations.....I'm in a similar boat. My parent's visa was rejected twice (last year and this year) at Mumbai. Did you go through any consultant this time? I'm planning to send my parents again but before they are planning to go for a foreign tour.

    Hello All:

    My Parents Visa got rejected twice since both me and my bro' live here in the US and hence no strong ties... THe third time, they went that is in a period of 1 year, I sent them one after the other with a 2 weeks gap and guess what they got the Visa.

    Hope it helps

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  • cal97
    09-12 02:11 PM
    I am not a lawyer but based on my understanding I think you should gor for PD porting.

    In my situation my original company who filed for my EB3 got bought over by my current company. Since the entities are different I could file for an EB2 again.

    Since my EB3 I-140 is not approved as yet (waiting for more than a year) I am not able to file for PD porting.

    Just giving you an example of my situation. PLease draw parallels to your situation and make a decision.

    Hope this helps. My signature will tell you all about my PD's etc.

    Hi Fellow Friends,
    Following are case status
    PD Oct 2002
    EB3 India
    I140 AD Oct 2004
    I485 ND Oct 2004
    Working on 5th EAD.
    Thanks for the info. Based on my case status and my PD would you say this portability as a good option or just wait and watch.
    Please Advice
    Thanks Again


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  • chanduv23
    01-26 10:23 AM
    Thats why Bill Gates et all want more H1B quota...they want to increase H1B supply (they actually dont want GC relief) so that they can get top talent at low rate in US. with
    the quota back at 65K, things improved a bit in some ways. Thats why
    I am afraid of all these SKIL bill etc. At the last moment they might just pass
    H1B increase with no green card relief making things horrible (it happened
    in 2004 end)

    I worked in India till 2005 end and have friends in Microsft India , Yahoo India, HP India etc and outsourcing is not that feasible for big dev work.
    Outsourcing works fine for support , bug fixing and maintainence.

    Thats right. Only tier2 BPO or tier 3 BPO is doing OK, that too with tons of issues.

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  • GiveMeReds
    11-20 04:38 PM
    When we work, we lose a lot of essential things in life because of craziness in work life.

    Best things to do in a break

    (1) Eat good healthy food
    (2) Spend quality time with family and friends
    (3) Improve health, lifestyle - learn stress free living, no feel bad or tensions - exercise, sleep, yoga etc..
    (4) Go for cruises , camping, long drives etc..
    (5) Do social service
    (6) Play games, watch movies, browse internet
    (7) Have a positive outlook - look at career life in a different way - look at how people became big - offcourse not by hanging on to job by hard work or other methods or constantly wanting to be on job - but by innovation and thinking out of the box
    (8) Improve your networks, build broken bonds, catch up with all those good people

    Eventually - when the time comes - u will find yourself back in a promising job :)

    After 2-3 days, he will forget all of above and start watching porn


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  • 11-27 09:30 AM

    So since this battle is finished and all, and because I.. I mean it rocked bigtime!
    Will we get up on the header thingy, like this now??

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  • devang77
    04-27 02:48 PM
    This has got to be (by far) the most humorous post I have seen here. Kudos to pani for coming up with this concept. Its about time some we saw some posts in a lighter vein. Thanks


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  • GCwaitforever
    10-10 09:53 AM
    My wife had offers from other states. But we chose to live together and pursue opportunities later. It all comes down to personal choice.

    If you are flying that frequently, consider donating some of those miles to IV. Core team members could use them for the trips to DC.

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  • chanduv23
    09-16 12:27 PM
    Everyone who can make it today - please make it to the situation room

    Yes IV needs you all - IV needs your help and support


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  • dskhabra
    12-25 10:35 PM
    It's good to extend H1. On the other side, my wife got visa for her parents on EAD. So that's not a concern.

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  • ivgclive
    04-27 05:37 PM
    Ok had to do some research for you guys, please note that the police will not sit and try to understand H,J or B or K visas (even i had the same question of pending H1 extensions)

    The cops will be calling ICE to determine the validity in case they have a doubt.
    SB1070 - 492R - Senate Fact Sheet (

    I think there should be a better way of doing this, like getting a ID card from the state so that the cops can easily check if we have a valid state ID card in lieu of carrying documents.......

    Reg the stats, I may be wrong but have heard it somewhere in CNN etc....but lots of crimes are committed in CA, AZ and TX bcos of illegal drug lords and gangs.....

    I am neither a white not a Fox guy......but do watch CNN and Fox as well.

    Appreciate if you can be more courteous when you respond !!

    Every day we talk about laws in IV forum,
    why should IV support the case of illegals?, neither should you !!!

    Drug flow must be stopped. No question on that.

    If the law states that a valid driver license is a OK form of status (which is already in place all over the country), then we are fine.

    But either provide papers from USCIS,DHS,DOS on the spot or go to jail/deportation, is unacceptable (well, thats not what the law directly says, but it sounds indirectly).


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  • TomTancredo
    11-26 04:23 PM
    I think you can try the civil marriage in the court in presence of judge. My sister and brother in law took this route for marriage certificate. Both of them are on H1B and dint need to get a marriage certificate for VISA. They needed this for AOS applications .. I think judge issued marriage certificate can have L.N of her choice ...:)

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  • chanduv23
    06-19 01:33 PM
    No immig. docs. for medical.

    Only one or two photo IDs. Preferably, passports an DLs. I think they enter PP # on I-693. That is what link's you ( or is it SSN or ITIN).

    Note: Remember to put ITIN (IRS issued Income Tax Identification Number), on dependent's SSN field.

    For me they took my SSN in the sign in form, though they glanced at my DL never even took my DL info. Guess, just name suffices.

    I think this question is for lawyers? Can aany lawyer respond to this?

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  • GCHope2011
    07-03 10:53 AM
    Refreshing to see no generalizations or wild rhetoric. The historical perspective about the locals fearing "Germanization" seems to be similar to some of the propaganda today about today's immigrants.

    But one thing that everyone seems to be putting in the same bracket is the difference between legal and illegal immigration. My view is that when you disrespect one law and get away with it, what prevents you from really violating other laws? (

    By Jeb Bush and Robert D. Putnam
    Saturday, July 3, 2010
    On our national birthday, and amid an angry debate about immigration, Americans should reflect on the lessons of our shared immigrant past. We must recall that the challenges facing our nation today were felt as far back as the Founders' time. Immigrant assimilation has always been slow and contentious, with progress measured not in years but in decades. Yet there are steps communities and government should take to form a more cohesive, successful union.
    Consider what one leader wrote in 1753: "Few of their children in the country learn English. The signs in our streets have inscriptions in both languages. . . . Unless the stream of their importation could be turned . . . they will soon so outnumber us that we will not preserve our language, and even our government will become precarious." Thus Ben Franklin referred to German Americans, still the largest ethnic group in America ( A century later, Midwestern cities such as Cincinnati and St. Louis were mostly German-speaking. So worried were their native-born neighbors that Iowa outlawed speaking German in public and even in private conversation.
    Proponents and opponents of immigration agree on one thing: Learning English is crucial to success and assimilation. Yet learning a language as an adult is hard, so first-generation immigrants often use their native tongue. Historically, English has dominated by the second or third generation in all immigrant groups. Most recent immigrants recognize that they need to learn English, and about 90 percent of the second generation speak English (, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. Research by sociologists Claude Fischer and Michael Hout published in 2008 suggests that English acquisition among immigrants today is faster than in previous waves.
    Residential integration of immigrants is even more gradual. Half a century ago, sociologist Stanley Lieberson showed that most immigrants lived in segregated enclaves, "Little Italy" or "Chinatown," for several generations. This segregation reflected discrimination by natives and the natural desire of "strangers in a strange land" to live among familiar faces with familiar customs. Only with suburbanization, encouraged by government policy in the 1950s and 1960s, did the children and grandchildren of the immigrants of the 1890s and 1900s exit those enclaves. That many of today's immigrants live in ethnic enclaves is thus entirely normal and reflects no ominous aim to separate themselves from the wider American community

    Immigrant intermarriage, then and now, also demonstrates steady progress over generations. In the 1960s, more than half a century after Italian immigration peaked, about 40 percent of second-generation Italians married non-Italians. This pattern characterizes today's immigrants: 39 percent of U.S.-born Latinos marry non-Latinos, according to the Pew Research Center. ( among second-generation Asian Americans is even more common. Today's immigrants are, on average, assimilating socially even more rapidly than earlier waves.
    One important difference, however, that separates immigration then and now: We native-born Americans are doing less than our great-grandparents did to welcome immigrants.
    A century ago, religious, civic and business groups and government provided classes in English and citizenship. Historian Thomas P. Vadasz found that in Bethlehem, Pa., a thriving town of about 20,000, roughly two-thirds of whom were immigrants, the biggest employer, Bethlehem Steel, and the local YMCA offered free English instruction to thousands of immigrants in the early 20th century, even paying them to take classes. Today, immigrants face long waiting lists for English classes, even ones they pay for.
    Why is this important? A legal immigration system is the not-so-secret edge in a competitive, interconnected world economy. Immigrants enhance our ability to grow and prosper in the dynamic global marketplace. We will need every possible advantage to expand our economy amid its fiscal challenges. Moreover, the aging of our population places a premium on young, productive workers, many of whom must come from immigration.
    To improve their integration into our American community, we should:
    -- Provide low-cost English classes, in cooperation with local civic and religious groups, where immigrants build personal ties with co-ethnics and native-born Americans. These connections foster assimilation and help newcomers navigate our complex institutions.
    -- Invest in public education, including civics education and higher education. During the first half of the 20th century, schools were critical to preparing children of immigrants for success and fostering a shared national identity.
    -- Assist communities experiencing rapid increases in immigration, which is traumatic for those arriving here and for receiving communities. Schools and hospitals bear disproportionate costs of immigration, while the economic and fiscal benefits from immigration accrue nationally.
    Assimilation does not mean immigrants shed ethnic identities. Our national experience with hyphenated identities shows that good Americans can retain a strong sense of ethnic identity.
    We've lived our national motto, "E Pluribus Unum" ("Out of Many, One"), better than any other country. But we ought not to airbrush our ancestors' difficulties in assimilation, nor fail to match our forebears' efforts to help integrate immigrants. Government, churches, libraries, civic organizations and businesses must cooperate to address this challenge, as they did a century ago.

    Jeb Bush was governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007. Robert D. Putnam is the Malkin professor of public policy at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

    12-28 07:52 PM
    I see the point of renewal of H1B for safety to work but somewhere in some forums i had read that your existing H1B may also get effected if your 485 is denied. it depends on how the IO interprets your 485 denial.

    I am not sure , but if it is true then extending H1B maybe totally useless, rather a negative because you ended up using all your 6 years on h1 and have no way to apply for a fresh one which you would have had the opportunity otherwise too if you were on EAD before finishing 6 years on H1b..

    07-15 10:44 PM
    I think those active protestants on sun-sentinel Forum need to "Get Well Soon". Thanks again to all the members on the immigration who chipped in to salvage the H1 community on sun-sentinel forum and tried there best to bring into light the side of legal immigrants.

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