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sagamore hotel miami

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  • vgweb
    09-08 06:42 PM
    Thanks iad2ead & sagar_nyc

    Without going CP,
    Assuming my PD (Oct 2004) will not be current in next one year ,Can i work for Employer Y while i'm in India for one year and then comeback to US and work for employer X on H1B and continue with GC processing?

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  • Rockford
    08-22 04:51 PM
    Hi, I recently filed my I-485 using my pre-approved Eb3 I-140 (PD:May 2004). Around a month back, I applied a new EB2 I140 and that got approved today so I have ported my PDs to this new EB2 I-140. Now, I am planning to file an amendment to replace the EB3 I-140 with EB2 I-140 attached with my I-485. Some people call this process as interfiling too. Can somebody please let me know if he/she has done it before and how long does it take to get affected?

    Did you recapture the PD of your previous EB3 when filing EB2 140 ?
    I have been reading documentation around interfiling. It allows interfiling between categories (EB3 --> eB2 , EB --> Family based) but was not clear around priority dates. Can you keep the EB3 PD but use EB2 when interfile ?

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  • conundrum
    02-06 11:57 AM
    My wife is yet to get her 485 approved. After repeated inquiries and infopass we are back to sq one. Requested help from Senator, and last week got a letter from his office saying that the case is being review by the "485 manager" !! Didnt know there was something like that. Anyways the wait still continues....:confused:

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  • bkarnik
    09-06 12:31 AM
    I recommend contacting the VFS customer care. They are generally very helpful about these issues. As for the date availability, I just checked the VFS website (answered NO to the "Are you applying..."). It is showing pretty much the entire month of September open for Mumbai and Delhi.

    I recently (August 21) got my H1B renewal visa stamp. I started looking for dates in August during the month of June for Mumbai post. Since I kept getting no date available, I called up VFS and was advised to keep checking. The month of August was opened in July. Apparently, it is the Consulate policy to open dates about a month ahead. So, if you wanted a date around say October 20th, the dates would become available sometime around mid-September.

    Hope this helps.



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  • webm
    06-02 03:23 PM
    I already called few times they respond with same mixed theory that current processing dates is outside of your case sometimes they say RD (received date) and sometimes they say the day which my 485 data was keyed into their system (ie Aug,2007) at the end nothing concrete..

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  • guesswho
    03-02 11:11 PM
    Is it at NSC?

    Anyone who applied at NSC in late Jan period got approvals for AP and EAD yet?

    It's more than 65 days now and am still waiting for the AP.


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  • GC_1000Watt
    12-21 04:57 PM
    @ dream act..... there was no country limit on 6 million illegals who were to get benefit from dream act.....

    @ cir.... in 2006, 2007, 2010 cir bills, there was no country limit on 12 million illegals who could get benefit from cir.....

    @ eb backlog of 0.5 million LEGAL immigrants..... lets make sure those country limits r in place..... otherwise how else r we going to promote diversity on this planet?

    rules, restrictions, limits, ceilings etc all apply on LEGAL high skilled immigrants....... none of these limits apply on illegals, either before immigration bill is passed....... or in any immigration bill that come up for consideration....... this is BULL SHIT

    Very nicely put!

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  • jonty_11
    06-19 12:48 PM
    OK...for main applicant....if there is no A# on approved I-140 then should we leave it blank or use I-94 #?


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  • sargon
    03-23 09:55 PM
    Yes. Lets start counting. I am Indian.

    Kill people for "committing" the crime of being Jews - Germans 1, Indians 0. Kill people of being communists - Germans 2, Indians 0. Kill people for being Romas - Germans 3, Indians 0. Kill people for being Slavs - Germans 4, Indians 0... Oooh. Looks like Germans have already won the contest here. I resign.

    Shall we start counting the heinous crimes taking place in your country of origin right now at this very minute? Keep a check on your tongue/keyboard before spilling rubbish all over.

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  • MYGC2008
    01-18 12:58 PM
    I think you you should not have any issues. Since you have already used AC21 to move to company B.

    This is just my opinion.


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  • WaldenPond
    08-17 01:55 PM
    Apologies for the delay in posting conference call information.

    The call in numbers are available at the yahoo group:


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  • needhelp!
    09-08 12:18 PM
    scrapped probably 200+
    Who else is with me??


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  • hariswaminathan
    11-20 04:40 PM
    Be very careful
    If you apply for AP and then leave the country the application is deemed as abandoned. I am not sure if you can reenter the country using the AP that was approved (even if is and is mailed by your attorney to India) when your documents will show you left the US before your AP was approved. So make sure you are covered legally before you make the decision of going to india and getting stuck there with no recourse
    - good luck

    I am currently on H1-B status (never used my valid EAD). Therefore I have the option to leave on my valid H1-B handing in my I-94 and return on whichever option i chose to enter (either AP or H1-B) without invalidating my I-485 Process or abandoning it.

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  • dreamgc_real
    04-27 09:43 AM
    Stewart Hammers Arizona Lawmakers For Immigration Bill (VIDEO) (

    They are looking for suspicious people working in the yards and burping the white kids


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  • Escape_Velocity
    04-04 12:44 PM
    Thanks a lot. Your response is really appreciated.

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  • gcfriend65
    10-08 12:26 PM
    Gurus, Pls help!
    Due to a sudden demise of my wife's grandmother, my wife had to go to India last week. She is planning to come back by Nov. 15. I received the receipt notices for my wife's I-485, I-131 and I-765. My question is if the fingerprinting notice comes before she arrives and also if it is scheduled prior to her arrival date on Nov. 15; what are the options of rescheduling and can we get the date of our choice after Nov. 15. Also, I would be extremely grateful, if someone could upload a sample fingerprinting notice from USCIS. I couldn't find any where on the site.

    I-140 approved: Feb 07 (EB-2)
    I-485, I-131, I-765applied (myself and spouse): Aug. 13, 2007
    I-485, I-131, I-765 received (myself and spouse): Aug. 15, 2007
    I-485, I-131, I-765 notice (myself and spouse): Sept. 26, 2007
    Waiting for fingerprint notice.
    IV contribution: $100.


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  • seratbabu
    08-23 05:34 PM

    Can someone please tell me what I-797C means in the statement below -

    "If you have filed the I485 as a derivative alien, submit spouse's or parent's I797C for his/her I-485"

    The 485 receipt notice that I have just says I-797.


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  • peer123
    04-09 01:55 PM
    I am currently working on H1B with a consulting firm and my wife and my 5 year old son are on H4 visa and staying with me in US. I have applied for I-485 in Aug-2007 (for all 3 of us) and I got my I-140 approved in Dec-2006 through my current employer. I got EAD for my wife and myself in Oct 2007. As I have well passed 6 months limit, I am planning to change my employer. I am getting an offer for a full time position job with a new employer and my job profile is similar to what it was while I applied for Labor approval. I am planning to use EAD for new employment, as my new employer does not sponsor H1B. Here are my queries.
    1. Is it safe to start working on EAD? I can submit AC21 for change of employer.
    2. Does filing AC21 require any kind of sponsorship from my new employer? Can I do it my self without any involvement from new employer (except offer letter and pay stubs from new employer)?
    3. Do I need to hire a lawyer for filing AC21 or I can do it my own personally?
    4. Is there any time limit within that I need to submit AC21 after joining new employer?
    5. As my H1B status will go off as soon as I use EAD and my wife and son will also loose H4 status. For my wife she can be on EAD but what about my son as I think any child below 18 years cannot have EAD? On which status he will be?
    6. Although this is not an option for me right now but what if my new employer transfers my current H1B and I keep working on transferred H1B (don�t use EAD) with new employer, do I need to submit AC21 in this case also, as my old company will not entertain my I-485 processing?
    7. In case where I use H1B transfer with new employer and file AC21, same or simiar job requirements holds true?

    Thanks you all in advance for your help and time.

    I am also in same situation as you are,... still wondering but I am thinking I will make a move.

    1. Well AFAIK, many people have used EAD and personally couple of my friends have done and got it.
    2. Employer has to give letter of employment with experience and as such... more details are on other threads
    3. I personally recommend a lawyer
    4. well AC21 is very much optional, but I think its good to do it one months time frame after joining new company.
    5. Check with a lawyer, this is tricky one.
    6. AFAIK, Yes you still need to do AC21.
    7. Yes

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  • gondalguru
    07-26 06:43 PM
    Hello everyone,

    I just was about to be relieved thinking that my lawyer mailed the I-140/I-485 package yesterday. Its not over yet.. hmm.. Today I check the Express Mail USPS tracking system and it says the following

    Notice Left, July 26, 2007, 11:50 am, MESQUITE, TX 75149
    Arrival at Unit, July 26, 2007, 9:22 am, MESQUITE, TX 75149
    Enroute, July 26, 2007, 3:17 am, DALLAS, TX 75260
    Enroute, July 25, 2007, 7:42 pm, HOUSTON, TX 77205
    Acceptance, July 25, 2007, 4:15 pm, HOUSTON, TX 77074

    Why would USCIS not accept my packing by 11:50 AM on a Thursday. This is getting me worried.

    The application will surely have to be accepted tomorrow (Friday) else I will be in a big soup. Tomorrow is the last receipt date wherein you can pay the old I-140 fees. Starting Monday (30th July 07), the new fees get into effect for I-140 filing.

    Did anyone have similar experience?? Please give your feedback.

    Not sure whats going on but hopefully uscis rep will pick up all the usps mails from the postoffice in the afternoon.

    07-06 10:25 AM
    A well written piece.
    Almost everyone who comes to this country understands English and the second generation will definitely speak English too - which the authors have mentioned too.

    The only point of difference I have is with the first generation analysis -
    Yes, the first generation will always speak and is comfortable with the native language and that is true whether they speak a language that is English or any other. A British guy will always speak English but his English is always going to be slightly different than what is spoken here in the US - not sure if we should insist that they only speak the way Englsh is spoken here!! In fact, Brits are more likely to say the Americans do not speak English well than any other immigrant speaking a different language ;)

    Let the first generation be comfortable. They want their kids to do far better than themselves and do everything in their power to have the kids speak English!!

    09-17 10:28 PM
    Hi ,
    I efiled EAD on May 24th, 2010 at TSC but still have not received any approval. It's been more than 110 days now, i have opened expedite/service requests 4 times & have contacted ombudsman, congressman & senators but nothing seems to be working.
    My previous ead has already expired. I am running out of ideas please suggest what else can be done. Also wondering if anybody else was/is in a similar situation.

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