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  • serg
    04-07 12:30 AM
    There is one more way: if you in US for 5 or more years, you can re-fill your EB3 towards EB2 as having 5+ years American expirience, but huge MINUS is that you will loose your priority date :(

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  • abd
    09-12 01:29 PM
    Talking about priorities like

    border fencing/wall
    Unmanned Vehicles
    Temper proof cards

    Nothing so far for legal immigration

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  • desitechie
    05-19 12:12 AM
    I went to DMV 1 day before expiration and got a temp license.

    Update: I bugged their phone again and they told me it is in the mail.

    Thanks. I will wait for any renewal notice. if I dont get any, will go to the DMV like u.

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  • desi3933
    06-18 01:48 PM
    as per my lawyer....anytime before the application gets adjudicated.

    Please check with lawyer again. I-485 can be filed for dependent upto 180 days after I-485 approval for the primary beneficiary.

    The dependent must be related to the primary applicant BEFORE I-485 approval.

    Not a legal advice.


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  • ujjvalkoul
    07-27 03:30 PM
    did the google for u....

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  • here_d
    01-28 01:39 PM
    When does your old H1 expire? Or is it expired already? It is interesting to know that they can extend a old H1.
    Should our initial H1 period not exceed 6 years?

    My first H1B expires in sep '09. I got that in nov 06.
    There is one more twist though,
    I got H1b with company X (06 to 09) and in 07 march i transfered to company Y.
    I never got approval for that H1B, and I started with company C on EAD. So i have one approval and one transfer that is stuck.
    Now company D wants to file the transfer again, it's so confusing, isn't it?
    But i always thought that second H1b is stuck as I started using EAD.
    I am not sure anymore about this as different legal ppl saying different things.
    But if this is possible to get H1b status back after EAD(without new application), it's perfect for many ppl here.


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  • saileshdude
    08-25 11:10 AM
    I had a infopass appointment at Newark today. I was told that I need to wait till Oct 1st for visa. Thought, I might share with people.

    Did you not ask them if there were no visas for this fiscal year, how come Sept Bulletin is showing availability. Did they tell you anything about the so called latest memo about visa numbers being exhausted.

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  • reedandbamboo
    11-21 04:41 PM
    The cartoon looks good, I would prefer a congressman/senator (some one in a suit) trying to analyze the system rather than bob-the-builder.

    To extend your idea Snowshoe, how about replacing bob-the-builder with UNCLE SAM resplendent in red-white-and-blue .. with the same befuddled expression on his face.


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  • vparam
    08-23 06:11 PM
    Interesting... Looks like I have waited for the longest time :). 8 years ... mean time did my law school again here and just this year (oct 08 quota) got the H1B after the change in law but now that the employer knows that i can start earlier on EAD wants to start with a lower pay than what was listed in H1 and does not want me to join in H1....:mad:

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  • divakarr
    10-04 12:59 PM
    No, I did not get it back.

    It is really frustrating, everyone here will get receipts in two months.


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  • ramaonline
    05-04 08:18 PM
    It took more than 5 months for me - The only way I could get it expedited is by going to the CBP Deferred Inspection center at San Francisco. The legal presence verification is done from that office. I got the card the next day after I visited the center and provided the documents - asking to expedite.

    You need to take an infopass appointment. Choose zipcode - 94111 when booking the infopass appointment.

    The address is:
    444 Washington Street
    San Francisco, CA 94111.

    When you speak to the officer, just mention that your DL is still pending on immigration verification. They will direct you to the correct department on the 7th floor.

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  • meridiani.planum
    04-16 11:57 AM
    I have a friend who resigned from Wipro USA. The offer letter stated "at will" employment terms. Wipro is asking him to return the original H1 petition ( I guess I-797 ) , is it normal for companies to ask for that? What impact would, not having original I-797, have for his GC process?


    it does not matter. keep a good, clear, copy for your records before you return the original.
    I believe the law does not even require sharing the application with the applicant (nothing except the I-94 at the bottom). In fact this is one of the things that Cornyns bill is trying to fix.


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  • sac-r-ten
    06-30 12:26 PM
    MY husband got the visa stamped and he collected the same from VFS in mumbai today ie 30-June eve.

    one of the 2 things might have happended
    1)heavy rush due to tourist visa in summer
    2)VFS would not have submitted on friday

    good. congrats. thanks on updates.

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  • SkilledWorker4GC
    07-23 03:41 PM
    Parents and Spouse of a US citizen dont need visa numbers from family based quota.
    And the funny part, there is a quota of 226,000 on how many Family based GC are allowed into the country. If the right category is applied, people get GC's in 1-2 yrs.


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  • sunny1000
    01-23 05:54 PM
    Her I-130 was approved a couple years ago and we are going to attach a copy of that with the I-485 application.

    Her humanitarian parole was approved in 8/2010, expired that month, and it was an I-94 with no other paperwork and with no stamp in the passport.

    In that case, I think 10F from the intstructions applies in her case (just my opinion).

    I had attached a PDF that talks about arriving aliens, in my previous message.

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  • cessua
    11-02 06:09 PM
    I am seriously considering this, if no one knows i will ask a lawyer.
    Does anyone know?


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  • slowwin
    03-31 03:23 PM
    Thanks slowwin !

    Yes. It looks like its gonna be a while before 2005 filers become current. I'm really hoping my approved I-140 doesnt get revoked.

    As for the costs involved at this stage (once I-485 has been filed and we've ported over to another company) what kinds of costs are we looking at?

    1) Lawyer fees associated with responding to RFE's?

    Anything else you guys can think of?


    Costs involved might be AC21 filing charge, EAD/AP renewal attorney charges, RFE reply charges , etc. Do your research and hire an Attorney who charges reasonably, has dealt with RFE's and AC21 before. Usually the initial contract might be with AC 21 but you also have to keep in mind how much he/she charges for other services, if required. For example, you can talk to 3 04 4 attorneys and see what is/are the reasonable amounts they charge for a particular service. Another thing that I would suggest is to hire an attorney whom you can call up at any time and talk to and who would respond to you immediately. You never know when that may be required for whatever reason. Some attorneys never talk to you, once they have your case, only their paralegal is in contact with you. Personally, I would like to explain my issues/get responses form the lawyer directly. paralegal is fine, for document collection and other stuff.

    Good luck.

    DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. Not a legal Advise.

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  • aps
    05-04 02:45 PM
    I have applied for my driver license extension on March first week using my EAD card and still waiting for the drivers license. So, I called the DMV to check my status and they informed that the legal presence verification department is still working on it and asked me to call their office. I called that office and updated them that I have been waiting for almost 8 weeks and want to find out the status.The customer service person was nice and told me that it will take longer for the DHS to verify it and asked me to fax my EAD card to her so that she can try expediting. No information about extension of temporary license as well. Any body in this situation? what you have done to expedite and get the license.? Thank you for your feed backs and information.

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  • virtual55
    06-14 02:16 PM
    If your L/C is in BEC you can get a copy of the application and change jobs and get an H1b extensions in any company based on the pending L/C in BEC. If you have a 140 approval you can get 3 years extension in any company as well as retain your priority date

    what happens if the current employer withdraws LC after changing job and what the options

    02-24 07:49 PM
    I am intrested . Pls send me the conference number and passcode.


    07-12 04:16 PM
    Do you mean NEVER or till October?

    it means if you have a PD in 2005 or later range and you fall into the EB2/EB3 India/China or EB3 ROW category then your PD most probably won't become current for several years (estimates range from 3 to 7)! and by then CIR 3.0 (or should I say 4.0) may come around with unexpected legislative surprises (such surprises this year in the proposed but defeated CIR included the $8k tax on H1, rendering EBs useless through points systems, etc.)

    so u see that kind of sentiment is not unwarranted! it's just simpler to say if not July then NEVER!

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