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  • Curious_Techie
    08-05 06:04 PM
    Sorry, I am not the expert... but I think it doesnt make any difference...
    Dont know about the 30 day revalidation when you fly....

    You may have to double check with your lawyer.

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  • bidhanc
    07-16 12:48 PM
    Get an Infopass, go to the local DHS office and ask them abt yer case/
    The IO should be able to pull up yer status (about the namecheck).

    I believe the fingerprinting and namecheck are the same.


    How do you find out if your 485 status is in name-check phase? I got my finger print notice in September 2007 (post 2nd July 2007 filing)
    Is this same thing as Namecheck?

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  • jambapamba
    07-23 10:53 PM


    Q16: When will premium processing of Forms I-140 be reinstated?
    A16. Premium processing of Forms I-140 has been suspended until further notice. USCIS will publish any updates on the availability of premium processing for Forms I-140 on its website.

    Others :
    Q10: Will USCIS accept employment-based adjustment of status applications under July Visa Bulletin No. 107 if the priority date is August 1, 2007 or later?
    A10. No.

    Q13: Can applications be filed without a required medical examination report?
    A13. Yes. Consistent with its current regulations and practice, USCIS will accept adjustment of applications filed pursuant to Visa Bulletin No. 107 without a completed medical examination. In such cases, USCIS will issue a request for evidence.

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  • vandanaverdia
    10-09 04:07 PM
    trying to keep this thread alive...


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  • fide_champ
    09-16 12:20 PM

    What horrible experiences you had for AC21?? I am at a spot where it seems I will have to use AC21.. probably no other option.Just trying to be cautious!!!!:rolleyes:

    If you have got no other option, then yes you got to use it. But to me the author of this initial post is taking an unnecessary risk when he is so near.

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    02-16 02:25 PM
    one other option you have is to serve a termination notice of the contract and join the firm on 1st and end your employment on March 16th. Legally this would mean that you are abiding by the contract but remember that any written or verbal agreement from here on might become binding in the court and would be concluded as extension of negotiations.


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  • chanduv23
    12-22 02:15 PM
    what is the way to find out if 140 is going to be revoked? is it legally required for company to revoke 140 in case of layoff

    You will never know that. But that does not matter to you because if you got layed off, technically it means the job position is not there.

    Using the copy of your 140 get a 3 year h1b transfer. You may have to start labor and 140 again but you can retain this priority date. Talk to a good lawyer.

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  • ramaonline
    05-04 08:18 PM
    It took more than 5 months for me - The only way I could get it expedited is by going to the CBP Deferred Inspection center at San Francisco. The legal presence verification is done from that office. I got the card the next day after I visited the center and provided the documents - asking to expedite.

    You need to take an infopass appointment. Choose zipcode - 94111 when booking the infopass appointment.

    The address is:
    444 Washington Street
    San Francisco, CA 94111.

    When you speak to the officer, just mention that your DL is still pending on immigration verification. They will direct you to the correct department on the 7th floor.


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  • shefali
    09-26 12:49 PM
    my advice dont travel outside US if getiing H4 to H1 coz is approved bt change of status being denied
    as there is written proof issued by USICS
    u 'll get ans

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  • amitga
    02-21 01:36 PM
    No need to get the stamping. H1B approval with new I94 is enough. I also got my wife's H1 in the same way.


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  • h1bmajdoor
    07-13 08:12 PM
    You are a citizen of one of the countries listed below (India is in the list)
    , and the worker on whose record your benefits are based lived in the U.S. for at least 10 years or earned at least 40 credits under the U.S. Social Security system. If you are receiving benefits as a dependent or survivor, see additional requirements.

    This seems to be a line to include dependents.

    It does not mean that the worker himself is disqualified.

    anyways, if you are in india, whom will you take your grievance to? can US social security (in effect US govt) be sued in India?

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  • amitjoey
    07-05 06:02 PM
    That's as per my attorney...

    My 485 application reached the USCIS within the first 2 hours of July 2, so I am already a plaintiff in the lawsuit...however my attorney just sent out an email to all of his impacted clients..

    If they would want to benefit from any injunctive relief that may be granted by the judge from the lawsuit, you must have attempted a 485 filing in the month of July and have received a rejection notice from the USCIS.

    Not giving out all the details of my attorney's email, my attorney is very confident that both the USCIS and DOS have violated at least 2 INA laws....and have blatantly denied our normal processing rights under the US their updated July 2nd bulletin..

    There is no reason, why this lawsuit should not have a favorable outcome for all of us impacted...

    Exactly, that is what I heard too.


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  • GCWhru
    07-24 04:35 PM
    Guys who had infopass,

    Have you had any LUD on your cases? I am wondering whether you got any LUDs during your name check?

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  • RNGC
    09-19 02:23 PM
    NY/NJ....we did not see lot of representation from you...

    Its time to prove that you guys work in the ECONOMIC CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!

    Pull up your slevees and start planning...

    Most of the TV stations are in NY, so start planning for the rally soon...sometime late OCT....The weather should be good for wearing formal suits.....

    Imagine 1000+ people dressed in formal suits, walking in NY streets in front of all those big will be a huge media attraction....

    Just two rallies is not enough......Every state should do this!!!!

    This time we will get it straight about adding
    "Legal Immigrants - Highly skilled workers" at the bottom of all the slogans....


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  • HawaldarNaik
    04-15 05:59 PM
    My Inlaws visa was rejected thrice, all three times i sent all papers, notarized docs etc.

    The fourth time, they tried visitors visa where they mentioned their daughter and me, no sponsorship or invitation from me like in previous three cases

    And the visa officer gave them a 10 yr multiple entry.......Jai ho....for us in the end....

    So i suggest the Visitor's visa route now....

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  • SkilledWorker4GC
    09-19 06:21 PM
    But will be there for the tri state rally 100%.


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  • lskreddy
    07-24 04:50 PM
    If you want to use probability theory your chances are 50-50 . You might get approved or might not . There is absolutely no one here ( or at USCIS ) who can definitely say that your GC will be approved in August.

    Awesome simplification. At least this gives me a 1 in 2 chance. Pipe dream ppl..

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  • GCwaitforever
    03-31 11:43 PM
    Today my american friend suggested renting a boat, going to Cuba, changing name and coming back. It would be adventurous and thrilling too. You have instant EAD and no need to worry about multiple queues in the Gc process.

    We should not forget to say when the coast guard stops us - Senor, Castro is bad. Very bad. :D

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  • tian93276
    11-16 12:24 AM
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    11-07 12:19 PM
    Thank you, Dingudi.

    I guess my lawyer is correct, then. An H1 amendment is a must if I want to continue on H1.

    I dont gain any additional advantage by invoking AC21. Correct?

    If you plan to stay on H1 with your employer and you move to a different location , then new LCA & amendment is needed. Amendment has nothing to do with AC21 or EAD or 485.

    02-23 10:59 PM

    Please count me in, I will surely join


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