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14 weeks pregnant

images 14+weeks+pregnant+belly+ 14 weeks pregnant. Dion is 14 weeks pregnant.
  • Dion is 14 weeks pregnant.

  • manishcp
    10-20 01:34 PM
    I tried to buy tickets for India and called Agents and all of them saied they do not have a ticket. I bought it from mkamytrip.com.

    wallpaper Dion is 14 weeks pregnant. 14 weeks pregnant. she is 14 weeks pregnant
  • she is 14 weeks pregnant

  • factoryman
    06-19 12:51 PM
    it is clear that A# starting appearing on the I-140 some time in the past. That was not the practice prior to that.

    Now what is 'that', that date? Let me look at my I-140 and I will update.

    14 weeks pregnant. is 14 weeks pregnant.
  • is 14 weeks pregnant.

  • letstalklc
    10-02 12:33 PM
    I agree with you.

    No CIR till 2012. Yes people will talk and introduce the bills, nothing changes.
    No EB visa recapture.
    No piecemeal legislations for immigration.

    You know, even if you lure with 650,000(EB recapture visas) * 5000 (charge for each visa recapture usage) = 3.25 B its not going to pass. I can bet on it.

    Yes, I agree, given the market situation, every day so many job losses, so no bill gonna pass, they are introducing only for political purpose nothing more or less......

    Only I can think of in 2011 if at all any....otherwise forget about it.....

    2011 she is 14 weeks pregnant 14 weeks pregnant. 14 weeks Pregnant
  • 14 weeks Pregnant

  • aguada
    02-23 03:17 PM
    askbz1 -- if I go on say 15March 2009 - 15 April 2009..is the first(15th March) and last day (15th April)excluded or included?


    14 weeks pregnant. is 14-weeks pregnant.
  • is 14-weeks pregnant.

  • PD_Dec2002
    08-15 10:41 PM
    u r right. Receipt number is not clear but I am assuming that what ever I am reading is correct. and preparing for precaution, I did called USCIS but they said if you have receipt number then will cross check it but we can not say name of the applicant and also if you provide name and bdate then they said you have to wait 90 days to get its info as new rules because of bunch of panic has flooded their call center.

    That sucks. I read that people on this forum have been calling USCIS and getting receipt numbers for themselves and their spouses. In this case, this is your daughter so I don't see why the USCIS operator should have a problem. You probably got another clueless USCIS operator. Try again.

    Good luck.


    14 weeks pregnant. 14 weeks pregnant!
  • 14 weeks pregnant!

  • obviously
    07-16 10:59 PM
    OK, this approach will REALLY add value to 'ban disrupters' [sic]

    1. Create an online petition supporting this cause and get 5,000 signatures
    2. Send flowers to the Admin requesting him to listen to you
    3. Send emails/ PM's to those Lou Dobbs-like users that you dont like
    4. Flame all messages with the names 'Sheela' or 'Murthy'
    5. While you are it, tell us about last night's dream, in Hindi. Translate it into Cantonese and P-Language (remember, that?)
    6. Create 10 threads asking whether more rallies are good or bad, supporting your cause to ban disruptive users
    7. Invite the intellectual insight of users debating that the First Amendment applies to anyone whose feet have touched US soil, whether H1B or not
    8. Repeat 1 through 7 above
    9. Keep dreaming that professionally-run programs run by scumbags like Numbers USA will really have to worry about IV

    Folks, why is the height of high skilled immgrants' intellectual capacity being used to plaster these B-boards with pointless rants and misguided emotions?

    The cause ahead of us is HUGE and needs PROFESSIONAL PRESENCE and SUSTAINED MESSAGING - **not** this kind of low blow messages.

    Typing is free, but meaningful messages are priceless :)!


    14 weeks pregnant. Baby#39;s Ultrasound at 14 Weeks
  • Baby#39;s Ultrasound at 14 Weeks

  • travis
    11-21 03:44 PM
    It was a hard decision to make, but in the end I whent with Dizzy for a few reasons; I really liked the colors in Let there be Color, also I was not to crazy about Pom's airplain banner in let there be color.

    2010 is 14 weeks pregnant. 14 weeks pregnant. 14+weeks+pregnant+belly+
  • 14+weeks+pregnant+belly+

  • lazycis
    11-28 10:15 PM
    I think I am in trouble.....

    will it be ok if I work as full time basis in both the companies...is this even an option?


    Sorry, my previous post may be misleading. If you work for company B, the second job does not have to be same or similar, you can use EAD to work for company A. If you can work two full-time jobs and both companies agree to it, that's an option. But I'd rather leave A and start working for B.


    14 weeks pregnant. Celine Dion (42) is 14 weeks
  • Celine Dion (42) is 14 weeks

  • saturnring11
    04-04 12:28 PM
    I checked with 2 different sets of lawyers to make sure that my new position was compatible with my approved labor job description. It helped that the original job description was pretty general.

    Additionally I made sure my new job description was a superset of my labor job description. Therefore although my compensation, responsibilities and job title have changed substantially, I was able to keep it backward compatible.

    There are two other things that have helped:
    1) The labor department does not have a classification for the job title I currently have since it is a hybrid business and technology role. It can fall under either Marketing or Engineering.

    2) There has been no RFE in my case. I have reason to believe it has been pre-approved based on an Info Pass visit during 2008.

    There are creative options for people who are enterprising and do not want to take being stuck in the same job for ever. Personally, I would take this risk all over again if I had to.

    hair 14 weeks Pregnant 14 weeks pregnant. Pregnancy, im now weeks
  • Pregnancy, im now weeks

  • GCBy3000
    07-18 09:49 PM
    Check out this google spread sheet I have created. It has just data and I would like some brainstorming analysis. Data looks interesting for NSC.


    1.The dates in VB did not move much from Sep 06 to May 07. I did not collect pre sep 06 data.

    2.140 / 485 moved very slowly inspite of no movement in VB. which means lesser people filed and theoritically it should be faster processing by NSC. Yes I did not consider other trivial processing like AP / EAD.

    3. If the above holds true for June 07 and July 07, then no matter how much VB moves, the NSC / TSC processing of 485 is going to slow down once it reaches June 2007 and it is going to come to grinding halt if it reaches July 2007. This may be for years if what USCIS claims as resource shortage for such processing delays.

    4. The worst news is the people who have stuck in Backlog centers. With having their PD In 2001 and 2002, they are unfairly sent to the back of the line and stuck in 485 processing for ever.

    As IV, we have to raise our voice for those backlogged labor fellows and bring some justice to them. I do not know how, but at least we should try. They should not be left behind for none of their faults.


    14 weeks pregnant. 11 and 14 weeks pregnant.
  • 11 and 14 weeks pregnant.

  • chanduv23
    09-09 10:30 AM
    I went back to the DMV and spoke to the supervisor. She had no clue what i was trying to explain. She inturn was questioning why your 485 is pending for so long.

    Any way she told me that they have a hotline to USCIS to verify our status. She called them after we left and called us informing the decision. She said USCIS has told her that EAD is the only valid ID which will indicate status of a person on AOS.

    What a bull crap. Now i need to send another $340 to file EAD which i will not use in the near future to hold my $24 license. Nice way for the USCIS and DMV to make money.

    The issue is when you have a delay in EAD approval. If your EAD expires when you are still waiting for new EAD, you cannot drive and you are stuck.

    I have a Texas license with temporary status till September 2011, hopefully I receive my GC by then or I have to plan to apply for EAD well in advance.

    Folks, if we want to write to the DMV at texas explaining this issue, we can all do it together. Let me know if we want to do it , I will try to find avenues that we can pursue.

    We will write a detailed explanation about the misconception.

    From the above post, I understand that USCIS tells TX DMV that when someone is in pending AOS, they have no other valid document with photo id except for EAD. Now, not everyone on pending AOS will need a EAD and we all know EADs are getting delayed.

    hot is 14-weeks pregnant. 14 weeks pregnant. 14 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound
  • 14 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

  • getgreensoon1
    04-18 12:50 PM
    I think it was told before. Please try not to post unreliable information. When I worked in a law office we processed few EB cases with online degrees from Accredited Institutions in the US. USCIS can't reject a degree that is Regionally or Nationally Accredited. If a school has been accredited to issue a degree, the degree is valid and must be treated as a real degree including for immigration purposes.

    You must have worked in law firm back in the dotcom days when evern milkmen from villages got their greencards in eb1/2 category. Things have changed a lot buddy. Any qualifications earned during employment cannot be used to qualify for a higher category at the same employer. This was the rule told by a reputed law from not the one that caters to the shady desi bodyshops.


    house 14 Weeks Pregnant 14 weeks pregnant. 13 weeks pregnant symptoms
  • 13 weeks pregnant symptoms

  • h1_b_visa_holder
    09-29 10:13 AM
    You cannot just transfer with the I-140 receipt number . You would need the copy of the I-140. Lot of Indian employers especially from NJ are very bad and try to take advantage of their employees just like this. They will scare you and not let you move. But in your case, 9th year is a bit risky and I dont think you will get full 3 years if you apply for a transfer. Its BEST if the other company applies for PERM/I-140 and then you can transfer based on the new I-140. Then you will continue to get full 3 years. In this case ,you can also port your older priority date to your new I-140 . This process is safe but it takes lot of time and money. :(

    Thankd for your feedback. I read here that only the receipt # may be sufficient.
    I-140 approval notice copy (http://www.immigration-information.com/forums/i-140-petitions/10809-i-140-approval-notice-copy.html)

    I have to move as the job I am getting is very close to my dream job. I have started to talk about this with my new employer also and they have not yet got back to me. The process you said, my new employer will not agree as it will take a year. My current I-797/I-94 is till 2013, so based on that wont USCIS give me the same H1 approval for my new employer? Though this is logical, but we all know how USCIS works :)

    Anyone else if you have had similar experience, please post here...

    tattoo 14 weeks pregnant! 14 weeks pregnant. 14 weeks pregnant–that#39;s a
  • 14 weeks pregnant–that#39;s a

  • digital2k
    07-17 04:41 PM


    pictures Baby#39;s Ultrasound at 14 Weeks 14 weeks pregnant. 14 Weeks Pregnant
  • 14 Weeks Pregnant

  • pmpforgc
    01-09 10:39 PM

    On some of the above threads, It is being told that If you and family have pending I-485s and

    "If your spouse need to apply or work on EAD than YOU WILL HAVE TO APPLY FOR EAD, IF you dont apply for EAD and continue working on H-1B YOUR SPOUSE CAN NOT APPLY AND WORK ON EAD"

    As I understand this is probably wrong, for spouse to apply and work on EAD, PRINCIPLE APPLICANT NEED NOT HAVE TO APPLY FOR EAD AND WORK ON EAD. As per my Knowledge principle can continue working on H-1B even if spouse start working on EAD. Even my attorney, through him I applied for My spouse's EAD, Advised me to Continue on H-1, so that something negative happen on Our I-485's she can come back to H-4.

    (I am still in first yr of H-1 B and my I-140 is already approved and I-485 pending for almost 4 months)

    CAN EXPERIENCED MEMBERS CLARIFY ABOVE ISSUE, as some of the replies on above thread are confusing in regards to Spouse and principles EAD and H-1b status.

    Thanks for clarification.

    Experienced members can you clarify above matter

    dresses 14 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound 14 weeks pregnant. I thought that at 14 weeks,
  • I thought that at 14 weeks,

  • sreeraghu
    09-19 09:29 AM
    Legal Immigrants Rally




    Happy viewing, Foward to your friends n family



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  • 14 Weeks Pregnant

  • jonty_11
    01-18 03:58 PM

    I echo Walking Dude's comment. You can either keep complaining about how the immigration system is failing you and how unfair it is OR you can take action and actually DO something about it. Please participate in IV's campaign if you haven't already done so. AND please motivate OTHERS to participate as well. It will only take 10 minutes of your time.

    Action speaks louder than words...Its only 10 mins of your time folks...!!! make it happen.

    girlfriend 14 weeks pregnant–that#39;s a 14 weeks pregnant. Today I am 14 weeks pregnant.
  • Today I am 14 weeks pregnant.

  • immigrationvoice12
    12-21 03:16 PM
    I do have to add that as OP suggested technically visa is required, practically i went twice in 2009 to Bahama's without visa. AS he mentioned you keep your passport in your state room back on the ship, so no way to check it. Just carry your ship's ID and another form of id (like DL) you should be good.
    And dont forget to have FUN !!!

    hairstyles 11 and 14 weeks pregnant. 14 weeks pregnant. 14 Weeks Pregnant Belly!
  • 14 Weeks Pregnant Belly!

  • vivache
    02-21 02:16 PM
    Dumb question.
    considering that she will get her h1 in April(premium processing)
    Valid only from say Oct 2007.
    Her current h4 xpires may 2007 .. and my company will extend it.
    If she leaves country say in June .. and come back July .. she will need to get her visa stamped.
    Can she get both her h4 extension and h1 stamped on passport?
    Or only one .. if yes which one ?

    Also when is the earliest she can get her new h1 stamped on her passport if need be? (it gets approved in April 2007 .. so between April and Oct .. when's the earliest she can get it stamped.)

    Sorry for so many questions.
    Thanks for all the prompt answers :)

    07-10 12:54 PM
    I have one more question.
    If I change employer with my EAD, is there a chance my GC sponser employer revokes my I140? Then what should I do?


    10-03 03:08 PM
    My wife told me that I have 3 important PDs (Priority Dates). She is usually more powerful than USCIS agent so I got to listen to her.

    1. My wife's birthday
    2. My daughter's birthday
    3. My Wedding anniversary

    P.S. -- I have got 2 red dots on my profile. That simply means I am a free man

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