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  • anilvt
    09-15 04:07 PM
    don't worry u wud get it
    i got eads for me and my wife on sept13th which says no finger rinting done
    got fp notice on sept 7th
    i haven't got my AP yet

    i didn't expect things will so fast ...
    bottom line is ur luck

    my 485 status says fingerprinting rejected and case in suspense

    i called my lawyer and she told me that it is sorted ot with uscis as she showed copy of cashed check for $70

    but status will change on 485 pretty soon

    so all drama happens take it easy ...

    all july 2nd filers will get notices from sept 1-14th

    good luck all and hope it helps

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  • pdx_Soft_Eng
    10-09 09:46 PM

    Actually I am also flying across the states to see her... So you are not in a worse situation, we are in the same boat...

    Well, since you guys impressed me with your humorous comments, Let me tell you another info and send me your comments :)

    My wife and I are not from the same country... So it makes it even more interesting to see each other when we go to each other's countries to see the parents...

    We agreed on getting together regarless of the job situation by the april 2007. We are done waiting... :D

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  • insbaby
    09-25 11:24 PM
    On your I-94. There are guidance in website on how to handle such situations. There are alternate ways that you can prove. Since you have been in GC processing, it is always best to maintain valid records. So get I-94 and submit before you leave US.

    Travelling thru Erope will definitely cause problems if you don't have visa stamps.

    In India it is not big deal. In the last page of your duplicate passport, it will be MARKED that you lost your old passport and this is issued in place for that by Indian Consulate or Indian Embassy. So it is understood that you lost your passport which has valid visa stamp. Give the originals of your previous I-797's and the one with extension in case questioned.

    Another way is, call Germen OR transit country's Consulate and ask them if they can provide a transit visa, if so, visit them in person with all other originals including your duplicate passport and get the transit visa, you will have no problems thru Erope.

    Thru Pacific, usually immigration is not that much tight, but you can't take your chance. Check with Singapore/Malasian Consulates the same, if so get the transit visa before you leave.

    You are not the only person in the world lost passport. There are many and they are all still alive happily in US, got not only Green Card, but also citizenship!!!!.

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  • raysaikat
    06-11 03:39 AM
    Additionally for EB1-OR you have to show 3 years of post degree experience.

    This is not quite true. You can count the research done during the Ph.D. if the research can be shown to be outstanding.


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  • GC08
    08-04 12:14 PM
    Of course. If not, we will fight for the right. The whole green card mess has come to the boiling point, where honest/patient people can no longer stand it any more, mainly due to the incompetency, mismanagement and even potentially unethecial behavior of those agencies. If they continue their sloppy work, they will continue screw people up. :rolleyes:

    August 03 2007 USCIS Receipt date update from Nebraska has Typo. It has menioned 07/112007 instead of 07/11/2007 or something.
    If anyof us submit an application with minor error like wrong check amount USCIS rejects the application instead of giving RFE, however, when USCIS issues updates with Typo it covers itself with the another update or doesn't bother?
    I think, appilcants are at the descretion at the hand of USCIS?

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  • kittu1991
    05-04 08:12 PM
    replying to kittu1991's comment, the only reason to take pain is to be prepared and take no chances. :D

    thanks guys
    I agree that the reason to get your H1 extended as backup plan is to be prepared in a worst case scenario.

    But still I don't understnd the need to get the visa stamped. Getting the visa stamped is just for the purpose of letting you in (this doesn't give you additional status, don't know if this is required/help for DL in some state). AP serves that purpose 100%. Once you are in you can work on your EAD/H1 as long it is valid, irrespective of what is stamped in your passport in the form of visa/I94.

    As long as you plan to keep your AP extended on time (just for travel purposes) there is no need of getting visa stamped. I had this detailed discussion with couple of immigration attorneys who are doing this for years. And this what I learned....

    Once you file you I485
    1) Keep your AP renewed promptly. This will make sure you have no travel restrictions.
    2) Get your EAD renewed promptly. This will help you in case you have switch job to an employer who does not want to sponsor H1B.
    3) Get your H1B renewed to be prepared for the worst case ("Secondary insurance" term referred by my company attorney).
    4) Don't bother getting your H1B stamped. Enter using AP. This was a big message from our attorney. This way you can save $300 - 500 and couple of days of your vaccation back home and avoid all the hassle at consulate.


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  • prashantc
    02-01 08:04 AM
    Hi friend, don't worry. Our prayers are with you and every fellow who has a genuine need of stamping soon.

    God bless you.

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  • PD_Dec2002
    08-24 10:16 AM
    This info is from USCIS: D&vgnextchannel=54519c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD . USCIS does not seem to make any distinction on whether you got the GC through AOS or CP. Or am I missing something. Also, they say a visa number does not need to be available for "Following to Join" benefit.

    I am copying-pasting some of the relevant info:

    Following-to-Join Benefits for Spouses

    Please note: This section is only applicable to lawful permanent residents who did not gain their LPR status as an immediate relative (parent, spouse, or unmarried child under 21 years of age) of a U.S. citizen.

    If you were married before you became a lawful permanent resident, and your spouse did not physically accompany you to the U.S., your spouse may be eligible for following-to-join benefits. This means that you do not have to submit a separate Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, for your spouse, and your spouse will not have to wait any extra time for a visa number to become available. In this case, you may simply notify a U.S. Consulate that you are a lawful permanent resident so that your spouse can apply for an immigrant visa.




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  • gcdreamer05
    08-05 11:24 AM
    Great Chintu thanks for sharing this info..........

    The same is true even with your drivers license of your state.......

    Drivers license number = first two digits of your birth month + first two alphabets of your last name + first alphabet of your first name + your two digit year of birth + your two digit date of birth + the letter 1

    Whew !!! there is a numbering system for everything coooool

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  • kufloyd
    06-02 12:47 PM

    I wish to take an infopass appt to check on the status of my case. If I go to and try to make an appt, it only gives me 3 options -
    Order from Immigration Court - If you were directed to us for processing based on an order from the Immigration Judge. You must bring all documents required in the post order instructions given to you by the court.

    Case Processing Appointment - If you received a notice to go to your local office for further case processing.

    Case Services follow-up appointment - If it has been over 45 days since you contacted NCSC and have not received a response to your inquiry. You must bring the Service Request ID Number related to your inquiry to the appointment.

    None of these are applicable to me. I haven't been directed to the local service center or have any court directions or a follow-up appt. I just want to check what stage my 485 is at.

    Which option should I select to take an appt? I was thinking about the 2nd one (case processing appt). Has anyone taken this option? If so, when you got there, did they ask for any notice directing you to a local center?


    I just got back from an Infopass appt. The officer said that my 485 has cleared name check. She didn't give any more information regarding my 485. Does anyone have an idea of how long approvals take after name check's cleared? Is this something to get excited about? :). My priority date is Feb 2004 with a notice date of 9th September 2007 at NSC.

    I forgot to ask her when my name check was cleared.

    GCnew - "I went to for an Infopass appointment yesterday and the IO told me that my name check has cleared and that she will send a note to NSC to expedite processing of my case. She also gave me an SRC no and asked me to call their toll free number if I had any questions"

    The officer I spoke to didn't mention this option. Did you have to ask her about it specifically or did she bring this up on her own? What's your notice date? Thanks.


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  • shrayus
    07-10 07:26 PM
    I am curious if the law suit has already been filed against USCIS

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  • chanduv23
    09-14 02:19 PM
    Number 4 really sounds fun to do...

    Pappu means lentil soup in my language :D:D:D


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  • Better_Days
    05-06 03:22 PM
    for somebody to steal my identity and use my SSN and work and continue to get benefits while their status is illegal in this country and not get pulled up by USCIS? If illegals dont play by the same rules as others then where is the 'fairness'?.


    Is it really going to be end up one of those endless e-debates? "not get pulled up by USCIS?" Are we talking about the same issue here? USCIS is free to grab and deport illegals. Heck, they love it so much that they even deport US Citizens!! USCIS is NOT free to interpret laws to suit their agenda. Their interpretation of any law has to be in line with the letter and spirit of the law.

    Let's try again. The point is not "where is the fairness in ......". The point is if USCIS free to come up with its own interpretation of laws of the land as they see fit; even when those interpretations go totally against the law(s) as passed by the Congress.

    The answer to that question is NO. More often than not, courts give a split decision with a minority of justices dissenting with the view of the majority. In this case, the fact that the decision was 9-0 against the USCIS should tell you how much out of line the idiots at USCIS were (and no I don't use that word idiot lightly. After watching their performance for almost 11 years, I stand by my conviction). How dumb do you have to be to waster visa numbers year after year? How can someone, in this time and age, not count and use all visa allocated in a quarter?

    In this case, the decision by the court favors the illegals. Some may even say that it even encourages illegal behavior. But looking at the broader picture, it reminds the idiots (or clowns) at USCIS that their procedures and processes MUST remain bound by the laws of the land. If we allow USCIS to ignore the laws for the illegals, what prevents them to ignore the laws when it comes to us "legals"?

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  • skd
    08-26 07:19 PM
    Recieve Date: 03 June, 2008
    Soft LUD :21 Aug, 2008
    Approval Date : 25 Aug, 2008


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  • vrbest
    08-18 12:14 PM
    If you send your 485 receipt copy and Marriage Certificate you should be fine. Since she was applied as your dependant, you have to submit your 485 as well and marriage certificate to prove your relationship.

    Actually, I have a scanned copy of I-140 Approval Notice.

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  • desitechie
    05-15 11:29 PM
    I got no such notice. You can do online if you have no traffic infractions. I had a speed ticket so I had to go in-person :(
    Update on my case: it is STILL pending, even though they said it was approved. Plan to conduct Operation Bug'em coming week all over again

    How and When did you start the renewal process?


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  • javadeveloper
    08-04 10:12 PM
    We can't sue them, and even if we sue them we can't get anything. But how come they can make some silly mistakes like that for an important announcement like that. As a developer I really suspect CIS's development/testing team's abilities. Guys Take It Easy and have fun, but don't try to humiliate fellow member.

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  • GCard_Dream
    11-02 06:24 PM
    I am just curious about this 1 million dollar. Does it have to be cash-on-hand or just a million dollar investment even if it comes from the bank? In other words, what if I invest couple of hundred thousand dollars and borrow the rest from that bank. Would that satisfy the requirement of million dollar investment?

    If anyone has any info or experience, please share it with us.

    I am seriously considering this, if no one knows i will ask a lawyer.
    Does anyone know?

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  • gcdreamer05
    11-25 10:33 AM
    My wife received email that administrative processing is complete and to submit her passport, yellow form, copy of email and envelope. We submitted the information on Friday afternoon. We have still not received her passport. How long it takes from the date of submission. Does this email means that her passport will be H-1B stamped and there would no more questions.

    Hey can you please share how many days it took from date of appointment to pims data complete date - how many days or weeks ?

    03-31 09:05 PM
    I am not sure about exactly what you mean "how did we go about using cross chargeablility", but basically since my wife was born in Germany we were able to leverage this rule. We gave our lawyers a copy of her birth certificate (in german) and an official notarized English translation of the birth certificate. They in turn added a document (cover letter perhaps?) that indicated to USICS that we were filing under Germany. I don't believe there was any specific documentation in the 485 application that denoted whether we were using cross chargability. Your lawyers need to provide a cover letter as i understand it.

    was the coversheet used at the time of filing the 485 or later on?

    09-05 07:48 PM
    AP Filled NSC, electronic
    File Date - Jun 20 2008
    approval date - Aug 28 2008
    No RFEs

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