Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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  • JazzByTheBay
    08-19 05:51 PM
    My 485 was filed at TSC, moved to CSC, receipted and AP+EADs issued, then moved to NSC, where it remains pending.

    AP1 expires: 09/04/2008
    AP2 filed: 07/18/08
    RD: 08/1/2008 (!!!)
    ND: 08/13/2008

    - For some reason, the receipt shows as originating from MO and the receipt numbers start with MSC.
    - The USCIS online case status tool doesn't accept any of the 4 receipts!! (numbers invalid - 2 x AP, 2 x EAD)
    - BTW, if anyone has a clue what the MSC is or what it does... please respond or send me a PM


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  • waiting4gc
    08-13 06:20 PM
    Also please mention your lawyer's name and your experience on the thread where core is asking people to post information about bad experiences with lawyers.

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  • krishmunn
    01-17 09:03 AM
    You need a very good attorney who can help introduce a Private bill. A private bill is introduced to grant LPR status to an individual based on extreme humanaterian ground.

    From what I read, Carl Shusterman might be the right attorney for you.

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  • krupa
    04-30 11:10 AM
    It is possible. You can read the instructions document relating to I 131 form. You may have to file additional documents. These instruction documents available in USCIS website under forms menu.

    I am looking for two questions regarding AP filing?

    I have filed Employed based 485 and I am currently out of country. Can my spouse file an AP for me and mail it to me? (http://immigrationvoice.org/wiki/index.php/FREQUENTLY_ASKED_QUESTIONS/AP_FAQ#I_have_filed_Employed_based_485_and_I_am_cu rrently_out_of_country._Can_my_spouse_file_an_AP_f or_me_and_mail_it_to_me.3F)

    I have filed Employed based 485 and I have filed an application for AP and I need to go out of country before I can get my AP. Can my spouse mail me my AP? (http://immigrationvoice.org/wiki/index.php/FREQUENTLY_ASKED_QUESTIONS/AP_FAQ#I_have_filed_Employed_based_485_and_I_have_ filed_an_application_for_AP_and_I_need_to_go_out_o f_country_before_I_can_get_my_AP._Can_my_spouse_ma il_me_my_AP.3F)


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  • thankgod
    01-06 04:12 PM
    Thanks for all your answers. Very encouraging and settling.

    I am not in the Bay Area. My H1B has been revoked not the I140. I too understand that USCIS would have done that after 5-6 months but was surprised to get a note from them so early. I have a FT offer and couple more in the pipeline, just to be safe.

    Now that USCIS has started cancelling and have given a 30 day period when they would have an answer for me, if that precedes the H1B applied for by my new employer, what will be my consequences? This is my biggest concern.

    My new company's start date is 15th when it will be 19 days from USCIS's notice. I understand that it is quite possible that they make a RFE while processing the H1B. Will I be able to continue working if that happens?

    I will keep posted on my status. Please keep posting your understanding of my situation and how things will proceed.

    I hope I am not making a mistake taking up a FT position again. These days it is really difficult to get a consulting company to hire without a job.

    Thanks again.
    You dont need to worry in your case, Because as long as you have a future date on your I 94 (Arrival/Departure Card) you are in good shape.

    I wish you all the best with your new employer.

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  • gcfriend65
    10-08 12:26 PM
    Gurus, Pls help!
    Due to a sudden demise of my wife's grandmother, my wife had to go to India last week. She is planning to come back by Nov. 15. I received the receipt notices for my wife's I-485, I-131 and I-765. My question is if the fingerprinting notice comes before she arrives and also if it is scheduled prior to her arrival date on Nov. 15; what are the options of rescheduling and can we get the date of our choice after Nov. 15. Also, I would be extremely grateful, if someone could upload a sample fingerprinting notice from USCIS. I couldn't find any where on the site.

    I-140 approved: Feb 07 (EB-2)
    I-485, I-131, I-765applied (myself and spouse): Aug. 13, 2007
    I-485, I-131, I-765 received (myself and spouse): Aug. 15, 2007
    I-485, I-131, I-765 notice (myself and spouse): Sept. 26, 2007
    Waiting for fingerprint notice.
    IV contribution: $100.


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  • harikris
    06-03 11:40 AM
    but is it illegal to come in on a non-immigrant visa and then file I-130????

    I don't think so.

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  • akhilmahajan
    10-03 02:20 PM
    If your I-140 is not approved, then even if your PD is current, you will not get your GC. Other people with PDs 3-4 years after you will get their GCs because they applied Labor on PERM and had I-140 approved while they were doing Premium Processing. So their cases will be considered before yours. Hence PD is useless. This whole July Fiasco was a blessing for many people who had no hope of filing their 485 anytime in the near future, but for some people it turned out to be a complete nightmare. Such people are the ones who got stuck in the Backlog Center and had their Labors approved only recently. So if that's not destiny, I don't know what destiny is.

    I am sorry to hear for what happened to you.

    I will still like to say one thing.

    You are one of those people, who think if nothing good happens to me, nothing good should happen to anybody else.

    You dont want to say it openly, so you are using the word destiny.

    I pray to GOD i am wrong in my analysis.
    I hope you will come up with something constructive in your next post. You can help everyone by joining your local state chapter and work on trying to fix the broken employement-based green card system, so that your fellow human beings dont have to go through what you went through.



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  • ashish_1976
    02-21 05:38 PM

    I had a similar sitiuation, i changed my jobs and got a RFE, My lawyer replied to the RFE, and now the case is back in cold storage...

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  • dba9ioracle
    05-23 11:07 AM
    But, when someone enters US with AP, then his H1B becomes void. In that case what is the point of going back to Toronto to get the passport with H1B visa stamp which will have no value? Am I right?

    You can use AP while your status is H1b. AP is travel document only when 485 is pending. if you use EAD then only your H1B is abandoned.


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  • pappu
    11-10 05:59 PM
    There is another media interview opportunity in Tallahassee. If anyone is interested and has a compelling story, pls let it be known on this thread and we can contact you.

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  • kenmei
    05-28 03:05 PM
    If you are not planning on travel outside the US anytime soon then you don't have to apply for an Advance Parole . It will save some money . But remember that sometimes it take quite a long time for approval ( as long as couple of months ). So in case you need to travel in an emergency you would not have any way to travel outside the country and will be stuck . Its best to have it pre-approved and it is valid for one year only.

    So in this case, can I make up a date, time period and location? Just in case we plan to travel?

    And once she gets a green card she will be able to travel no problem without the i-131?


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  • shyamkishore
    06-01 10:30 AM
    Dear All,

    I can accommodate up to 2 people in my home. Also would like to inform in advance that my in-laws are with me now. So if you don't mind it you are always welcome.

    Also I am staying close to Dulles Airport (about 5 miles). So if any of you need pickup/drop from to airport please let me know.


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  • arihant
    03-05 01:35 PM
    Technically, when I applied for my last H1 extension, dates were retrogressed for me and I was not eligible then to apply for 485 (Note: I had an approved 140 in hand by then). But, in less than a month dates did become available and I was able to file for 485. All of this was during the June/July fun last year.

    Now, my expectaction was that since I applied for H1 extension when dates were retrogressed, I would be granted 3 years. But, when my H1 extension approval finally arrived in October (dates were not retrogressed at that time), to my great disappointment I got only 1 year :( So, when USCIS is determining whether dates are retrogressed for us, are they looking at H1 Receipt date or approval to determine the 1 vs 3 years for the extension? Many people have stated in forums that USCIS "should" and "is" using receipt date. But, in my case it was not true. So, it does not matter what the law states OR RATHER what WE interpret the law as stating. What matters is only how USCIS interprets the law and the action they take based on that.

    So, this year I have to go through the H1 extension all over again. Once again, dates are currently retrogressed. So, will I get 3 years this time or will they give me only 1 year because my 485 is pending? Who knows and who cares any more....it has become an annual ritual for me...every April/May time period prepare the H1 extension, pay the fees to USCIS and expect them to hibernate my application for months...oct...nov...dec...jan until USCIS decides to finally grant the extension. I have been going through this annual ritual since 2005!


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  • mallikonnet
    07-25 11:39 AM
    Hope your doubt is cleared ..


    oh dear i dont have any doubts. i already said in my first reply in this thread that they may not resume PP in august as they are flooded with I-485. I just mentioned august since they said in one of their updates. and on the latest update from USCIS they did not specify the date when they will resume I-140 pp

    FYI....my I-140 was approved long back.........


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  • ivar
    01-07 08:34 AM
    Thanks Manish for your response. I was able to answer all his questions and like you said he asked for my pay stub so i had to give it to him. He was more happy to see the annual gross income on the pay stub which gave him an idea about the wages paid by the company (he was actually asking me the exact figure of annual gross income). Life here is already so complicated (when i compare to india).

    I had similar visit from USCIS in last year(sept 09).He asked me all general questions.I was able to respond all their questions except the pay stub.I did not had pay stub at that time and unable to show him.But since then I haven't heard anything from USICS.
    I hope this helps.:)


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  • sareesh
    09-10 01:12 AM
    Did IV already requested and waiting for numbers?
    we really need those numbers instead of guessing 5,10,15 ...years.
    Atleast we will know whether to
    1) take appropriate action.
    2) pack bags and go home
    3) Keep ranting here
    4) do nothing and keep waiting


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  • abhijitp
    06-15 06:48 PM
    You are right, apparently they just posted these new dates today. I think it applies to even TSC (and maybe to other centers, I haven't checked.)

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  • whattodo
    08-05 12:18 PM
    This is interesting. Does this mean that if AOS is approved after 180 days of filing, then the employee does not have to work for original employer?

    06-02 11:13 PM
    Hi All,
    First of all I would like to thank everybody on this forum for helping out with the Visitor Visa information.

    As you might know from my previous threads my Parents visa was rejected twice from Mumbai Consulate in 2004 and 2005. My Parents and I were totally depressed and were having a tough time trying to figure out what is going wrong. After failing twice we were very worried about applying for third time but then we all thought of it as sheer gamble and luck and decided to apply.

    I was the sponsorer for the trip and my father is retired and landlord. We wrote his occupation in DS-156 as retired and landlord.

    This time we let my mother give the interview as my father keeps forgetting things due to age.

    No documents were seen at all. The interview was in Hindi. They asked all basic questions to my mom

    1) Why do you want to go?
    For Toursim and to visit daughter and son-in-law

    2) How long do you want to stay - 2 months

    3) What does your daughter do - XXX in AAA company
    4) What does your son-in-law do -- YYYY in BBB company

    Thats is the visa was granted and we could not believe it. As it took us 5 years of suffering to get it. But keep hopes up and keep trying.

    11-21 11:15 AM
    Are you sure that the AP is deemed abandoned if you leave US prior to its approval?

    Could you direct me/us to the appropriate document to support this?


    Its mentioned in the instructions very clearly for the text of the same please refer to the threads below this I pasted the same for similar queries


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