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  • abhay
    08-28 11:06 AM

    Can I book my Visa appointment at Toronto US Embassy without having H1B approval papers? I have just applied for H1b extension planning to conver to premium soon, was thinking since Toronto interviews are baclogged by a month or so if I could jus book now. I am not sure if I have fill ds-156 immediately on the site and if it will cause any problems.

    Please respond if anyone has done so recetnly


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  • sankap
    08-03 10:49 PM
    . Then when your FP, IBIS and NC clears in a week,
    What is IBIS?

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  • mrjonie
    12-31 09:21 AM
    I have both H1 and EAD.. Renewed EAD for the second time on Dec 18th via online and by Dec 30th, the status is updated in website that the approval notice is sent. havent received the biometrics as well..Weird, right..I ddnt expect EAD request to be approved so fast...

    Any way, my H1 is expiring on Feb 03, 2010..But I went and submit request to renew that as well..since iam in 140 approved state, I think I might get H1 extension as well, In which can I intende to continue with my H1 status and use EAD as a backup plan. If you ask me reason, Not sure...:))..

    I am EB3 ,India , 2006 Dec as Priority.

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  • mgcpa
    09-06 07:07 AM
    Thankyou so much. I was trying for an appointment in chennai for the first week of Nov07. When you click "yes" appointments are available till the end of Oct07...but when you click "No" there's no availability.
    Will keep trying then, will also call the customer care.



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  • anu_t
    06-15 12:33 PM
    I am also in the same situation.

    I read on a different thread that 485 can be filed with previous employer and you can continue to work in current company. because 485 is based on future employment. Once labor is cleared in the new company, an ammedment can be filed in I-140 along with 485 papers from previous company..Is it true?? or am I reading it wrong??

    Please help
    yes but I heard that you have to join them at some stage. Which everything falls down (because of this bill) I ready to do. The thing is my previous employer is not ready to file my 485 without joining him. even if I am ready to compensate him whatever he gains by joining him for 10 months. That's because he hopes that he can substitute that labour and earn more money than I can give him. I just hate this helpless situation.

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  • sweet23guyin
    09-18 10:49 AM
    Made $100 contribtion again. Confirmation Number: 7K029605UV284880N.


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  • bestofall
    09-04 02:20 PM
    went to infopass today afternoon. while showing my documents , I have shown current EAD , and expired EAD card.
    The officer immly taken the Expired EAD and said that they are supposed to collect the expired EAD card from any one , if they see them.

    she gave a copy of it.

    is anyone had same experience with expired EAD card ?

    do we need to have all expired EAD cards ?

    My PD March 23 2005 , she said name check pending since 2007 sep.becuase background check is pending they may not act on it
    when I asked about 180 days memo , she said it is up to TSC to act on it.

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  • sj0509
    01-16 09:12 AM
    I was laid off 12 Nov. I have a I140 approved. My employer filed for revoking my I140 on 12th itself. On 30th I got a notice from USCIS saying my case for revoking was under consideration.

    Now I got another job and they will be applying for H1B transfer. Although it has been only 3 weeks, the LCA will take a week after which they H1B will be applied.

    What will happen next? Will I get a H1 without having to leave the country? Or is it possible that I will have to leave?

    I have family... Will they have to leave the country as well?

    Since the new company has asked me to start as soon as we get the receipt, will I be able to do that? What would be the implications if they ask me to leave the country and come back in?

    I got an extension on my H1b as my 6 yrs will expire in 1.5 yrs. Will my new H1 be valid till the extension or will I get only for a shorter period?

    Thanks for all your answers! I am really nervous as the law is quiet on these things and that makes it anyone's guess.


    Did you get your new H approved ? Did you file in premium ? I am asking this because I am in exactly the same situation as you (worse actually).

    H1BAlien or anyone else that can help, please advise.

    I got laid off on Dec 2nd. I am a consultant, and my project ended on Dec 2nd, but surprisingly my Consulting firm also laid me off on the same day, without even telling me. They wrote a letter to USCIS for canceling my H1 on that day. And I came to know that yesterday, Jan 15th, when I asked them to keep running my payroll.

    I did not get any termination letter from the firm, nor did I get a travel ticket back to India. I have an approved I-140, and just got my three year extension in November based on that. (I have completed my six years here).

    I have these couple questions.

    Firstly, since I have been out of status for 45 days now (without knowing), how long do I have before I can transfer an H1 ? I have a few contracts in the pipeline, hopefully one of which will materialize in the next week-10 days.

    Secondly, is there anything I can do to ask my firm to recall the cancellation notice ? Are they in the wrong, legally, for not intimating me about my termination.

    Thirdly, if I file for a change of status to B1, will that hamper my ability to transfer H1 to another firm ?

    Thank you everyone for your help.


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  • rsdang
    08-25 02:26 PM
    :o so when should we get an update on the dates?

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  • asphaltcowboy
    03-04 12:27 PM
    I voted megatron, great design, nice and simple.

    congrats to all the entries - they're all REALLY GOOD!


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  • krisganta
    07-25 07:38 PM
    I think the PD, RD and ND do not make any sense. I called NSC today morning and the initial person basically told me what I see on the USCIS website about my case status. After I insisted that I need to talk to someone who can give me more information about my case, she transferred the call to another person. I am assuming she is the level 2 person.

    According to the second person, the visa numbers are not available so they won't process my case. My PD is Aug 04 and when I told her that EB2 for India is current until June 06, she has no response for it. She told me to call back after 60 days. At this time after spending 45 minutes on phone, I was very irritated and gave it up.

    I think no one has any clue how USCIS processes these cases.

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  • ramhs
    06-27 01:25 PM
    send by fedex on friday 6/29


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  • waitnwatch
    11-17 11:58 AM
    Could we have a video of our issues posted on youtube and google. That may help get the word out. Could be well worth a try. Core folks - do you think it is a good idea?

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  • whitecollarslave
    07-25 10:02 AM
    I had a Infopass apt this morning and the IO told me that my name check was cleared. My PD is Jul 2005 (EB2 India). 140 approved 18 months ago. anyidea I get approved in August?

    What was the reason why you asked for an Infopass appointment?
    Whats your country of changeability?


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  • pappu
    02-16 12:14 PM
    could someone spread the word on other forums too outside IV. -- immgrationportal etc etc

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  • raysaikat
    12-26 03:02 AM
    (usually - you have to start it within 18 months of the individual's selection for the job).
    cheers, Punda

    My understanding was that it has to be within 18 months of the hiring date (start date). Anyway, if you missed it, not much you can do :) (Well, you can still go via the EB2 route, but you will have to do normal labor certification and that would take longer. The EB2 I-140 will still be less risky and cheaper for you, though.)


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  • breddy2000
    08-06 03:24 PM
    Looking at the approvals from TSC and nothing from NSC, it looks like PD - RD - ND does not matter. All that matters is your luck. Some lucky souls got their GC processed while other with 2003 and 2004 PD were still waiting to see the light from NSC.

    :D :confused: :mad:

    Something tells me that NSC might be working on 485 cases like TSC with an exception of sending or updating the approval notices as and when they are completed.

    Maybe they will send all the approval notices this weekend for the cases being worked on till now.

    After seeing the Immigrationwatch on the number of approvals and cases touched at NSC(not sure how reliable this is)but , this might be the case.

    Also, if you see the history of NSC on approval notices sent , this might make sense. Example did anyone observed this trend in EAD approvals from NSC? My Approval notice for EAD says that the Case is approved on 12/11/07, however the Card expiration date was valid from 12/05/2007 to 12/04/2008. A gap of 8 days between date sent and actual approval

    Just being positive....Thats all...Hopefully True

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  • summitpointe
    01-25 08:01 AM
    You can get a letter from your new employer mentioning the Gross salary(salary + bonus) etc., and show the same amount or higher as salary. This will help you in getting the problem solved

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  • msyedy
    05-14 03:04 PM
    I call bunk!
    The US ranks as #23.

    PS: since I came here, what I miss most is my freedom. Ironic isn't it?

    I wonder why indians come here? Why can't we go there and find a job in IT.
    We can't because they do not encourage any other color. Do they have jobs for us?


    07-25 01:50 PM
    Yes, i know of few ppl who not only kept calling USCIS 4-5 times a day and at least 1 infopass a week, but flew over to USCIS service center in Nebraska, just to keep on top of things, in person.

    Sure enough, he got his GC within a few days - much ahead of ppl who were waiting for years patiently.

    Exactly, One of my friends made it a point to call USCIS every week and took 3 appointments since last Jul. He got his GC a month ago.
    Oh wait .....Kicker ? His PD was not even current :)

    My PD wont be current in next three years, but i decided to call them regularly any way :):) I am not leaving any stone unturned :):):)

    08-30 05:44 PM
    Hi go_guy123,

    Yes my son is a US citizen. I have not explored the unconventional ways because I had never in my dreams thought that I would ever be in this situation. But I would now.


    Then what you can do is file for MTR like one of the posts mentioned. However you cant work till MTR decision takes place.

    On the side, file a second court case based on hardship to a american citizen etc and though USCIS wont give you EAD till MTR decision is completed, but court will force USCIS to give you a EAD on the best interests of the child who is a US citizen.

    Contact a good lawyer like Greg Siskind, Cyrus Mehta et al. I dont know further information. But I see some hope in pursuing that angle.

    Sadly but true US imigration is hostile towards skilled immigrants but is lot more humane towards other cases.

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