Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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  • imm_pro
    01-06 04:08 PM
    what a way to start the year..

    She said that she is USCIS contractor and also showed her badge..asked some pretty basic questions..

    we can expect a lot more of these this year

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  • vin13
    06-03 08:09 AM
    Anyone having atleast 10,000 Delta miles and willing to donate please PM me.

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  • elaiyam
    06-19 01:53 PM
    Yes. In fact you must use the latest I94 (if you renewed your h1 after the entry) from i129, since that will have the latest exp. date. (valid to date)

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  • Rb_newsletter
    01-07 04:14 PM
    May I request people to post month/year & city of the visits happened? Just trying to get some idea of when and where the visits are happening.


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  • paskal
    09-06 08:59 PM
    Guys, I'm going to spend all night and all weekend on Orkut promoting the rally among our different national communities in and near DC and other places. I will also be blogging and calling everyone I know and networking. Let's all do the same! We need 30,000 at the Rally!!!!!!!!!!!

    there is an immigration voice community on orkut too...join up!

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  • casinoroyale
    08-19 05:19 PM
    I think most of our APs expire starting October, given this date is coming closer its critical to track the AP renewal timings. Friends, please update if your AP renewal is approved.

    I applied in July 1st week, NSC, e-file, still pending.


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  • wins
    04-13 09:30 PM
    Sorry about that. I am a little confused, so wanted to give related details so that someone can suggest me the next approach. I have asked Lawyers and international officers at school but just needed some input from this forum.

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  • dealsnet
    05-13 03:52 PM
    Keep the copy of filing in september and copy of receipt as your evidence for your petition before the expiry of I-94.
    Your company / lawyer may put the start date incorrect, that is why your I-94 issued with later date. It is my guess. Keep all the papers to cover yourself for the GC process.

    Thanks Nathan for your reply. Let me just put down some more information

    My employer had applied for extension before my previous I-94 expiry, which means, can i consider my case as pending for those 3.5 months? Also, may i know what do you actually mean by "If you did not have valid I-94 or the case was not pending". do you mean that if atleast one of the criteria is not met, i'm accumulating unlawful presence.

    I had an I-94 till 10-Oct-2009 and the new I-94 is only from 13-Jan-2010. Similarly, my previous I-797 was valid till 30-Sep-2009 and my new I-797 is only from 13-Jan-2010. Do you still think that this is a problem? because my employer says that i should be fine and should not be having any problems. But again, i don't trust them and thatz the reason, i have ventured out to the forums. You response is highly appreciated.


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  • sathishav
    03-07 09:49 AM
    agree with krishmunn and gc2.

    An amicable solution is the best. DBA jobs (corp-to-corp) is aplenty, especially if you are willing to move. Not sure why he is eager to drop the 140 and send you out.

    I also asked you about the time you traveled outside. that will be helpful for recapture, just in case you need to start all over again.

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  • karan77_2000
    09-10 09:36 AM
    Here's the reply from VFS..

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Thank you for the email.

    An applicant already working in the US got a visa expired more than 12 months ago and stayed in the US on the basis of the petition and never came down to India, is now reapplying for the same visa class from the US itself then the applicant may select the option �Yes� in "Are you applying for same visa class that expired in the last 12 months?" to schedule for an interview date.

    VFS Team


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  • StarSun
    01-18 09:32 AM
    Over the past few days, many members have shown interest in meeting with lawmaker offices. Any member who is willing to meet with these offices, please contact me via ph or email.

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  • NorthIndian
    08-29 11:20 PM
    H1B Denied (and no pending application) = You are out of status
    I-94 Expired - Your stay in US is illegal


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  • cityfisher
    07-26 09:25 AM
    On the ad and labor certificate, it is the same thing: master or bachelor plus 2 years' experience. But it is not indicated on the labor certificate this is an EB2 or EB3. Only on the I-140, the lawyer selected Eb2.
    I called the lawyer, she was very stubborn, refused to make any change. But I am worried, if this application is denied after 8/17, then we will lose the chance to file I-485. My H1 is going to expire and reach the maximum.

    If the labor cert has been approved as an EB2 much depends on what your qualifications are. If you have the degree and relevant experience you might be OK. However, if you have the equivalent, i.e. different qualification and experience this will be denied.

    The job, the advert and you all have to match.

    The option to ask for it to be considered as an EB3 was denied in my own case in 2000. Once the category is in place and the labor cert has been approved that is the category this has to be. It is most probable you will have to start all over again with advertising etc for an EB3.

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  • Macaca
    02-16 12:43 PM
    H1B visa shortage was accepted by both. The opposer said that it was lowering wages.


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  • milind70
    08-28 12:41 PM

    Can I book my Visa appointment at Toronto US Embassy without having H1B approval papers? I have just applied for H1b extension planning to conver to premium soon, was thinking since Toronto interviews are baclogged by a month or so if I could jus book now. I am not sure if I have fill ds-156 immediately on the site and if it will cause any problems.

    Please respond if anyone has done so recetnly


    I would only take an appointment after i get the approval to be on a safer side. People might argue by saying that i will do PP,but if there is an RFE and it takes time to resovle it then what?? So to be absolutely safer i would suggets to get the approval and then take the appointment.Never take the case granted that USCIS will approve it if we do PP.

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  • GCHope2011
    07-03 10:53 AM
    Refreshing to see no generalizations or wild rhetoric. The historical perspective about the locals fearing "Germanization" seems to be similar to some of the propaganda today about today's immigrants.

    But one thing that everyone seems to be putting in the same bracket is the difference between legal and illegal immigration. My view is that when you disrespect one law and get away with it, what prevents you from really violating other laws? (

    By Jeb Bush and Robert D. Putnam
    Saturday, July 3, 2010
    On our national birthday, and amid an angry debate about immigration, Americans should reflect on the lessons of our shared immigrant past. We must recall that the challenges facing our nation today were felt as far back as the Founders' time. Immigrant assimilation has always been slow and contentious, with progress measured not in years but in decades. Yet there are steps communities and government should take to form a more cohesive, successful union.
    Consider what one leader wrote in 1753: "Few of their children in the country learn English. The signs in our streets have inscriptions in both languages. . . . Unless the stream of their importation could be turned . . . they will soon so outnumber us that we will not preserve our language, and even our government will become precarious." Thus Ben Franklin referred to German Americans, still the largest ethnic group in America ( A century later, Midwestern cities such as Cincinnati and St. Louis were mostly German-speaking. So worried were their native-born neighbors that Iowa outlawed speaking German in public and even in private conversation.
    Proponents and opponents of immigration agree on one thing: Learning English is crucial to success and assimilation. Yet learning a language as an adult is hard, so first-generation immigrants often use their native tongue. Historically, English has dominated by the second or third generation in all immigrant groups. Most recent immigrants recognize that they need to learn English, and about 90 percent of the second generation speak English (, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. Research by sociologists Claude Fischer and Michael Hout published in 2008 suggests that English acquisition among immigrants today is faster than in previous waves.
    Residential integration of immigrants is even more gradual. Half a century ago, sociologist Stanley Lieberson showed that most immigrants lived in segregated enclaves, "Little Italy" or "Chinatown," for several generations. This segregation reflected discrimination by natives and the natural desire of "strangers in a strange land" to live among familiar faces with familiar customs. Only with suburbanization, encouraged by government policy in the 1950s and 1960s, did the children and grandchildren of the immigrants of the 1890s and 1900s exit those enclaves. That many of today's immigrants live in ethnic enclaves is thus entirely normal and reflects no ominous aim to separate themselves from the wider American community

    Immigrant intermarriage, then and now, also demonstrates steady progress over generations. In the 1960s, more than half a century after Italian immigration peaked, about 40 percent of second-generation Italians married non-Italians. This pattern characterizes today's immigrants: 39 percent of U.S.-born Latinos marry non-Latinos, according to the Pew Research Center. ( among second-generation Asian Americans is even more common. Today's immigrants are, on average, assimilating socially even more rapidly than earlier waves.
    One important difference, however, that separates immigration then and now: We native-born Americans are doing less than our great-grandparents did to welcome immigrants.
    A century ago, religious, civic and business groups and government provided classes in English and citizenship. Historian Thomas P. Vadasz found that in Bethlehem, Pa., a thriving town of about 20,000, roughly two-thirds of whom were immigrants, the biggest employer, Bethlehem Steel, and the local YMCA offered free English instruction to thousands of immigrants in the early 20th century, even paying them to take classes. Today, immigrants face long waiting lists for English classes, even ones they pay for.
    Why is this important? A legal immigration system is the not-so-secret edge in a competitive, interconnected world economy. Immigrants enhance our ability to grow and prosper in the dynamic global marketplace. We will need every possible advantage to expand our economy amid its fiscal challenges. Moreover, the aging of our population places a premium on young, productive workers, many of whom must come from immigration.
    To improve their integration into our American community, we should:
    -- Provide low-cost English classes, in cooperation with local civic and religious groups, where immigrants build personal ties with co-ethnics and native-born Americans. These connections foster assimilation and help newcomers navigate our complex institutions.
    -- Invest in public education, including civics education and higher education. During the first half of the 20th century, schools were critical to preparing children of immigrants for success and fostering a shared national identity.
    -- Assist communities experiencing rapid increases in immigration, which is traumatic for those arriving here and for receiving communities. Schools and hospitals bear disproportionate costs of immigration, while the economic and fiscal benefits from immigration accrue nationally.
    Assimilation does not mean immigrants shed ethnic identities. Our national experience with hyphenated identities shows that good Americans can retain a strong sense of ethnic identity.
    We've lived our national motto, "E Pluribus Unum" ("Out of Many, One"), better than any other country. But we ought not to airbrush our ancestors' difficulties in assimilation, nor fail to match our forebears' efforts to help integrate immigrants. Government, churches, libraries, civic organizations and businesses must cooperate to address this challenge, as they did a century ago.

    Jeb Bush was governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007. Robert D. Putnam is the Malkin professor of public policy at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.


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  • taruon09
    08-08 09:11 AM
    Is it true that EAD filed under new fee system DOES NOT expire after 1 year? If yes, isn't it better to file with higher fee.

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  • gk_2000
    03-26 02:08 PM
    Dear friends,

    But why are we worrying about this? With retrogression, priority dates, etc, will we be still alive when our turn comes to become 'immigrants'?

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  • webm
    03-25 11:23 AM
    I am scared.

    Think positive and goodluck!!

    07-27 07:10 AM
    (1) For now fill out online ar-11 - which is mandatory (to be done within 10 days, I think, of addr change)
    (2) There is a USCIS number, which you can call to get your address updated, once you have receipt number

    quoting from USCIS site: D&vgnextchannel=54519c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD
    Regardless of whether or not you are a U.S. citizen, if you choose not to use the electronic change of address notification, you will need to call customer service at 1-800-375-5283 to request that the address on your pending application/petition be changed. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you will also need to complete a paper Form AR-11.


    Thanks for the info - I maybe changing address soon.

    12-07 07:37 PM
    3 - An audited financial statement of 2007

    Try to obtain the audited financial statements from prior years, if you can't get it, attach a copy of employer's tax return. The ability of pay is determined at the time labor was filed or job was offered, current financial statements might not be as valuable as the old ones when the labor was actually applied.

    I would first like to thank to all of you who are here to help each other and what a great effort IV is doing.

    In my previous post
    I have requested for help in regards with how to address the ability to pay denial . I have recieved a lot of help for various members and also talking with attorney, here is what we are planning to do as far as the appeal is concern.

    1 - Since my company was not paying the proffered wages from the year 2003 to 2006 ( in 2007 they are), my company is agreed to pay me the difference of the salary from the year 2003 in check and will right a statement as to why I didnt get the fully salary before.

    2 - Company will provide the last 2-3 months of payroll statement which is more that a milliion dollar.

    3 - An audited financial statement of 2007

    4- My recent pay stubs

    5 - My W2 from 2003-2006

    This is the list of documents that we have come up with to apply for an appeal. IN the mean time I am also filing a new labor with another company under PERM. Since my h1b is expiring in June 2008, if the I-140 get approve during the MTR and doesnt go to appeal stage I will be set, else if it goes to appeal then I am planning to extend the H1 based on appeal and will transfer my h1 to the company where they are filing a new labor for me and file 1-140 from there hence starting from square one again.

    I do want an advise from all of you if I am missing something that should file with the MTR/appeal. Any suggestion to improve my MTR/appeal filing is appriciated.


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