Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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  • vxg
    03-21 10:57 AM
    My advice send enlarged color copies of all things they asked for.
    Thanks Guys..........

    By GOD's grace.... this process ends soon. I think I paid my dues of being H1-B.

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  • pappu
    05-27 11:39 AM
    Vin13 is coordinating the skymiles distribution. Please contact him.

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  • jfredr
    01-18 06:33 PM
    Its his responsibility to send you W2.

    He has to send it to you. any way they start sending out only after jan-15th. so you can expect it beween Jan 15 th to March 31st.

    Send him couple of friendly reminders and if he does not respond say that you are going to report to IRS. even after if he doesn't respond then you always have the option of complainin to IRS. which will be a big headache for him.

    i dont think any desi employer will be willing to go to IRS.
    because most of the Desi employers are cheaters & don't have any ethics.

    I have to fight with my previous employer couple of years back to get my w2's

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  • pappu
    08-19 11:02 AM
    I am in St. Louis MO, Please send me the Call in information.

    You would need to join the group organizing this call or contact them with your full information. We will be providing important sensitive information and no anonymous members will be allowed.
    How to join?
    Formal invitations with details have been sent to the following chapters:
    MN, WI, IL, MI and Physicians

    If any other active midwestern chapter wishes to join in, please let me know. If you do not have a state chapter, either help create one (great option!) or join the state chapter nearest to you from the above list.
    If individual members from other regions want to join in, they must provide complete contact information before call details can be provided.


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  • gaz
    03-30 11:44 PM
    Bought an Apartment in India last year using an NRI loan from a leading bank in India. The apartment is still under construction.

    Can the home loan be used for a deduction on the US loan? The home loan is being paid with 100% US earned funds (i.e. through by NRO/ NRE account).

    i'm on an H1B.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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  • apt29
    09-06 12:25 PM
    Just stating it - you are double safe

    Thanks for the reply.

    I will be under AOS when I get 485 receipt. So will it create any problem or you are just stating it.

    So, if I apply right now in sep where my PD is not current, I will be eligible for 3 yrs extension.


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  • rbharol
    08-22 02:34 PM
    One step at a time.
    First lets get SKIL through.

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  • TheGreatMan
    07-12 03:55 PM
    It's impossible for USCIS to approve any cases filed on July 2nd. Don't they need some time to conduct name check?

    hmm let me think :) Yes .. Only if they want to do Name Check though :) ..


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  • gsc999
    04-02 01:19 PM
    Congratulations on your marriage.

    Now questions: Was your application based on EB? Do you still have valid H1 documents? If you have H1 you can get her on H4 and file for her AOS asap before you get your approval.

    If the above is not possible then you might have to look for some other to answer.

    I am assuming you would have considered all options and consulted with someone knowledgeable before you even you got married.
    apb, good to see you again.

    AabTuagaGc: Congratulations on your marriage. apb is right. Get your spouse here on H4 and then add her to your existing 485 application. Your attorney should guide you when you can technically add her to your application.

    On a lighter note: It seems you didn't do this research beforehand, shows me that it must have been love at first sight ;-)


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    08-28 11:48 AM
    Dear Friend,
    The best way to get a solution is to resolve the matter with company A whoever filed your wife's H-1.
    Complaining is not going to help as mentioned by someone..because the company will deny and close the position even before it starts. They could send a letter to the USCIS stating that they no longer intend to hire the prospective candidate and cancel the h1.

    Whatever decision you take think carefully, because the Ball is in their Court.



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  • nbknaidu
    07-13 10:53 AM
    I got 2 years EAD from TSC(efile-card received in 35days). But the new EAD start date is current EADs expiry date+1.

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  • ganguteli
    03-25 03:41 PM
    Excellent information. Never new this much. But again, whether the politicians know these facts? Nobody knows. These are things that should be highlighted and then ofcourse there are these guys........

    Stop comparing us to Noble prize winners. We are not that good and not best in the world.

    That is a wrong strategy.

    If someone among us is capable of a Noble prize, then they can apply in EB1. It is always current.


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  • everonh1
    07-28 01:11 PM
    That was a really funny post.Still laughing.

    So,for benefit of others,Application was filed with Nebraska Center.
    My PD is Jan 06- Not expecting GC for another 2 yrs. Also did find the LIN number on "Scan" copy of check on the back.
    I-485 and I-765 have diff LIN nos-obviously 2 different applications.
    Biometrics has same LIN no.

    Do not have fedex information- only knew that Application was received on July 2.
    Guess the process has kicked in and more and more people should be finding their checks cashed.


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  • teky
    01-11 07:54 PM

    I would really appreciate if somebody can answer this question:

    I have applied for my labor certification in EB 3 category in April 2002. My Labor has been approved in August 2005 and my I -140 certified.

    I have a US Masters degree and would like to know if I can re-file my labor from the same employer in EB2 with PERM.
    I would not like to lose my priority date of April 2002.

    Please let me know if this possible .



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  • ssa
    05-17 04:11 PM
    There is some info here:
    Specific to San Francisco consulate though.

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  • bobby123
    11-08 09:01 AM
    Do we have a premium processing for Status change from H4- H1 after H1B is approved??

    I know we have apremium processing for H1B approval.


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  • trueguy
    12-13 03:33 PM
    Moving to Canada doesn't help guys. You have to have a job to survive in any country.

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  • GCVivek
    03-25 07:13 PM
    How about kill OWN people and throw into a Tandoor? India 1: Germany 0
    Or starve population while ministers declare 41 crores in assets India 2: Germany 0
    Or, need to bribe Govt. to get anything done - even own birth certificate - from Peons to Ministers India 3: Germany 0
    Or the country's IT capital has no (even) 2G phone service yet while Telecom minister ran away with 5000 crores - India 4: Germany 0
    If I go on, we might have Limit India tends to infinity...........

    The point is - every country has it's faults! ;)

    Yes. Lets start counting. I am Indian.

    Kill people for "committing" the crime of being Jews - Germans 1, Indians 0. Kill people of being communists - Germans 2, Indians 0. Kill people for being Romas - Germans 3, Indians 0. Kill people for being Slavs - Germans 4, Indians 0... Oooh. Looks like Germans have already won the contest here. I resign.

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  • notacrime
    11-15 02:37 PM
    This is not the right forum for you.
    however if you like our cause, you may want to contribute money.

    Does the way I'm applying for the I-485 adjustment make me unwelcome here? If it does then let me know and I will not post any more. But it seems to me that I am in the same situation as many people on this site.

    My question still stands, I'd like to hear from those who are applying for adjustment of status I-485, have gotten stuck in name check, and have written to their congressperson or senators.

    07-12 10:32 PM
    I'm working with the same employer for the past 4 1/2 years. My six year H1 is getting expiring on 02/2009 and having B.Tech & MS from Indian University with 13 years of toal experience (8 years in India and 5 years in US). Can my employer apply PERM Labor in EB2 even if my EB3 I-140 still pending from NSC by retaining the same PD of EB3?. Is there any possibility of applying directly one more I-140 in EB2 without applying PERM and not affecting my EB3 I-140 process?. One more thing am I eligible for premium I-140 for EB2. Bottom line can I apply EB2 by retaining the same PD of EB3 by taking advantage of I-140 Premium processing.

    Please advice me.

    My EB3 Labor PD on 04/2004.
    Filed I-140 on 10/2007 (Still Pending from NSC)

    I too in same boat with Nov 2006 PD. When I asked my employer to port to EB2 they said they can't do it and all they can do is withdraw Eb3 because it puts my employer in DHS/USCIS radar. Still don't know what to do as 140 is struck in NSC since May 1 2007.

    03-07 09:36 AM
    the most effective thing to do is to patch up with your employer. talk to him about his discontentment. even if you decide to leave, try and leave on good terms. there's some discussion about cost of revoking I-140 for which you'd find the thread below helpful.

    once you've come to an aimcable closure, let go of the past and put all your efforts in finding a job. if you are an expert in your field and are fine with travel anywhere in US, your chances of finding an employer who is willing to transfer H go up.

    if you can share your email, i can refer DBA opportunities to you.

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