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chicago bulls 2011 playoffs

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  • va_labor2002
    10-22 05:46 PM
    This is a good opportunity.We request members who are attending this event to distribute the flyers provided by Pappu on this website.

    I will be unable to make it as I will be in a diff. time zone at that time.

    I totally agree with you. I am planning to attend the mela. I will print some flyers to distribute to people( fresh immgrants ). Is there any core member in DC/VA area planning to attend the mela ? Any recommendations from Team ?

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  • boppana99
    08-16 05:37 PM

    I'm residing in St.Louis and would like to participate. I came to know of the missouri chapter today. Go IV

    Prasad Boppana

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  • Chicago Bulls#39; Joakim Noah

  • krishnam70
    11-20 04:23 PM
    OK so i applied for my EAD and AP renewal on August 13th 2008. Receipt and online shows the same.

    EAD received within 30 days for both Spouse and I.

    AP - i gave it 3 months since that what processing time shows at NSC. on 19th Nov i start to get worried (Have trip scheduled to India on Dec 8th).

    I called NSC - apparently there was an RFE sent on Oct 21st. I confirmed the address they have on file. It is correct. I never got the letter from USCIS. Called my Lawyer - they got the letter but their &^%$$##@# Admin sent the notice to the wrong address (How f*&^^%^k dumb !) and never followed up with me.

    The best part is that the NSC status does not show any change to RFE notice sent or whatever. This is why i assumed nothing. BIG MISTAKE to trust their online system.

    Turns out the RFE is about Photos. I need to send both photos AGAIN - what do these losers at USCIS do with the photos - do they just trash them or what?

    Anyway now i am relying on Lawyer couriering AP out to me in India. I dont have option to use H1-B stamping because its been more than 12 months since my visa expired and i have heard that people get stuck there for 3 months getting security clearance.

    Be very careful
    If you apply for AP and then leave the country the application is deemed as abandoned. I am not sure if you can reenter the country using the AP that was approved (even if is and is mailed by your attorney to India) when your documents will show you left the US before your AP was approved. So make sure you are covered legally before you make the decision of going to india and getting stuck there with no recourse
    - good luck

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  • swo
    08-04 10:30 PM
    Of course. If not, we will fight for the right. The whole green card mess has come to the boiling point, where honest/patient people can no longer stand it any more, mainly due to the incompetency, mismanagement and even potentially unethecial behavior of those agencies. If they continue their sloppy work, they will continue screw people up. :rolleyes:

    I totally disagree with you. Their estimations are poor. That I will grant without a moment's hesitation.

    But the problem is that the actual design of the process is just plain inefficient. The workflow is broken. More importantly, the number of visas that are available to EB applicants does not reflect the number required to handle the demand. THAT is our biggest single source of frustration.

    Overall, my dealings with USCIS staff have been good. They have been courteous and informative within in the bounds of the information that have available.

    By the way typos are nothing to do with incompetence. If I got a nickel for every badly written post here I would be wealthy beyond my dreams. Typos have to be expected when hundreds of thousands of receipts are issued. Or perhaps you'd like them to slow down a bit and take more time in creating typo-free receipts?


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  • singhsa3
    08-25 11:25 AM
    Sometime I feel Newark office are not helpful a lot. What was yourexperience at Mt Laurel? I might go down there.
    Had an Infopass nearby at the Mt laurel, NJ office and was told Visa numbers are still available and should be available till early next month. Don't ask me on what basis. Just communicating what I heard

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  • Heat at Bulls. 2011 Eastern

  • srikondoji
    08-28 12:50 AM
    He is not revealing the attorney information.
    I do have receipt number and when we checked the status, there was a query on the application.
    When i asked the consulting company, they said that they are preparing a response.

    I donot have actualy receipt copy. I only have receipt number. Is it possible to know, if that receipt number belongs to us?



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  • eb3retro
    08-18 12:01 PM
    when did you efile this? and which service center. I recently efiled our AP also with NSC and all I sent was this:

    1) receipt confirmation page.
    2) 2 photographs.
    3) Copy of expired AP.
    4) Copy of 485 receipt.

    This is all I sent last time to TSC and they approved it fine. Its getting tougher and tougher to even move an inch with USCIS these days.


    I went through the IV forums to gather the list of documents that I had to send for AP efiling. I compiled the following list of documents and sent these out as supporting documents for my wife's AP renewal application -

    1. I-131 E-File Confirmation Receipt
    2. Copy, USCIS Receipt for e-filed I-131
    3. Evidence of Adjustment of Status filing
    - Receipt Notice of I-485 application.
    4. Copy, Previous Advanced Parole issued.
    5. Copy, Official Photo Identity Document(s) with Photo, Name and Date of Birth
    - Biographic Page of Passport.
    - Employment Authorization Document (both sides)
    - State Drivers License
    6. Copy, Document Issued by USCIS Showing Present Status
    - I-94
    7. 2 copies of Passport Photograph

    I have received an RFE on this. This is the what I got -

    "Evidence of Eligibility: Submit a copy of your approval notice (Notice of Action, Form I-797) or receipt notice (Form I-797C) for Form I140, or Form I360 or Form I526. If you have filed the I485 as a derivative alien, submit spouse's or parent's I797C for his/her I-485 and the I-797 for his/her approved or pending I140, I360, or I526."

    I am the primary applicant still on my H1B (7th year). My wife is working and on EAD. I guess I should have sent my 485 receipt, 140 approval, EAD etc. too and could have avoided this RFE. From the above statement, I infer that I should be sending the following documents now -

    1. 'I797, Notice of Action - Approval Notice' for my approved I140
    2. 'I797, Notice of Action - Receipt Notice' for my I-485 application.

    Please let me know if this list of documents would suffice the RFE or if I need to send anything else like the following -

    1. Copy, Previous Advanced Parole issued to me.
    2. Copy of my EAD
    3. Copy of my H1B Approval
    4. Copy of my I-94
    5. Copy of my Drivers License

    Also, I (am not sure and) do not have I-797C for my I-485. The scanned copy that I have just says I-797. Should I ask my attorney for I-797C?

    Please respond. Thanks.


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  • viveksri
    03-27 08:40 PM
    After responding to my RFE I have received 4 soft Luds so far.

    I don't think these LUDs mean anything. Because I spoke to a CSR/IO this morning and per her they have received the response but my case hasn't been assigned to an officer yet for further processing. Again which I don�t think is correct because I believe response goes to the same IO who issued the RFE.

    Anyway it really doesn�t matter what I think. Good luck to all.



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  • perm2gc
    08-28 11:35 AM

    My Wife was on H4-B and completed masters.
    Unfortunately we have chosen this consulting company A to file for H1-B. As you guessed, we have sent our papers in a hurry due to H1-B visa numbers going away like hot cakes.

    What do you specifically mean by 'right side of the process' ?
    My Wife still has an outstanding job offer from company B.
    I am on H1-B and my wife is somewhere in between H1-B and H4-B

    Except receipt number and few emails (which iam saving) and questionaire documents, i have nothing.

    Issues with company A
    1) Not sending us a copy of H1-B application
    2) Does not tell us what the offer letter contains
    3) Is not revealing the attorney who filed our application
    4) Is not properly responding to emails asking the above forms.
    5) Is delaying answering the query.
    6) He just sent a receipt number and don't know, if it belongs to us.
    7) Last time we spoke, he said he will ask the attorney to respond to the query.

    What i did was
    1) Paid company A for my H1-B
    2) Sent my resume and completed questionaire.
    3) Waiting for the H1-B approval.

    How many of the points above, i can use to nail the company A?
    Can i get some sort of justice without hiring a lawyer?
    How many of those points mentioned above are of interest to labor dept and or USCIS to initiate an audit on company A?
    Can i use this case to legally transfer from company A to company B without paystubs?

    Thanks again for your answers

    What do you specifically mean by 'right side of the process' ?
    It means that your wife has a valid job offer and you didnot pay any money to the company and also your offer was genuine one but with the details you have given itseems not.

    Some the Points you mentioned about the company reflects your personal mistakes. If i am not wrong your wife dont have job offer with company A and you just want them to file for H1 so that she can work in next fiscal year but after that she might have got a real job offer with Company B and you want to pursue that offer.

    All the points you mentioned will not help your case with USCIS or DOl as your case is not a genuine case.

    Once your wife H1 get approved then you can file her transfer with company B ...If you are lucky sometime they dont ask paystubs for initial period and even they ask paystubs then you can get them from company A as they have to legally do it and if they dont do it you can file complaint with DOl or USCIS.

    You best bet is to wait until here H1B petition gets approved and then try to transfer to Company B

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  • logiclife
    02-07 06:43 PM

    My I-140 is recently approved and my lawyers refused to provide me a copy of the approval. Is this common practice?

    I would appreciate, if others share their opinion.


    That is an employee retention scheme created by your employer in order to stop you from quitting and joining a better company and taking that priority date with you. This way, you will stick with them and keep working on their terms with little or no power to negotiate better pay. The lawyer is following the orders of your employer who is squeezing you.

    Let me make wiiillllddd guess here....

    You work for a desi employer. Dont you?

    If the answer is yes, then you should not be surprised. They do this all the time. You are not the only victim of "X belongs to employer" where X is H1 approval notice, or labor approval notice or 140 approval notice. Take your pick.

    The reality is, yes, the petition and its approval belongs to them, but it doesnt mean that they cannot give you a xerox copy of approval letter. And if you obtain the xerox or original of the approval letter (h1, labor or 140) that doesnt make you the owner of the petition.

    Take an example. I own a car. However, I give photo-copies of the title of my car to you. Do you become the owner of the car? No. Exactly the same thing. By giving you a xerox copy of 140 approval, you dont become they owner of that 140. And they know that. But still the immigration lawyers (who are basically the pimps of exploiting employers in 99% cases) will peddle this nonsense and they have done it for so long that it has now become conventional wisdom that "X petition belongs to employers and it property of employer so they cannot give originals or photocopies of that X approval letter".

    However, by peddling this BS that "X belongs to employer", they get away by not giving you a xerox copy that doesnt give your ownership of that petition but gives you ability to either change jobs or to retain priority dates and switch jobs more easily. And as far as the original 140 approval letter is concerned, they can keep it with them, sprinkle some sugar on it and lick it for all we care, as long as they give a xerox copy of that first. But they dont want to do that to make is difficult for you to leave them.

    Please refuse to accept this conventional wisdom that really runs in contradiction to common sense.


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  • masterji
    05-22 11:51 PM
    But, when someone enters US with AP, then his H1B becomes void. In that case what is the point of going back to Toronto to get the passport with H1B visa stamp which will have no value? Am I right?

    His visa application is pending name check verification and they handed him his passport back saying they will call him once they receive NC clearance from DOS. So he had his passport with him and his AP so was able to come back.

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  • chanduv23
    07-18 10:46 AM
    Big lawfirms usually tend to inculcate fear among the community.

    A good example is

    this talks about using the latest version of the OMB approved form though, USCIS website cleearly says a previous version can be used till a particular date.

    Errors are common when new people are on job. We all do mistakes. Just imagine you are in a very popular hospital but being treated by a new staff and they make grave mistake, what can you do?

    Every GC petition is adjudicated with equal amount of weightage and everything happens on a case to case basiss. Not all cases are straightforward. Lets not worry too much about such things unless we see it happening a lot. Most issues are self correcting issues.


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  • same_old_guy
    07-05 06:55 PM
    My guess is it's all fuss to gain the publicity. for all who are hoping to see something good out of it : dont expect anything. It's just matter of time before you see your 485 file returned to you. Then everything will be cool and calm. You will be out of shock and start looking for next visa bulletin in mid-Sectember. Lawyers are giving you hopes and that's their job and just like what AILF is doing. The case will be stretched for long and USCIS/DOS will get a slap in the wrist. It's time for you to find out what is next for you. As I said, most will just keep on waiting like they did before and keep predicting next bulletin. Remember when I say "you", I meant "you and I".

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  • zCool
    01-09 12:53 PM
    I think I am missing a point here or am not aware of something. When you don't even have a h1b when you join company B, how can they even apply for your GC. My understanding of the GC process is that you need a H1b (which is a dual intent visa) to start your GC process. Being on EAD would not allow you to do that.

    Not True at all.. EAD is work permit to work within the country.
    AOS Pending is the the status of the applicant.
    While in AOS for 1 app, applicant is allowed to work and companies are allowed to sponsor him.. there is no connection between your status in country and ability to get sponsored for Green card. for that matter even students coming on F1 which is NOT dual intent can just as easily be sponsored for GC..


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  • karthikgk
    10-20 04:05 PM
    I got my approval with the help of Ombudsman office. But, I have not received the card in hand. I received a letter from USCIS and an e-mail from Ombudsman office, about confirming that my case is approved with validity start and end dates.

    The USCIS letter asks me to wait for 30 days for the card production and receive it.

    I suggest you try with the Ombudsman office, they are very good in responding and helping.


    Thanks APS .. Can I contact Obudsman office before the 90-day period? I applied for my renewal in August and it is not yet 90 days. Appreciate if you clarify on this,

    BTW, I had called the 1-800 number and requested them to expedite the matter and I got a response today is as follows:
    The status of this service request is:

    Your case is currently under review. You should receive a decision or notice of other action within 60 days of the date of this letter.

    Hope it means something,

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  • charlotte-gc
    09-10 01:19 PM
    The premium is much higher.. but its got cash value, which keeps growing per year. All the monies accumulate interest-free. I pay close to $200/month for a 250K policy with another 250K Term Rider.


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  • GCSeeker2006
    08-16 12:40 PM
    true however typically when you get laid off you already have about 2 weeks of your pay on the employer in which case you will be receiving the pay from them for a pre-dated period. This will give you atleast 2 weeks to find an employer and yes usually you are ok within 180 days, however there is no guarantee that you will not be denied a 485 for the small gap.

    The idea is to invoke AC21 on EAD rather than H1 because that will then potentially cause your labor and 140 to cease ( if the employer withdraws)

    its true if you are past 180 days you are safe, if you are not you are screwed as you can post using AC21( did i miss anything here?)


    This 180 days mentioned is 180 days from i-485 receipt or 180 days after u joined a company on EAD?

    As u never know if there is any change in policy in the company and u get laid off after joining within 180 days, what u should do ?

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  • nlssubbu
    02-08 03:15 PM
    I am not working for a Desi company and my issue is bit different as well. I have an earlier I-140 approved and a copy received at my end from attorney.

    Our division was sold out to a new company and they field this revised I-140 for 'successor in interest'.

    I am not aware of any change in company policy and when this revised I-140 is approved, asked for the copy. The attorney came back and told me that they will no longer provide the copy of it to me.

    I already filed my I-485 and struck in retrogression and this copy is no longer a constraint.

    I am just trying to bring up a point to know what is ethical and moral here?

    Thanks for all your inputs.

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  • sirinme
    01-29 06:08 PM
    Here is a memo USCIS came out with in December 2006 regarding H1B (extension beyond 6 years period, or for recapturing unused portion of it from a different status):

    I had a year of my H1B left when I first used my EAD back in October 2005. When I saw the above memo, I checked with my attorney whether I could switch back to H1B. He then said it was possible. For some reason, I didn't explore that option much and continued on my EAD.

    Take a look at the memo and it might clarify a thing or two for you.

    06-27 01:33 PM
    What is the best way to mail 485 so that it can reach on July 2nd - Monday. As July 1st is Sunday i beleive no mail system will deliver the package on that day.

    Given that, what is advisable to do? How about sending the package with over-night mail on Friday, so that it can reach there on Monday as Sat, Sun USCIS is closed and will not accept applications.

    If you search IV , some one mentioned that since the address is a PO Box , FEDEX/UPS/DHL will not deliver.
    You can mail the package on Friday (2 day) or Saturday(Overnight but will be delivered the next business day. ie Monday )

    07-22 09:42 AM
    According to me - RD or ND does not matter. The processing times are a big hoax. Here's an extract from the CIS Ombudsman Report of 2007.

    Previously, USCIS benefit processing reports indicated the specific application or petition type and the receipt date for the currently processed cases. For example, if February 1, 2007 was the green card processing date on the website, any application filed prior to February 1 already would be, or was about to be, processed. If USCIS takes approximately four months to process these applications, an applicant could expect that on or about June 1, 2007, an application filed on or about February 1, 2007 would be completed.
    Under the new USCIS approach, the agency reports processing �goals� instead of the processing time. The online processing times no longer indicate whether USCIS is adjudicating cases more quickly than the USCIS processing goal. If the USCIS processing goal for the green card is 180 days, the USCIS website would show approximately 180 days before today�s date, or an earlier date. In the example, if today is June 1, 2007, the posted processing date would be December 1, 2006, even if the actual applications processed were filed on or around February 1, 2007. The website would not reflect the more recent February date indicating a faster processing time.

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