Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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  • paskal
    08-16 08:05 PM
    please don't give us such a bad name
    c'mon folks, please crawl out of the woodwork or wherever you are hiding!

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  • iad2ead
    03-30 04:03 PM
    I tried searching the forums for similar questions with no luck. I am
    filing tax for 2007 and have following questions:

    1. Can I use SSN (instead of ITIN ) for my spouse. She has EAD, SSN and is NOT working.

    2. She attended a course last year in a community college and they sent a
    TAX form. Can I use the fees I paid for my spouse's course as TAX EXEMPTION?

    Sorry if this is a repeat post. But I was filing tax and got stuck as I was unable to find answers for the above 2 questions.

    thanks in advance

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  • fuzzy logic
    08-23 05:48 PM
    She should easily be able to find jobs atleast in audit / tax firms. It will be difficult to find jobs in private companies. It would be helpful to mention in the resume that she is currently persuing the CPA exams.

    All CA/CPA folks,

    My wife is a CA with about 5 years indian (internal audit) experience?

    We have recently filed her EAD.

    My question is can she take up a job first and then study/pass CPA exams or pass CPA exams and then search for Job?


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  • rnanchal
    02-05 04:02 PM
    We cant make a difference, because we are fragmented. Forget helping out, others, we refuse to help ourselves


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  • GCwaitforever
    10-09 10:58 AM
    I guess they are more concerned about fradulent marriages to US citizens for the sake of instant Greencards. Not this kind of marriage where people will have to wait years to get the GC.

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    08-11 03:51 PM
    I have heard this POJO method to call USCIS. Can someone explain what is this method and how to use it. Also, can we summarize a list of questions, one should ask an Immigration Officer while on the phone.

    Posting this info. provided by some one in this forum long time back.

    Call 1-800-375-5283
    Press 1 to select English
    Press 2 to skip introduction
    Press 2
    Press 6 to find case status information
    Press 1
    Now enter your receipt number SRCxxxxxxxxxx
    Voice asks if SRC press 1
    Then reads out application number, if correct, press 1 (now listen to the case update info..blah blah)
    Part way through the blah blah press 3
    Wait a moment and press 4
    (now if you hear a male voice telling you that no IO is available, it will redirect it to National Customer Service Center (NCSC) you can cut the phone.. and try the same steps)
    You should hear "You have reached the TSC of USCIS�" OTHERWISE you have been bounced to NCSC. NCSC only sees what you see when you login to check case status at https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/jsps/index.jsp i.e. you will not get any useful information out of them.

    Once you get an IO, be very polite, and take notes for your records. Ask them for their badge number. That way you can reference each conversation by date and the badge number of the IO.

    Some of the standard questions:
    1) Name check Status ?
    2) Background Check Status ?
    3) Has it been assigned to an officer ?
    4) When can I expect to get some updates on my case ?
    5) Can you help me with a ball park date on when my case will be assigned to an officer?

    Ofcourse, we all are aware of the standard response we get.


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  • newuser
    01-02 01:52 PM
    Texas service center
    Nov 7 - Posted it via USPS (paper based filing).
    Nov 11 - check credited (saw in bank a/c and got the receipt at back of the e-check)
    Nov 17 - receipt notice received
    Nov 18 - Soft LUD
    Nov 21 - Approved (online status changed)
    Nov 26 - Got the approved 2 AP copies in my postal box (wow usps is fast too).

    I cannot believe it took just 11 days for it to approve.
    Wow !!!!!! Go uscis go !!!!!! approve my GC too plz... :)

    The lawyer asked 300$ to file this, i told get lost and did it myself, glad i saved 300 bucks.

    You need any other info :)

    Could you please share the info?

    1.Link to download the form?
    2. Supporting doc's
    3. Any know issues?
    4. Address to mail the forms?
    5. Amount need to be paid

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  • Raising Fund For Election
    09-19 03:31 PM
    Of course we don’t have the right to vote but we have the right to support the candidates, Isn’t it? Help support the Presidential Candidate who will hear your voice and make newer laws. This will hit head lines!


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  • NeedGCNow
    07-19 09:51 PM

    I have applied for my I-140 and I -485 Concurrently as my PD became current in July. I had very less time to file for I- 140 in PP as i have got my my LC only in June 3 rd week. so i filed both of them concurrently.

    Now that USCIS is accepting I -485s again , and at the same time there is no PP for I -140 i am not sure whether i will be able to use AC 21 portability after 6 months OR not.

    Fellow members please let me know what are the chances of getting the I-140 PP back in August.

    Thanks to IV .

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  • sands_14
    11-02 10:02 AM
    I think you need 1 million dollar self-investment.If VC deposits into your account and then you apply,maybe ok.
    Also,remember you have to employ 10 people which means you should be capable of paying them salary.
    So you might need around 2-3 million dollars in your account.

    Thats what I think,maybe some experts can shed more light.


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  • lkapildev
    07-16 12:08 PM
    This is my view

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  • gjoe
    10-03 03:16 PM
    All I am saying is we have to fight for things working our way from the small issues to the big issues.
    Fighting to change the whole EB immgration system is a big change. It is like trying to build a new house while you can have some minor fixes done to your old house to make your life better until your new house is ready ( provide you have all the resources available at the right time).
    The part about more people attending rallies is more to do with how we human beings think. You are a leader (senior member) so you have broader vision of things but you have to work with common people to make you vision come true. For that to happen you have to understand how a common man thinks and come up with ways to include everyone in the process effectively.
    Hope I am more clearer this time

    I am sorry to inform you that Gandhi Ji's Fight was against the system. So, you think doing things like this increase the number of people's coming to the rallies.

    Sorry to give you the bad news, OLD or NEWER PD, till the time people dont stand up for themselves, nothing can be done.



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  • cygent
    08-05 07:47 PM
    Dhundhun: However my receipt says SRC-07-264-X
    NOT SRC-07-247-X

    Hi delax, Yes, that is correct.

    If you count 264 working days from 10/2006, you will get 264 as you notice date of Sept. 4th.

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  • BharatPremi
    07-05 05:14 PM
    Let AILF come up with some clear ideas.. Since last 2 days it is completely silent. Many questions need an answers such as Will applicants on or after 3rd July be considered as Plantiffs? Putting legality and logic on the table, to me, answer should come "NO"... and there exactly I am stuck and waiting....
    Right now 5th evening CST and yet no statement from AILF.. Something is wrong.. Another thing I can not swallow is "Plantiffs may have benefit... if lawsuite is won".. In my understanding, Judiciary can not differentiate between plantiffs and non-plantiffs for its verdict as long as both are on same background. In other words out of sufferers, Judiciary can not and should not just give the verdict in favour of only people who participate in lawsuite. If it should declare favorable verdict then it will apply to ALL across the board.


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  • glus
    07-05 08:20 PM
    "July 4. Today we received a donzen approvals for persons whose visa numbers became current on july 1st"

    That's why we have a CASE against USCIS and DOS. If one GC was approved using July's priority date, then, USCIS has a PROBLEM....and AILF will figure out how to use it against USCIS...... .

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  • sanjay02
    08-21 05:06 AM
    Can you share you plz make your spreadsheet shareable with all? When you click on the link it gives an error "You dont have permission to access it"


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  • gcformeornot
    01-07 02:24 PM
    On the flip side , I see this as an end to desi consulting. Once everybody uses Ac21 and moves on (And I know most of them stayed until now just for the sake of GC). And there are not enough H1B's to replenish a new batch of people for these companies to continue in their current business model.This will result in a natural death for the business model of holding H1b's.

    If you think Desi companies will die becoz of this think again. Maybe Mom and Pop shops will die becoz no new H1s. But most bigger Desi companies now bring people on L1 visa and have them work at clients. And there is no limit on L1, also there is no stipulated Salary for L1 like H1.
    So think what exploitation will happen.

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  • Dj-Studios
    06-10 04:28 PM

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  • trueguy
    12-13 03:33 PM
    Moving to Canada doesn't help guys. You have to have a job to survive in any country.

    03-09 05:13 AM
    I am not sure if my old employer will revoke my approved I-140. But will I be in trouble if they do so before a new employer sends "Notice of I-140 Portability"?

    I140 revocation by gc sponsoring employer will not affect 485 processing if the I485 is pending for over 180 days.

    I dont think there is anything like notice of I140 portability - Just invoke AC21 by informing USCIS of the new employment with same or similar job description.

    07-12 02:34 PM
    Got another one here from immigration.com


    Check it here...


    post -20

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